November 19

Something awful happened the other day.

Something so frightful that I can not even speak the words.

I must show you.

Now I know that there are many of you that totally enjoy this kind of thing.

The skiing, the ****men, the ****angels.

I have to admit, it is lovely.

But it is cold.

These 3 think we live in Siberia.

And I’m inclined to agree.


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32 thoughts on “November 19”

  1. a good cold morning to you…that is what it looked like but to a lesser degree when i came into work yesterday. mind you i am a mere 12 miles away…and of course not a smatter of snow at my house but as i get closer to work…the roof tops are blanketed, there is snow on the sides of the highway…my oh my. but, it melted quickly.
    today, a clear and 24 degrees as i headed into work…brrr

    have a wonderful day

  2. I agree with you, and that, my dear, is why we live in SOUTH TEXAS!!!! We’ll go visit snow (or maybe I’ll let my husband take the kids to visit snow…) and look at other peoples’ pics of snow, but I’m not living in snow hopefully ever again.

  3. oooo, I’m not ready for this yet!!! They said it might happen here today, but then the weather forecast changed and so probably not thank goodness.

    Just need it to hold off until after Thanksgiving, then I can get my head wrapped around “s***.”

  4. Oh NOOOO!!! Not yet!!!! It’s toooo soon!!!

    UGH, I feel for ya’ – I guess Winter has arrived in your part of the world.

    Join us in Texas – we are still using the A/C and only need a light jacket until January!

    You have my sympathies.

  5. Aw! I love snow but I hate the cold. I told my Dad last year when I was home, visiting from the tropics, “Here’s my ideal Christmas. Snowy on Christmas day. Eighty degrees the next day and every day thereafter!”

  6. I would have preferred that to what we had/have – 2 days in a row now we’ve begun the day with minus signs in front of the number designating how cold it is outside. At least if we had gotten snow the temperature would have been closer to 20*.

    (I won’t mention the fact that I would have had to go out to the garage to clean up the water that would puddle on the floor after melting off the vehicle. πŸ™„ )

  7. We had our 1st s*** just after halloween. Thankfully it was gone by that afternoon and hasn’t really been back since. I will pray yours disappears just as quickly πŸ˜€

  8. I have to say it – I HATE snow! We just had a whopping two day blizzard a couple of weeks ago in western South Dakota – and did I mention I HATE snow. We lost power for 48 hours but were luckier than some who had to wait a week for the power poles to be replaced. We live on a ranch and were very lucky we didn’t have any of our cows drift away and die – lots of our northern neighbors did. We live on a river bottom and had ours tucked into the rough river breaks which protected them from the 75 mps winds we had. So I must say again – I HATE snow – unless it’s in a Jon Crane painting (he’s my favorite artist!).

  9. I don’t want the cold but since it has to be cold I like the snow because I think it makes it more bearable. (Of course I usually don’t have to drive in if)It reminds me of the hymn “Whiter Than Snow” in the chorus it says “now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow” I love that!

    I just pray the weather isn’t bad when the Roberts head here for Christmas!

  10. I love the looks of SNOW. And I agree with Mom. If it has to be cold, it might as well snow and make it pretty outside.
    It was spitting snow here in Missouri on Saturday, but we did not get any accumulation.
    I am hoping for good weather when we come up, but I want it to snow while we are there. I’m in the mood for a White Christmas.
    But I don’t want snow on the way back home.

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