November 18

When I was in 3rd grade, one morning my mom decided that Sister and I needed to eat Cream of Wheat before we went to school, and not the lovely fried eggs and toast we were used to.

It was the most awful thing I had ever tasted, next to cooked spinach.    Not only did it taste bad, but the texture was almost unbearable, and I was a brat about having to eat it.

I didn’t know it then,  it was all ma had to feed us. (sorry ma)

To this day, I struggle to eat grits or oatmeal~~they taste great, but the texture gives me nightmares.

Isabelle of Les gourmandises d’Isa picked out today’s TWD recipe.

Rice Pudding.

I have never tried rice pudding, because I begin to get all sorts of crazy  when I think about spooning some onto my plate.    I envision cream of wheat in its place, and it is all over for me.

Tapioca pudding has never crossed my lips either.

Today’s recipe was really straight forward.

There were only 4 ingredients.

Milk, sugar, rice and either vanilla or chocolate.

Did y’all have any doubt about which direction I went?


Didn’t think so.

After boiling rice for 10 minutes, draining, boiling milk with sugar and cooking rice for exactly 55 more minutes, adding chocolate, cooling for at least 6 hours, I had chocolate rice pudding.

Oh, Internet!

I tried a bite, and it tasted fabulous.

But Superman and the boy will have to eat it for me because my crazy just won’t allow me to do it.


If you like rice pudding, go check out Isabelle’s blog.   She has the recipe.  Make the chocolate one, and enjoy it for me.


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  1. You and your sister both seem to have a texture thing. She doesn’t like the texture thing on her tongue either.

    I don’t think I would like chocolate rice pudding. Mom used to make rice pudding and it’s pretty good. I just never cooked with rice alot although I love it!

    Maybe it just dosen’t appeal to me this morning because my tummy isn’t feeling well this morning.

  2. You dont like Cream of Wheat? Nor oatmeal? Nor rice pudding? Oh my goodness you have no idea what you are misssing out on!!!! Yummmm….

    I LOVE all three of them and you cant get me to eat a fried egg. Talk about ooey gooey texture! LOL

  3. Oh my gosh, my father used to make us eat Cream of Wheat all the time. And get this – he used to put SPAM in it, with wheat germ sprinkled on top. I was a suicidal 6-year old. I’m not a texture person, but I can completely sympathize with you on this one.

  4. I love textures myself! But there’s not a whole lot of food in general that I don’t like. Your chocolate rice pudding looks very good. I may have to break down and make the pudding again with chocolate.

  5. Im so gladyou liked does have the same texture as Tapioca pudding, dosen’t it! I wasn’t to thrilled with the recipe, but Im so glad I made it. TWD has helped me try things I never would do on my own!

  6. I hear ya on this. Rice pudding? Ick! Tapioca? BLAGHH! I will eat oatmeal if it’s not too globby and thick. And has lots of sugar or something in it. 🙂 I should’ve gone the choco route, too..

  7. It’s funny how we remember certain tastes and textures from childhood isn’t it? I knew you would do chocolate and I don’t blame you. I really want to try this with chocolate, but I stuck with vanilla this time. As always, your photos inspire.

  8. Cream of Wheat — now there’s a blast from the past! I think that childhood food aversions die hard. I love that you went all-the-way chocolate with yours (of course!) It looks like you achieved perfection, even though the texture isn’t for you.

  9. I can totally relate to your cream of wheat experience except that I had that with oatmeal. It’s probably why I was freaked out when I saw that rice pudding was the recipe this week. I’m glad it was chosen and made though, because like you, I love rice pudding now! I just love the shot of the chocolate in the milk!

  10. At least you tried it!!! Many people won’t even do that! It took me a while to get use to the texture of rice pudding, and now I love it…so maybe there’s hope 🙂 The chocolate has got me salivating!

  11. How brave of you to still make the rice pudding!! I chickened out and am making raisin snails (or whatever they are called) for my rewind.

    P.S I have my first giveaway, please check it out!

