December 2

I remember the first time I made strawberry jam.

An Amish friend of mine was going on and on and on about how much produce she was putting up, and compared to her, my few batches of salsa, chow chow, zucchini relish, and apple butter was paltry, bordering on nothing.

So, I decided that I would make some strawberry jam.

I picked a little over 20 quarts of berries thinking that with all the chopping and cooking down, it would make 10-20 little jars of jam.

I must have been in my left mind, because had I been in my right mind, I would have remembered that 1 quart = 2 pints.

Two trips to the store, and 40 pounds of sugar later, Superman asked me if I was about finished, because the clerk asked him if I was making jam.

It is a good thing that we like strawberry jam because It took us almost 3 years to eat up 40+ pints of jam.

By the year and a half mark,  Superman was begging for some grape jelly, but I refused because….hellooooo 20 pints of strawberry jam are still left in the cupboard.

I have not made strawberry jam since, and Superman and the chips rise up daily and call me blessed.

I immediately thought of strawberry jam when I saw the recipe for Linzer Sablés that noskos of Living the Life picked for today’s TWD.

I also knew that I would be using ground pecans instead of the ground almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts that the recipe called for.

And I didn’t put in the cinnamon or clove.  I just didn’t think it would go well with my pecans and strawberry jam.

These cookies are fabulous.  Before you serve them, dust them with powdered sugar.

They would be wonderful to give away as Christmas gifties or to munch on whilst you are wrapping presents.

Noskos has the recipe on her blog.

Go check it out and make these cookies.   You’ll be very happy that you did.


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  1. Oh my goodness, your jam is just gorgeous! Your cookies too, of course, but I’m utterly convinced that everything you touch is art. My jam jars have computer labels with marking pen on them, and most often a generous smudge of jam on the outside too.

  2. I’ve yet to attempt making jam. I think I can let that one go, actually. Now those cookies look wonderful and I may have to give them a try.

  3. Those look great! I love the story about strawberry jam. I had a similar experience with strawberry freezer jam (and a rush to eat it when we were moving!) I haven’t made it since, lol.

  4. Do you give canning lessons? Can we request that you do on-line lessons this summer? That would be sooo cool.

    As always your cookies look wonderful! My boys are drooling as usual. 🙂

  5. I’m invited to a cookie exchange in a couple of weeks. This looks like a contender, although it could get a little pricey with the ground nuts. They’re not as reasonable here in corn country. They are quite beautiful.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  6. Talk about too much of a good thing. My father-in-law is a farmer at heart. His thumb is greener than Kermit the frog’s. He can grow tomatoes off a dead stick. His little 10′ by 12′ patch produces like the miracle of the feeding of the 5000. Every time we visit him, he gives us boxes of food that he canned himself and we would take them home and put them on a shelf down stairs. Yesterday, I cleaned the basement (I do that every 20 years whether it needs it or not) and took all of those canned goods out of their boxes so we could see what we had. TWENTY QUARTS of Huckleberry pie filling! How are we going to make enough huckleberry pie to use up 20 qts of huckleberries?! I LOVE huckleberry pie, but, if we eat that much huckleberries, we will become the Smurf family. And, I haven’t even counted the canned tomatoes, beets, salsa and relish that he’s given us. Any ideas for canned huckleberry besides pie?

  7. Weren’t these just the best cookies? Although mine did not make the 50 that the recipe said it would make. I was stretching it to get 25. All I did was dust mine with sugar, but they were good. I love the way yours look and the strawberry jam must have been a great addition. I also used pecans.

  8. Wow, that’s a lot of jam-making! It’s probably the one thing my mom and I didn’t can while I was growing up. I love that you used pecan meal – makes the cookies look just beautiful.

  9. I love your jam story — next time you make a gazillion jars of jam, i would be a very willing and happy recipient! 🙂

    Those closeup photos of your cookies are gorgeous (as always with all of your photos!).

  10. Oh, I sure wish that I had some of your jam to use inside of my cookies! The pecans sound like a great addition. Your pictures are gorgeous, as always. I am glad that you liked these!

  11. I would have thought you would have used chocolate. I agree with everyone above, your pictures are great. I think I will try Pecans next. They are my State’s nut after all! Great job.

  12. Mum also used to make Apple butter, but whenever we wanted to eat the Apple butter, mum would always tell us to use the nasty store bought grape jam(sorry if I offended anyone). I really have nothing against store bought grape jelly. But when you compare it to my mum’s homemade Apple butter, then nothing can compare. Especially if its on homemade white bread. The Chef and Superman can testify to this accusation as well, seeing as they were part of the injured party. I really loved the Strawberry jam that mum made. Put it on homemade bread, and your in heaven.
    P.S.I love you mum☺

  13. Great pics, and a hilarious story. We are still digging into my homemade marmalade experiment, which produced rather large amounts of marmalade. I’m having to find savory recipes that call for marmalade!

    I really like your idea about the pecan meal, and I agree about leaving out the spices with the pecans and strawberries.

  14. Absolutely STUNNING pictures! I loved the entire post, but I especially loved when you said that Superman was begging for Grape Jelly! LOL!! Fabulous job, once again.

  15. I have never seen Pecan Meal like that in a bag. That must have made it a little bit easier. The strawberry jam sounds good. I love it when it is homemade. Beautiful cookies!

  16. Wonderful post!! Your photos are amazing and I loved the story about the strawberry jam. We are still eating raspberry jam from a couple seasons ago here. I used to do up all sorts of preserves every year, but with just the two of us now, it doesn’t make sense. We just can’t eat it up fast enough!

  17. CC – didn’t you know that when canning you’re supposed to share with those around you? You hand it out to visitors or as to a hostess when you visit someone else. You are more than welcome to share any canned goods that you make with my family. Now that hubby’s Memo is gone (actually longer than that 😦 ) we’ve had to make do with store bought jams as we ate all that she had given us.

    Your cookies, as usual, look fantastic and I would have loved to sit and eat then with you over a nice cup of homemade cocoa. 🙂

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