November 14

It’s Friday, Internet, and I am nosy.

Tell me 2 things that are on your night table at this very moment.

I have a small funnel (to add water to my humidifier on my C-PAP) and a file.

I have oh. so. much. more, but those are 2 slightly strange ones.


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  1. Books and more books:)
    Right now I’m reading “Never Give Up” by Tedy Bruschi and I also have a biography about a Music Thearapist but I can’t think of the name of that one right now.
    Also pencils and paper to write down quotes I like or questions I want to research.

  2. I have a lamp, a bottle of water, Sunday’s crossword & Sudoku puzzle, a pencil, lotion, lip balm, and ‘Breaking Dawn’ on top of my night stand. I’ll spare you the embarassingly long list of what’s inside my night stand drawers.

  3. 1. Pride & Prejudice, annotated. Amazing read as a grown-up; never really appreciated it in high school.

    Nothing else. My lamp is mounted on the wall.

    2. Oh wait, I thought of something else. Dust.

  4. I have a small nightable. I have one VIP thing on there that means the world to me: my last kitty’s ashes in a small & beautiful urn. I just have to keep her by me when I sleep as she loved to sleep with me.
    And another interesting thing is a spray bottle of Evian to mist my face during the night; it’s so dry here in the fall & winter.

  5. C-pap, lotion, a lamp, roll of toilet paper(I have a cold), and alot of dust. I’ve learned that having a head cold doesn’t work well with a c-pap machine. And, I’m SOOOOOO glad you didn’t ask what’s on the dresser.

  6. 2 Bibles, and book I’m reading, lotion, coaster with my water bottle on it….small lamp and decor clock, I never look at for the time.

  7. Wow… some of you have really interesting stuff. I have 4 books, a book light, my cellphone (alarm and phone)and some paper with night prayers on it. Oh.. and a 2 journals.

    PS… what is “c-pap” ?

  8. Hmmmmm. Good question. Some baby powder, and baby lotion. The book ‘Tis. An empty coffee cup and a half full glass of tea from last night I have yet to put in the dishwasher. And my cellphone.

  9. Great question. I WISH I could say I had kleenex and a pregnancy book. However, my two oddest things would be my earring organizer (I take off my earrings as I climb into bed) and “The Shack”, a book that apparently everyone but me (in my local Christian circle) has read!

  10. I don’t have a night stand. Your daddy does. My dresser is close to the bed and I have a light, a flower, silver jewelry case and an anniversary clock. Usually at night the clothes I take off from the day!

  11. Gramps must be like me. He has an old lug nut and I have an open-end wrench and a screw driver on my dresser. For the life of me , I can’t figure out why. I don’t remember fixing anything.

  12. I have a monogramed initial mug from Anthropolie and usually a cat named Radar. She likes to sit on the nightstand and stare at me while I sleep (yes… it’s really creepy, but I still love her). Something that is permenantly there… COBigelow Grapefruit hand lotion, and the mug.

  13. My BC pills – just out there for anyone to see. (Should I move them?) I also have a stack of books – that I never read. I guess I just have them there for show.

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