November 20

I know that I have mentioned a time or 2 that my girl has food allergies.

I will blog about that in more detail later.

One of the things that I never really considered having to deal with in the area of food allergies, is medicine.

Specifically over the counter medicine.

Reality smacked me upside the head rather quickly the first time that she got a cold.

You see the girl is allergic to sugar and anything ending in -ose~~including artificial sweeteners.    Not only that, but she is also allergic to cherries and oranges.

I was on a mission.

Make my girl comfortable during her cold.

I went to my local Stuffmart’s pharmacy isles and began my quest.

Did you know that every single cough syrup has some form of sugar, orange or cherry flavoring in it?




There goes any liquid form of medicinal comfort.

I was not to be deterred.

On to pills then.

Did you know that every single cold pill has some form of sugar in it.





I had one more option.

The local health food store.

Did you know that every single cough syrup in the health food store has some form of sugar, cherry or orange in it.




Good grief!   Is there nothing out there that can help my girl besides Vick’s Vapor Rub?

After that, I began to be quite a bit a little anal about germs.

At every store, I wipe down the cart handles with an alcohol wipe.

I am insane about hand washing, and at church, I don’t touch door handles.

The sickies must not come into my home.

Somehow, a germ or 2 has passed through my defenses and now the girl has a cold.

So, I am here asking my wonderful readers if any of you have any sort of cold remedy that doesn’t involve sugar, cherries or oranges?





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  1. Jerry takes diabetic tussin. You can get generic in drug stores. It is clear- no dyes. Have you checked it out? I’m not sure of the ingredients but it doesn’t take his sugar up. I think Robitussin makes it but I usually find it @ Walgreens or RiteAid.

  2. There are medications made for diabetics that do not have sugar in them but I can’t think of the names of any of them. Have you asked a pharmacist for suggestions?
    Good luck in your quest!

  3. You can also find a pharmacy in your area that mixes their medications. It is called a compound pharmacist. This is done specifically for allergies.

  4. There is a med – equate brand even – that she should be able to take, and it works wonderful.
    I’ll try to remember the name of it, or go to walmart and get the name and call you.

  5. Thanks Bobbie. I will look into it.

    What makes it difficult is that she is allergic to so many things that many times there are other ingredients in there that she can’t have.

    I will go to Stuffmart and check it out.

  6. Your girl is allergic to sugar? So she doesn’t get to eat all your delicious goodies?

    We usually dont take any of that cough medicine. First of all the kids think you are killing them if you even try. And I dont push that stuff as it makes me loopy. Then because at first onset of a cold we get out our weapons. Orange juice and 7*up, which your girl cant have…drats! And load up on Vit C.

    With my daughters asthma as soon as she has a rattle in her chest she doses up on C and *knock on wood* it helps most of the time. If she follows this she ends up using her inhaler very seldom.

  7. Your sister also uses Zycam. That’s what we use at the first sign of a cold. Swab it in your nose and it really does work. When dad has his cold eariler this year. I used it when I thought a cold was starting and I never got it. We didn’t have any when he started to get his.

    It’s snowing as I write this. Remember this? “It’s nosing, it’s nosing!” When your oldest was wee little he used to say that. Every time it snows we say that!

    Love Mom

  8. I have no idea if it helps or not scientifically or if it is all in my head but I drink a lot of hot clear herbal tea and lots of rest – I never take cold medicines and I feel better sooner than later. Sometimes hot water or tea with lemon and honey (is she okay with those – I’d guess not?) Avoid milk and dairy products.

  9. That is a challenge. We use Mucinex for coughing and congestion. We use essential oils too. Lemon oil and on the filter of a cool mist humidifier. Peppermint oil to help with congestion.
    My girls are not allergic to sugar but we try to avoid it when they are sick. I feel your pain on the allergy thing though.

  10. Grandma M. seemed to think that caster oil, Watkin’s salve, and flax seed would cure just about anything. I have NO idea whether or not it works, but I’ll through it out there anyway. Can she have chicken soup?

  11. Grandma also had a fondness for homemade mint/sasafrass tea. I would go out into the pasture and get the mint and she would add her sasafrass bark. No sugar. I have no idea what that has to do with a cold, but I’m on a “Grandma” roll.

  12. You might want to try going to Whole Foods. They have a lot of products there that are for people with allergies/gluten-free/dairy-free/etc… They are so very knowledgeable about healing the all-natural way. Do you have a Whole Foods store near you? I don’t know where you live.

