December 3

Superman was on vacation all last week.

Something about the way his employer has once again changed the way they take vacation time.

Pardon me while I sigh, and roll my eyes.


Since he was home all last week, I figured that since I don’t get a vacation, neither should he.


You see, something sinister lies behind this door.

And since we all know that Superman deals with sinister on a daily basis, it is a perfect job for our resident superhero.

See…I told you it was evil.


.How in the world can one family cram so much stuff junk treasure into one little closet?

It really does have a floor.

I hadn’t seen in in 5 years, so I had been wondering.

Poor Superman worked so hard, for 20 whole minutes, I gave him the rest of the day off.

I’m generous and kindhearted like that.

Any bets on how long it will stay like this?


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19 thoughts on “December 3”

  1. If your family is anything like my family, chances are, the closet is already a mess again!

    My husband was off almost all last week too. He went out and raked leaves for 20 minutes on Saturday and then took a nap for two hours!

  2. That’s about how my hubby operates. Yard work/home cleanup 15 minutes, then let me sit on my bed and sort these socks, but what that really means is zzzzzzzzz for the next 2 hours.
    Then I call his name (knowing ver well he’s sleeping) and he says “I’ll be right there!” 10 minutes later I hear zzzzzzz…..
    Hey at least you got your hubby to FINISH the project.

  3. As I said yesterday, I cleaned our basement and, already, the bench I had spotless has accumulated “stuff”. Oh well, according to my schedule, I will be all most 80 years old when I clean it again.

  4. I just realized that every time we clean up an area, two days later it’s just the same as before. I could ignore the mess and I’ll be two days ahead!

  5. Oh honey. I hate to tell you this, but your closet is clean compared to what I have in mine. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even have to hang anything up anymore – it’s shoved in there so tightly that I can just shove a sweater into it and it will stay put. Seriously. I’d take a picture, but I know that my mother would freak out and come up for a week of intervention vacation.

  6. I’m sure if it was that tidy for the past five years it will not be messy for at least four years!!!

    I’m jealous! I have a coat closet that I call the Heck closet. I refuse to put my shoes in there. There are five of us here now but yet it has shoes for 7 people that we may NOT discard.

    We have the same Kirby G4!

  7. Here at my house it would take 24-36 hours for the disorganization to reclaim it’s space. Unless of course I stood guard over it 24/7 and I do have to use the facilities, eat and sleep occasionally 🙄

    You were so kind hearted to allow Superman to sleep after that hard work. My hubby would just move on to the next project, until something fun distracted him, as he’s not much of a napper unless he had to get up after just a small number of hours of sleep (say on Sunday when he didn’t crawl into bed until 2-4am and then I had the nerve to wake him up about 8am to get ready to leave).

  8. I don’t have enough closets to have a special one designated for “junk”. I do have a junk drawer, but I keep it tidy all the time. Even my junk is organized.

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