November 22

Last Sunday, Superman and I went to Stuffmart’s Christmas party.

Yes, Christmas party.

‘Cause we all know that nothing screams Christmas like the 16th of November.

It was great to be able to get out of the house with Superman…alone.

It was kind of like a date, only with a hundred or so of his co-workers along for the fun.

A date with prizes.

We got a $15 Stuffmart gift certificate and a chocolate chip cookie, which was promptly split in half and devoured.

The gift certificate was converted to gasoline 5 minutes after the party was over.

Thanks Stuffmart for the free date, a partial meal (’cause by the time they got to letting our table to through the line, they had run out of some of the food, hence the devouring of said cookie) the half a cookie, and the 7 gallons of gas in my car.



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18 thoughts on “November 22”

  1. It looks like they went all out…is that a gymnasium they held the party in?? You look thrilled to be there. That’s why I’ve let my husband take my neighbor to his Christmas party several times.

  2. I never play that table game correctly. If I sit closest to the food, they start with the tables in the back. If I sit in the back, the tables in the front go first. You’d think I’d get smart and sit in the middle, but who wants to do that?

  3. Ugh Christmas party in November! I guess people are so busy in December that companies want to get it out of the way. My old job had the LAMEST holiday parties ever. It was so bad that no one wanted to go. They used to give out a free turkey, then they tried the party. I think we would have like some money instead!

  4. You will love this one. Years ago we went to a company Christmas party. Well we were going to be the last table to eat. We could tell that there wouldn’t be much food left by the time we got to go. And when we did get to go they were just bringing out a dessert table. And there were all kinds of Truffels and chocolate on it. So our table thought about and promptly got dessert first then got our food. It was by the way the best party for that company we were ever at. And the 4 couples at our table still talk about dessert first any time we meet anywhere.

  5. Sorry about the food situation. Caterers should know that you cannot put all the food out at once or the first people will take their full and there will not be any left for the people at the end.

    Hey, in this day free gasoline is free gasoline and nothing to sneeze at. Up here that would be a savings of $21.

    Glad the two of you had the opportunity to get out alone and you did not have to cook!!

  6. Boy, I wish I could have as much fun as you seem to be having. You will have to tell me all about when I see you at your Moms. I can hardly wait. I guess it’s the thought that counts.

  7. christmas party? already? Reading this makes me realize I have to start baking soon for the 1000 cookies I give out to friends, co-workers, hubbys’ co-workers, mailman (yes, I do this, I think it’s nice), and whoever else I’m forgetting. :::sigh::: Didn’t we just have christmas? lol

  8. Hey girl are you feeling human yet? Sure hope so. And being a mom I do know that look. It is like I got dressed up for this stuff? I could be home having a coke and something yummy instead.

  9. like your outfit…what we can see of it in the picture:)

    be sure to stop by my blog and leave a comment on my blog giveaway post if you haven’t yet…

    take care.

  10. caterers ?? no the managers cook and leave messes for us bakery people to clean up.. Try to tell them they don’t have enough food and they argue that they have plenty.. they don’t realize that people have no idea what a serving is let alone a serving of FREE FOOD..
    It should be “served” as they ran out last year too..
    or forget it altogether. A turkey would be nice as every one can not go someone has to stay and run the store.
    I heard one of my co-workers talking about how fun it was to go in fact she had a shot of “Yager” and snoppes to get her out the door..haha..It was my Birthday I stayed home. Had a great day

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