November 24

I took this picture of my girl Whiskey the other day.


I don’t know why I am so in love with this cat.   She can be such a nuisance.   She spreads litter all over the just swept floor, like it is her job to make sure that the broom is permanently attached to my hand.

She runs upstairs once every week or so.   I think she likes to hear me running up the stairs, huffing and puffing and when I finally get to where she always goes~~ under the girls bed~~, she adores to hear me say “Whiskey…huff….deep breath,  you naughty girl…puff…puff, you are not allowed up here…more air, I’m dying here.

She then runs back down the stairs, where I chase her again more puffing and lock her up in kitty jail because she made me exercise.

So there!

And when she is in heat, oh. my. heavens.   She ‘loves’ on every pair of shoes on the floor,  my purse, and everyone’s feet, they get extra special attention.   She especially loves the male population.  It is very embarrassing!

I really need to get her spade.


She also tugs at my heart strings like no other animal ever has.


Maybe it is because she was abandoned.~~my heart always goes out to the underdog or the forgotten ones


Maybe it is because I helped her birth her babies.~~ “Lawzy, we gots to have a doctor. I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ babies.”


Maybe it is because she is so soft.~~I love soft things


Maybe it is because she is so smart.~~I love a quick and intelligent mind


Maybe it is all of the above,  I just know I love my Whiskey girl.


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18 thoughts on “November 24”

  1. She’s such a beautiful cat! Love the color of her fur and eyes. (My daughter Lindsay has that same color of eyes).

    I felt that way about my cat, Rose. She was pure white and cuddly. She used to play with invisible toys and carry things around the house meowing really loud, like she was taking care of kittens or something. (She was spayed and had never had kittens). She died on Christmas Day 2006. 😦

  2. She is such a pretty cat.

    We had our kittens fixed last week, so no babies for us. Our male cat, Sushi, is one of the best cats I’ve ever owned and we really enjoy having him around. The girl, Pumpkin, is beautiful, but way too standoffish.

  3. She is BEAUTIFUL! I have 5 myself..and hardwood floors so the herd racing through the house can be quite amusing. Love kitties name Whiskey…i have a Tequila in my herd! ps..great blog

  4. Such a great post and picture! I think the same thing about my cat all the time. He was a stray kitten when I found him, and I almost cry every time I think about him being outside and alone.

    When my mom’s cat was in heat, she “loved” on my shins every waking hour. Yowza. You have some patience.

  5. I completely understand how an animal can manage to wrap itself around your heart. I think is is God’s way of showing us how much he loves us – Whiskey still loves you when you let her out of jail doesn’t she? They give us release and always keep our little secrets (forget all about that Busch beans dog) just like God does – none of my animals have been gossips.

    She sure looks like a wonderful friend to have, this from someone who is not into having cats.

  6. I understand how cats can do that. Our kitten has done that with all of us. In fact he is sooo spoiled. You can still hold him like a baby, and he will fall right to sleep.

  7. She looks georgeous!! I had to put my fat boy down last friday, he had a bladder problem and the vet said it was time, cried all day 😦

    You should really get her spade ASAP, there are so many animals in shelters getting euthanized everyday, and when they’re on heat they find a way to get out or the males find a way to come in.

    In South Africa there are places you can take your animals to be spade or neutered very cheaply, maybe your local animal welfare can help you.

    Hoping for a full sized pic of her soon 🙂

  8. Great picture, what a beautiful cat! I share the exact same sentiments with you about my cat Arthur. Actually we have 2 cats but Arthur is the “too smart for his own good” cat. But I love him anyway for the exact same reasons you love your cat. Thanks for sharing. 😉

  9. That’s how I feel about my Radar. She’s such a pain in the arse! She’s constantly talking and mewing at everything. She walks across the room and has to announce it. But seriously. I love it. As often as I glare at her and say, “Radar! I heard you the first 5 times! PLEASE give me a clue!” I adore her. I love her constant chatter and deep purr. She was spaid about 18 months ago and promptly gained 10 lbs. She’s also an underdog… we were petsitting her and the family never came back to get her… their loss!

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