November 13

This morning, as I was laying in bed cursing the inventor of alarm clocks which go off at 4am waking all persons in your house and the surrounding neighborhood,  willing myself to go back to sleep,  my brain began to run in all directions at the same time.

So, I’m going to give you a small peek into the kind of crazy of a pink wearin’, chocolate eatin’, homeschool mom.


‘Why does his alarm have to be so loud?’


‘I have to go to the bathroom’

Sticking hand out of the cocoon I am in.

‘Whoa it’s cold out there’


‘Is that the girl sniffling?’

‘Sounds like she is feeling worse’


‘What do I make for the Missionary meeting today….muffins?   cookies?   both?   naaahhhhh to much work’


‘I need to take some Zicam when I get up’


‘I wonder if anyone has invented a heated toilet seat’


‘Drat!  the girl needs some vitamin C and were out’

‘That’s ok, tomorrow is payday’


‘Are my pink socks are clean’


‘Make sure when you get up you look at the Barefoot Blogger recipe and have everything to make it for next Thursday’


‘I’ll just make muffins’


‘Today IS the first Thursday of the month…right?’


‘Put onions, heavy cream, vitamin C on the grocery list’


‘Yesterday was the 12……oh crap (sorry mom) BB is due today and I don’t have it’


‘Onions, heavy cream, vitamin C…onions, heavy cream, vitamin C…onions, heavy cream, vitamin C’


‘Crap!  Crap!  Crap! (so sorry ma) it’s due today’

‘Onions, heavy cream, vitamin C…onions, heavy cream, vitamin C…onions…heavy cream, vitamin C’


So, I have no luscious BB recipe for you today.   What I do have are the ramblings of a brain that has been firing on all one cylinder for the last 2 months.

BB recipe and photos will be posted Saturday.   That is if I can find a hammer to smash Superman’s alarm clock before then.

‘Onions, heavy cream, vitamin C’



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23 thoughts on “November 13”

  1. hah…sounds like a fun morning.
    ever notice when you’ve the windows open in the warmer weather you can hear other people’s alarm clocks as well or birds mimicing that sound?…lol
    have a wonderful day.

  2. I too hate the sound of the alarm. We woke up at 3am to a daughter screaming because her nightlight was off. That’s when we noticed that all power was off. We reassured her and crawled back to bed. At 4:30am I woke up to Tyra Banks voice yelling something about “GIRLFRIEND!” Our TV had decided to turn on when the power came back on and it was so loud. Then we woke up again at 5am to a boy crying that he lost his binkie, then again at 6:30am for good. UGH! I’m going to be dragging today.

  3. My brain is soooooo darn active in the morning. And I love the fact that you call it cocoon. That’s my safe warm place in the frigid winter is the cocoon.
    And yes, I’ve seen the heated toilet seats, expensive little suckers.

  4. If you would just wear red, you wouldn’t be talking to yourself and you’d get your lazy butt out of the bed.

    Did you get your Onions, heavy cream, vitamin C yet?

  5. My little bathroom gets nice & warm during the night so when I have to get up to use it the seat is warm.

    Yes, they do make heated toilet seats but they aren’t cheap and probably use a fair amount of energy.

    I am prone to having similar thoughts to yours when I’m rudely interrupted during my sleep, and sometimes while I’m trying to fall asleep. If I lay there long enough dwelling on the thoughts and trying to make myself go back to sleep I wind up with a very nice headache. I do hope that today is better for you.

  6. See, I’m the early riser in my house. I’m the one with the annoying music that blares before the sun creeps into the sky. The Husband groans and goes back to bed while I jump out and greet the day. I’m annoying like that. Grumpy in the evenings though.

    And as for lists… I have to write everything down. I’ve already forgotten what’s on your list!


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