November 12

I have heard from many of you, asking what kind of camera I have.

Ask, and you shall receive!


I have a Nikon D40x.  Chefboy and Superman purchased this for me for Christmas last year.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Don’t I have great men?

Of course you must add a few scratches on the viewing screen, flour/dough/goop on the shutter key, and a bit of glop on the lens.

It adds character.  At least that is what I’m telling myself.

It came with a 18-135mm AF (auto-focus) lens, and that was my primary lens till a friend of mine sent me a gifty.

A 28-80mm AF lens.

Ever since my beloved precious camera has come home from the doctor, that has been my lens of choice.

I took these pictures of Superman with it.

Thanks Robin, I heart it.

I also have a 50mm lens and I use that for some close ups, but I don’t use it as often.

While my beloved camera was visiting the doctor (for 2 horridly long months) I found myself without a camera, and that just. wouldn’t. do. so I visited my local Stuffmart and got a super great deal on a Nikon CoolPix, in blue.

This little point and shoot camera is great, and it really rocks macro pictures.

This was taken with the CoolPix.

So was this one.

If you are wanting a great little point and shoot, grab one.   I hear the Cannon Powershot is a great one too.

I seriously doubt I will ever be without a camera again.

I heart my camera.

I’d love to know what kind of camera you have.



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  1. Um, so does “Ask and ye shall receive?” mean you’re taking a cue from Pioneer Woman and giving away cameras? If so, put me on the list! Ha ha!
    In unrelated news, I took your baking soda advice. My bathtub, which had REFUSED to come clean before, is now sparkling and white again!

  2. I heart my Kodak Easy Share C743. It was a giftie from my mother before we came here to the South. I’m pretty sure she was hoping I would send her pictures of her grandkidlets. It’s all the point and shoot simplicity I need.

  3. Oh boy….are you sure you want to know? I’m a photography and camera nut. I acquired lots of equipment while I was working full-time and publishing a photoblog for 4 years. Let’s start with digital – Nikon Coolpix, Fuji Finepix S5000 (a real workhorse), Nikon D70 with lenses – 28-90mm, 50mm, 19-35mm wide angle and TWO 70-300mm (don’t ask why I have two of the same lens, it’s a long story). FILM CAMERAS – one Polaroid, one cheap plastic Kodak point and shoot, one super cheap plastic camera that was a giveaway at Shakey’s Pizza (I call it the Shakey camera), Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic, Canon AE-1 with assorted lenses, a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex (very cool camera) and the big gun is my Mamiya RB 67 which is a professional camera that can only be used on a very sturdy tripod.

    Now aren’t you sorry you asked? Google the Rolleiflex because it’s very cool. It’s the one that you pop up the viewfinder and look down into the camera to focus.

    I love your photos because you have a great eye as to composition.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. Hey, our cameras are twins. I am being blindsided with lense envy right now – I’m stuck with what came in the box (an 18-55mm lense) for a while yet. Okay, indefinitely. I’ve also got one of those Canon PowerShots, and I love it. It takes perfectly good pictures, and it fits in my pocket! Plus it has stood up very well to the kids’ use and abuse. 🙂

  5. Nice looking camera! Makes me wonder how it can be so emotionally insecure. We avoid buying cameras because somehow we always seem to to lose it within a month or two. Then, there’s the little plastic job that still has film in it from our vacation 5 years ago. Guess a digital camera would eliminate our procrastination with getting film developed. But, I’m still afraid of the possibility of losing it. I almost forgot, I have a 10MM Yashua camera I bought in 1971 that, somehow, I managed to not lose. Nobody wants to use it now because it’s too complicated (anybody want to buy a Yashua?).

  6. I usually use a trusty little Samsung which is much like the Coolpix only with a few more options.

    Lately, I’ve been using Josh’s fancypants Super camera: a Canon EOS with cape and tights. That’s right — it’s a Super Camera.


