November 28

Happy Friday, Internet.

For those that celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, are ya still full?

I am.

I made a total glutton of myself yesterday, but when Aunt Cindy brings Schulers donuts to the party, it happens.

I am nosy today, and I just have to know…what was your favorite dish you ate yesterday for your Thanksgiving meal?

My mom made the best turkey.   I have never had turkey breast that was as juicy and tender as dark meat before.


Do you plan on taking advantage of all the great Black Friday deals?

I’m not.

Sorry stores.   Your getting nothing from me.


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16 thoughts on “November 28”

  1. I can not choose. Everything was sooooooooo good. The turkey was so moist and good. The dressings were delicious,cranberry stuff was yummy, sweet potatoes were good too. I would have to say……Green Bean Casserole. Yep , that is it. The pumpkin log was good,butterscotch pie was good, And the PEPPERMINT PUDDING was a hit with me(thanks Tanya)

  2. P.S. I really enjoyed being with you guys yesterday. And the free entertainment was great too. I got so tickled watching the girl get tickled with the goings on!!!

  3. My favorite dish from yesterday was my mom’s dressing. Still the best.

    Yep, did the Friday Shopping thing for the 2nd year in a row. Went 20 years not going, after a horrible experience way back when. Finally got up the courage last year, and the bargains are just too good for me to pass up. So left the house at 5am and shopped til around noon – when I ran out of money. LOL

  4. I’m not sure what my favorite dish was! It was all good!

    As for shopping, I did some online today. I did not dare go in an actual store. LOL!

  5. my favorite dish from Thanksgiving was my sister’s sweet potato casserole…yeah that was the best along with playing apples to apples with everyone.

    Black Friday didn’t get my money either. I could live without it before today and I will continue to live without it after today!

  6. Everything was good, but the fresh crisp salad from the Farmer’s Market with homemade candied walnuts and the creme brulee was the best.

    Our friend Holland, who is a chef, spent the day with us and cooked for us. Yum!

  7. Hmmm..favorite food? I bought a fresh turkey this year and I don’t think that I will ever go back to frozen. Yummy. The mashed potates were so good and the yams were yummy too. It was all just so good. As for Black Friday. Yep, did it. I wrote all about it on my blog.

  8. One of my favorite things this year was the apple pie that I snagged right here. The crumb topping one. It really is good. Course I should have used different apples, I used Galas, but other than that…super!

  9. I got sick the night before so l didn’t really have much Thanksgiving appetite.Jerry cooked the turkey. I forgot to make him oyster dressing. The rest of the meal was plentiful but simple. I had 3 pies but no one was ready for desset. I ended up throwing part of the pumpkin pie out, part of the cherry out & freezing the mince. lt was wonderful to have 3 of the new babies & 3 of our kids & spouses& but we really missed Amber. There was kind of a sense of loss. Also not even knowing what state we will even be in this time next year …….Thanksgiving is a hard time without all your family & with no MOM, it wasn’t the same.
    I cannot make peppermint pudding…it makes me too sad….

  10. My husband smoked a ham with apple and pear wood. He basted it in Dr.Pepper, brown sugar and cloves. It.was.phenomenal. Of course, we had turkey too..but the ham was the favorite.
    I totally took advantage of the sales. My butt was out of bed by 5:00, coffeed, cleaned and in the car by 5:45. We were met with sleet… but hey! It’s part of the game.

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