November 21

Hey Internet.

It is Friday, and I am nosy.

Every time I see or hear news that someone’s home has burned down, I begin to think what would I do if that happened to me.  With all those homes destroyed in California, the thoughts have returned

What would I grab?   What could I live without?   Who would I call?

So my nosy question today is, if you house was on fire, and all your children/and or pets were out, what 3 things would you grab before you got out?

I would grab

  1. Pictures
  2. My hard drive~~I have a bazillion pictures on it
  3. My camera
  4. Clothes~~yeah…yeah…I know I only asked for 3, but the Red Cross doesn’t stock up on Plus size clothing.

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  1. I would grab:

    1. My purse

    2. Pictures/hard-drive

    3. The box that has all our important paper-work in it. It’s got copies of the Cherokee Indian Rolls that dates back to the late 1800’s; my husbands ancestors are on those papers and it’s a piece of history I want to preserve. Hmmmmm….I really SHOULD get a fire-proof case for those types of things. 😉

  2. Pictures/videos
    computers (macs~ so I have to take the whole thing)
    important documents

    We have had a house fire but unfortunatly we were not home so I could not get anything 😦

  3. I like your answers. Would never have thought of the hard drive and that would be very important. Probably a stack of books, too, especially the old ones.

  4. That’s a hard question.

    1) I always said I would grab pictures (but they are all over, in basement, in photo albums)If I had time I would just grab the ones on the bookshelf and wall, if I had more time I would run down to the basement and grab that box!

    2)The cherrywood chest your dad built me and the

    3)Lap top and hard drive.

    We have an empty fireproof safe…a lot of good that does:)

    When I was a young girl our house caught on fire. It was in the attic. We pulled out furniture and other items. Daddy was at work so Mom and Cindy took it all out as I remember. Of course we kids and pets were all out too:)

  5. When our house caught fire I remember going to my room and throwing out shoes clothes and anything I could find. I did dump my jewelry and some money in the covers and threw it out the window. My mom was in such a state of shock she picked up the iron and brought it out. We lost all our pictures, but family helped replace some, but the movie ones will never be replaced. We didn’t have red cross out in the country, but our church family helped us through with buying us clothing and such. If our house were to catch on fire not sure what I would try to get out. My purse, laptop and ?

  6. Fortunatly, I’ve never been involved with a house fire. Closest i’ve ever been to a disaster like that is when one of us kids left a big hair brush in the oven(why? who knows). Mom turns on oven-flames go to ceiling. I guess I would grab my medications, wallet, and spouse. Maybe, that should be, spouse, wallet and medicines.

  7. 1. My scriptures
    2. Pictures – although we are trying to scan them all and save them to cd. Then we can make copies and have them saved with each of the Grandmas.
    3. My wedding dress

  8. The fire proof safe our has birth certificates and other papers in it…I do need to put one of the safe keys in an off site location somewhere. Maybe I need to get some keys made and give you girls one. I would need to cut it in half so you wouldn’t fight over it….or make two keys… fire???make sure everyone is out….nothing else is really that important….I sure would miss my guns

  9. This is my first time to your blog and I just wanted to say Hi. Your blog is great and I’m excited to try out some of your recipes. I’ll be sure to come back and visit again.

  10. Pictures- all though I have so many I don’t know how I would ever grab them all.. I could just see me trying to throw them all out the window!!

    Hard drive

    hmmm…I don’t know.. I would probably try to grab some things that are of sentimental value like my mom’s Bible,or ,my grandmothers quilt.

  11. *purse with phone in it

    *All of my camera equiptment

    *My photo album with the pictures of my first son that can not be replaced

    *My computer harddrive with thousands of photos.

  12. I would grab my hope chest, my books/notebooks/writings, and I would grab the stuff that reminds me of Granny. I would also grab a few other things. I would stuff a lot of the stuff in my hope chest so that I could get more of my things out.

  13. Well, once you stipulate that the people and pets are out, I really don’t know what I’d grab other than clothes. I am SO GLAD to know that I’m not the only one who has thought through the whole Red Cross/Plus Size issue. 🙂

    I guess I would grab my purse because I know (from having it stolen) what a hassle it is to replace all the papers and cards I carry around. Oh, and because my cell phone is in my purse and I could call 911. 🙂

  14. Ahh, good topic. I live in southern California, not far from the fires, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Not sure I can narrow it down to three, but here goes…

    1. Cats. (Yes, there are two of them, but I’m counting them as one.)
    2. My camera and external hard drive. (Two again, but they’re right next to each other!)
    3. Laptop. It’s got more photos on it and some other important stuff I don’t want to lose.

    I can’t imagine how all those people are coping with the loss of all their things, their homes, everything. It’s just heartbreaking.

  15. Too Funny! I laid in bed last night and thought about the same thing! I heard a faint electronic noise…and thought what if that was the smoke detector getting ready to go off…what would I do!

    Kids and Dog…the rest can be replaced!

  16. I’ve never experienced a house fire, prayerfully I won’t. Hubby would want me to make sure I got the kitchen sink any of his that were in the house.

    Grabbing photos would be difficult until such time that I have them all scanned into a portable hard drive.

    I know that I would grab my purse and car/house keys but most likely I’d realize I had forgotten something and it would be too late.

    Mostly hubby and I have agreed that once all people and pets are safe the rest may hurt to lose but not near as much as the loss of life.

  17. 1. I guess this would be the only time I’d rather have a laptop. I would want my computer, although I’m not sure I’d grab it. DH has an external drive on his computer with tons of photos.

    2. Hopefully, I’d have my wedding rings on.

    3. I’d move my car away from the house and the smoke.

  18. Just got a chance to catch up on blogs that I read. I actually thought we were going to evacuate our house here in CA (the fire was behind our house!). These were the first three things I grabbed:
    1. My “important” envelope that has birth certificates, SS cards, savings bonds

    2. My computer tower (full of pictures)

    3. My wedding album

    Praise God, our house was spared, but it did make you realize the importance of being prepared, and what’s important to you.

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