  7. I don’t have a camera. I really want a camera. I have to be satisfied with using Stacy’s camera when she lets me or reminding her to bring it to things. My hubby won’t buy one because well, he won’t so, we are camera less. Oh the pictures I could take. lol I really like the Nikon’s, I like the Cannon’s too. Some day I will have one. lol

  8. I have camera envy…I have trouble waiting for things so after many years with a Nikon 35mm, i bought a Canon Rebel dig, because it was the first I could feasably afford. Six months later I was kicking myself in the arse when Nikon introduced theirs. But I really do love my Canon, and from looking at pics taken with both I see no difference. My point and shoot is a Sony cybershot…it’s pink…so I love it alot too! lol

  9. I am a camera junkie!
    My baby is my SLR Ricoh from 1975! It’s an oldie but a goodie… but since I don’t have a space to develop my film anymore i hardly use it. I love real film cameras. They are dissapearing though. It’s the Digital age I guess.
    I also have a Canon Rebel that i love too… but again, more film.
    For Christmas last year I got a teeny tiny Cannon Powershot SD1000. I like it because its small and I can carry it everywhere. But the quality isnt as great.
    I need to find a happy medium! But I do really like your camera… 🙂

  10. We just got a Canon Rebel XTi DSLR, and my father in law gave us 3 of his lenses that he used to use with his non-digital camera. He’s now downgraded to a point-n-shoot and doesn’t need them any more. My son is taking photography in high school, and I rarely get the camera to myself, so haven’t had a chance to do much other than the auto settings. The photog place offered some free classes, and I need to get myself signed up for that. I also have a Canon PowerShot, and have the darndest time keeping the batteries charged up. Must be me, but I never seem to have batteries ready to go for that thing.

    Sorry to hijack here, but I’m guessing there are a few PW readers over here. Just started a new blog today for PW Super Fans. Place to comment and interact for Ree’s fans: Hope to see you there.

  11. I have 2 camera currently, that are MINE: my Kodak Easy Share digital and my Olympus 33mm.

    Hubby and I own together a Toshiba digital that at about 7-8 years old is a dinosaur =( that cost as much as some of the fancy digitals now.

    Each family member has a point and shoot of their own.

    My Kodak is too big to fit in my purse so it often gets left at home. I need to get an inexpensive, but good quality, one to keep in the purse for those times when the opp is there and I need a camera.

  12. Mine is the Canon EOS 40D

    Hubby’s is the Canon EOS 10D

    The girlies share a Canon Powershot (the biggest one of those).

    I’m so glad you like the lens! I was so afraid it would be too much like the lens you already had.

    Hugs, Robin

  13. I think I’m always the wildcard because I have a Pentax istD. I had a film Pentax so when I made the switch to digital SLR, it made sense to stick with the same brand. I can use the same lenses for both, although to be honest, I haven’t touched my film camera since I got the DSLR. I have an 18-55mm lens, a 100-300mm zoom and a 50mm that I LOVE. I just used it to take some pics of the kids in the leaves. It’s just a great lens for portraits.

  14. Seriously? Thost pictures of the peanut butter cups was taken with a point and shoot? Oh, how I want a new camera. Seriously. Want. New. Camera. We still have one of those stupid Kodak point and shoot things. Amazing considering all of the other high-end technology crap we have. I don’t think I can afford a Dx40 at this point.

  15. I have a Canon Powershot A550. My food photography got a lot better when I found the macro setting and the indoor lighting setting. But I still have a ways to go…

  16. I just have a Sony Cybershot 3.2 megapixels. It serves my purpose. Jerry, don’t get her thinking about pictures waiting to be developed. She will start thinking of how it took Aunt Cindy 10 years (or maybe it was twelve) to get her wedding snapshots developed.

  17. I have a D50 and LOVE it. The day it dies I will buy a new Nikon DSLR and rush ship it. I don’t know how you got by for 2 months with out yours! Mine was out for cleaning for a week (it also suffers from the same flour and stickiness issues) and I was going crazy using my mom’s Canon point and shoot. I’m looking into a few new lens- thanks for the info!

  18. I just sent all of your camera info to hubby.
    I just have a crappy old point and shoot that he had taken in as a trade-in and was not re-sellable.
    Time for a new one!
    Thanks for the info. 🙂

  19. I had an older Canon Powershot and I loved it so much. Finally after a few years of constant use it went Kaput! 😦
    I bought a Kodak Easy Share recently and I love it as well. I was hesitant to get a Kodak. I was more of a Canon kinda girl. But the Kodak is fantastic and so easy to use. I got it from Stuffmart and quite pleased thus far. It’s the Kodak Easyshare Z712IS

  20. I just stumbled on your blog and I love your writing style, photos, and the recipes.

    I also have a Nikon D40X which I love. I’m completely thrilled that you commented on the lenses. I have the stock lens it came with and a 70-300mm auto focus.

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