  13. Is it really good advice if I haven’t actually tried it before? :)I have heard great things about Grapefruit seed extract (found at your local natural foods store.) but have not tried it myself. So if it doesn’t work I’m not responsible. Hope she gets feeling better soon!

  14. My son had a lot of allergies when he was younger. And I made homemade coughdrops. But he could have sugar. So that made all the difference. What I am wondering is if your daughter can have honey? And if she can have lemon? If she can then I would be making her hot lemonade from fresh lemons if possible. And using honey in it. Honey is very good for her as well as it helps sooth. I know that a lot of times when my son was growing up it helped him a lot to take a spoonful of honey in his mouth and just let it slowly dissolve.

  15. Such great responses…

    My pet peeve is that there is so much sorbitol (artificial sweetener) in stuff. I am terribly allergic and when I get a reaction, I can’t believe that that product had artificial sweetener in it. The most recent was a stick of regular gum. That’s why I chew regular gum, after all. Sigh.

    Best wishes to your darling girl. Is it likely that she may “grow” out of any of these allergies?

  16. As per the previous suggestion I would check out the compound pharmacy near you. We had to go to a compound pharmacy once for some medication that had to be specially mixed. I think maybe the diabetic meds may also be of help.

  17. My boyfriend had a terrible cough that lasted for weeks. One of the things that did give him relief and helped him sleep without coughing was generously applying vicks vaporub on the soles of his feet and then covering them with socks. It sounds strange, but it works. He said it felt good too.
    Good luck!

  18. I don’t know all of the ingredients, but Mucinex is what we use. The regular brand, not the one that says Mucinex D (it drys you out too much). If I take one at the first sign of congestion, it really helps speed things up. I also just purchased a neti pot on the advice of a pharmacist friend. You put the salt mixture in with warm water and flush the sinuses. It works great! Walgreens sells the name brand and the generic. My son with allergies/asthma, started using it and he says it really helps keep things cleared up. It looks yucky passing through though. I hope she feels better soon. I have one in the bed with the stomach bug that is going around our area.

  19. We find that lots of hot tea and making steam in the house with a steam vaporizer help us a lot. The old folks used to take a little snort of whiskey for a cough, it was the original Nyquil. 🙂

  20. I wish that I could help. The only thing that I know she’s not allergic to that would help w/a cold is hot showers but I also recall how much your water bill got raised and that long hot showers are also out.

    The only other remedy that I can even think of is a laying on of hands with prayer.

  21. Hi. :mrgreen: I second the teas. There is Coldcare teas and other similar ones. They are all we use along with Vicks, unless someone has a fever and/or just can’t breathe at all. Vicks is my friend when I have a cold.

    I am praying for her to feel better very quickly!

    We are careful about the germies, too. We touch nothing that we are not buying when we are out from October to about March or so. It does usually work, huh?

    Now if selfish people would just keep their coughing, hacking, feverish kids home!! Just a little pet peeve of mine… If I HAVE to go get medicine and take my girlies, I bundle them up and they do not touch anything or get near anyone and I do all of the handling of products.

    Have a wonderful day!! :mrgreen:

  22. Well hope everyone is feeling better tonight.

    Oh and by the way have you ever made dried cranberry chocolate chip bread? I made that one up tonight. It is in the oven now and it smells so gooddddddddddd.

  23. I feel your pain! I am allergic to soy and try and find a product on the shelf without soy in it (it’s really hard!) But I hope your girl gets well soon and that you find a remedy that works.

  24. Cousin Jerry,
    You hold one end of the container (it looks like a genie’s lamp)into one side of your nose and seal off that side. Tilt your head over and pour the water through your nose. It will pour out the other nostril. You can feel it rush through your sinus cavity. It doesn’t hurt, just feels easier to breathe after. I hope this helps answer your questions. You can find videos of it on youtube if you want to check it out.

  25. Have you tried a netti pot. It’s supposed to be great for the sinuses. Just warm water up the nose and it comes back out. Sound gross, but they say it works and doesn’t hurt.

    I have a head cold right now and am on my way out pretty soon to get one for me.

    People swear by them and then get seperate pots for each family member!

  26. Haven’t read through all the replies so forgive if this is a repeat. Honey and lemon juice warmed up can help a cough. Pineapple juice for a sore throat. Put the Vick’s on the bottoms of her feet then put on socks and that will knock a cough out as well.

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