  12. Oh, I KNEW you would go the chocolate route…LOL. I have three little bowls left…and three little bowls of the vanilla…not a big hit here, but you know what…this was the first recipe in all of them that we didn’t like! So, I’m thinking that is pretty darn good. Your photos are amazing. See you next week…I haven’t looked yet…is there chocolate in it????

  13. The chocolate pudding looks good, but it just about needs to stop there. Maybe my baby will eat it. hmmm.

    Love that old cookbook and that apple crumble pie looks yummy!

  14. Ding ding ding! A light bulb just went on in my head. My dad has always hated tapioca, in a way he could not put into words. (Dads aren’t usually very articulate about their feelings.) And it just occurs to me that he also hates rice pudding. I just put two and two together! Thanks!
    And your pics make me want to lick my screen!

  15. I love cream of wheat and oatmeal. Maybe, because I put butter and sugar in it. So much for the healthy side of it. When I was little, Grandma McCarty made oat meal in a yellow enamaled double-boiler and it tasted SO good-much better than what we had at home. So, I thought it was the pot that made it so good. She was puzzled at why I would ask her to make oatmeal in the yellow pot instead of something else. I now know the reason it tasted so good. She used real butter and cream to make it.

  16. Sorry about the texture thing…..but do your like artisan crusty on the outside and soft on the inside kind of bread? Yummo
    I love to eat almost everything except not of big fan of coconut for whatever reason. Weird huh? I liked the rice pudding after the overnight in the frig. everything was all stuck together more. Plus delicious, simple flavors. Rice is simple. Okay I think next week is that pecan and something like…is it chocolate? pie better run and check. he he Thanks for stopping by…don’t know how you have time to get around like you do. Speedy Gonzales

  17. You’re not alone with this husband barely made it through a tiny bite of the chocolate rice pudding that I made because he didn’t like the texture of it.

    I liked it, though. Not something that I could eat everyday but it was a treat…after it cooked for what seemed like forever. lol!

  18. When I was young I learned that the secret to eating cream of wheat was to have equal parts brown sugar to the cereal. That was the only was it was palatable.
    Hope your guys liked the pudding! See you on pie day. 🙂

  19. Not a Cream of Wheat fan here either 😛
    I do like oatmeal though, w/brown sugar and a touch of carmel & maple thrown in.

    Tapioca – NO
    Rice Pudding – NO

    don’t think that I could eat that even with the chocolate.

  20. my DH has the same aversion, he gags at anything porridge-like, including cream of wheat and rice pudding. hey, at least you tried it…my DH wouldn’t even consider a taste the batch I made.

  21. i’m with you on tapioca…i’ve never had it and don’t know if i can muster up the courage to eat it.

    i was scared of the rice pudding, but i enjoyed it. i kept calling it “sweet risotto” rather than pudding and felt better:)

  22. I actually like Cream of Wheat. Rice pudding?? Eh. It was good, but it’s just not for me. I am happy to see though that you did not disappoint with the chocolate!

  23. I like Cream of Wheat if it’s done right, but I am not a big fan of rice pudding. By the way, I have a whole new appreciation for what you do as far as recipes and putting them on your blog. I did one over the weekend and it is alot of work!!:)

  24. Just give me a spoon – I love ALL those things! My hat’s off to you for trying (and for actually liking the taste). Texture has very strong associations, it seems. Maybe you’ll love the pie? Even without chocolate.

  25. I liked the taste of both the vanilla and chocolate versions of this week’s recipe, but like you, I couldn’t get past the texture. *sigh* I can’t stand oatmeal or cream of wheat, either.

  26. Ooh, I love cream of wheat, oatmeal, rice pudding – but fried eggs give me the heebie jeebies. I want to run screaming from the room when my husband makes them.

  27. So glad this recipe helped you over your childhood texture memories. My 3 year old daughter loves cream of wheat (the instant kind with the lovely artificial flavors, of course) and I really can’t believe it.

  28. I gotta tell you — I love your recipes but chocolate risotto does nothing for me. Just melt that chocolate down and dunk some strawberries and raspberries in it, thank you very much.


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