December 31

2008 was such an amazing ride.

January found me taking all sorts of new photos with my brand new camera.



Dad helped the boy wire electricity to my island.

February the boy went skiing.

March brought me a new cat, which we later found out was pregnant.

Lucky us.

And I said good by to my sweet Grams.

April brought new life into the house.




And I was totally smitten.

May found us visiting the Creation Museum in Kentucky.



The little ones finding new homes.


And 2 days later,  we were surrogates to 3 little ones who’s mama had died.

In June, the boy graduated, and found me frustrated in trying to take his senior pictures.




July saw my first TWD.

Apple Cheddar Scones.

Ball games were attended.

We started school early.

The neighbors thought that orange would be a better color than maroon.

And the boy went to Panama.

August was fairly uneventful, except that Superman hit a deer,

and bloggie buddies came for a visit.

In September, we took a day for fun.

My camera went to the doctor.

The boy started his first day of college.

And the girl won a ribbon at the fair.

In October, my camera came back from the doctor, broken, and had to be sent back.

And I shot a cross bow for the first time.

November found me knitting.

Games were won and lost.

And we gave thanks for all we have.

December found us shivering.



And counting blessings.

Tomorrow as we begin a new year, may God grant each and every one of us the strength for a the new day, the courage to face what we must, and the grace to deal with what comes our way.




December 30

(this is what I got for Christmas from Superman.   He did a great job!)

It is January or Feburary of 1981.

In a small middle school in St. Mary’s, Ohio there sits a girl in the library.

Her note book is sprawled on the desk and she is scribbling fast and furious in it, completely oblivious to her surroundings.

Is it because she is brilliant?

Is it because she loves to write?

Or is it because 4 weeks prior, her 7th grade English teacher assigned her entire class a project to write a childrens story and it was due to be handed in in 20 minutes?

I’ll let you decide.

But here’s a hint.

I barely got it turned in on time.


I got an A on my book.    Not because it was brilliantly written, but because Mother illustrated it for me, and her illustrations far exceeded anything else in the entire class.

Being Queen of DeNile is easy because I am also Princess of Procrastination.

Which is also why I spent yesterday afternoon furiously making today’s TWD.

Anne of Anne Strawberry picked today’s recipe of Tall and Creamy Cheesecake.

When I saw this recipe just a brief 4 weeks ago, I thought ‘yippee…….cheesecake.   A chance to show Chefboy that I can make cheesecake too.’

Then Christmas happened, and the glut of presents and baking and wrapping, and bows and family and parties…well, I just put it off.

I mean, why do something today, when tomorrow is just as good?

Because of all the yummy, but heavy desserts, treats, etc. of the season, I decided to make this a bit lighter.

I used shortbread cookies to make the crust, and I added the zest of an orange, and the juice of that orange in the filling.  It is light and just barely citrusy.   Kind of like an orange creamcicle.

The texture of this cheesecake is light, airy and silky.   The best cheesecake recipe I have ever tasted.

Perfect for the after Christmas parties, before Christmas parties, or just parties in general.

Go check out Anne’s blog.   She has the recipe.


December 29

Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day with my family.

I have 45 tons of pictures to prove it.

After I got home last night, I spent about an hour and a half photoshopping, and now I have ‘mouse hand’.

We had such a great time.

Superman and Chefboy got GPS’s for their vehicles.

Did you know that a GPS will keep track of your speed?

And then it has the audacity to make noises at you when you go over a set limit?

Both men had them out, playing with them as I drove the 40 minutes home.

Two GPS’s make for a very interesting ride.

Superman:   I set my speed to go off at 55.

Chefboy: Me too.      Oh.   Look, we’ve got 7 satellites tracking us.

Stupid GPS: (noise sounding because I have exceeded 55 mph)

CB: Mom your over the speed limit.

CC: I have the cruise set at 60.

SM: Nope now we have 10.

CB: Hey look you can see the strength of the satellites.

SM: Where?

Stupid GPS:  (more noise)

CB: go to options…blah…blah…blah…

GPS : (noise)  and CC wanting to smash either or both GPS’s.

Then there was a bunch of noises because the testosterone twins decided to play with the voices and the different noises it would sound when I exceeded 55mph.

Oh,  I tell you it was such a joy to ride home.

CB: It says we will arrive home at 7:49pm

CC: (snorting) No way.   We will get home at 7:30.

SM: But this says….

GPS:  (making awful noise again)

CB: It calculates it from your speed mom, we will get home at…oh, it is saying 7:46pm now.

CC: Nope…7:30.

GPS:  (more awful noises)

GPS: After 700 more yards, make a left

CC: (rolls eyes)

CB: Ooooh Mom, go straight up here.   I wanna see what she will do if we mess with her.

CC: (more eye rolling, and drives straight instead of turning like I am supposed to)

GPS:  Turn right.

CC: (eyes are beginning to ache from the rolling)

CB: Wow, it didn’t take her long to recalculate.

CC: (oh, my eyes)

Guess what time we arrived home?


7:30pm on the dot, and I didn’t need a GPS to tell me that!

Here is one shot from yesterday.    Isn’t Sister just the prettiest thing ya ever did see?

The boy just walked in from outside.   Just now.

Just so you know, “we can get seven satellites just from the back deck”.


December 28

Sister is here!!!

Sister is here!!!

Internet, we are having some seriously freaky weather.


Sister is here!!

Sister is here!!

Just a couple of days ago, it was 10º and the wind chill was -15.

Yesterday it was a balmy 65º.

This morning we have rain and thunder.

Sister is here!!!

Sister is here!!

What happened to winter??


PS.   It is 11:53, and let me just say that Sister’s give the best hugs!!!


December 27

Every year since the chips were born, we would get up on Christmas morning, open gifts, grab a really quick bite to eat, and go to my parents house for the rest of the day.

This year was the very first year that we stayed home all day.

Opening gifties was a leisurely affair.

Breakfast was a leisurely affair.

Lunch was a leisurely affair.

Supper was….you know.

I really thought that the chips would not be happy about it at all, but at supper when I asked them was the best part of the day was for them, they all agreed that it was staying home.

Next year, we are staying put.

That means the dishes fairy is going to have to visit again.


December 25

For unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a Saviour which is Christ the Lord.

Luke 2:11

Merry Christmas, Interent.

I pray that you will find peace and joy that only He can give.

Enjoy your family, friends and love and laughter this day.