November 11

Happy Veterans Day.

Thank you Veterans for all that you have done and are continuing to do to keep America safe and free.

Anyone who knows me well, or has been over to my house, knows that there is one household chore that I absolutely abhor.

And that would be dusting.

There is something about all that picking up picture frames or knick-knacks, wiping off the surface, then putting everything back again.

It is just so redundant.

Then, as soon as you are finished, dust begins to layer itself back on the surface.

Why do we even bother?

Today’s TWD recipe that Yolanda of The All-Purpose Girl picked out is Kugelhoph.

I read through the recipe, and it didn’t speak to me.

It didn’t reach out and say “make me…make me now”.

I dreaded making this, and put it off till the last minute.

Superman had to remind me to make it several times, finally pulled me into the kitchen on Sunday, and it went together quickly.

It took 2 hours to double in bulk.

After that,  you have to ‘punch’ down the dough by releasing it from the sides and slapping it against the bowl.

Every. half. an. hour. for. another. 2. hours.

It must rest in the fridge overnight, then it is baked the next day.

Monday, I didn’t want to finish it off.

I didn’t want to finish it off so badly, that I dusted.

I dusted my entire living room, Internet.

Not just with a wool duster either.   I got out the actual furniture polish and dust rag, because if I am anything, I’m a great procrastinator.

sigh….I couldn’t  put it off any longer.

I rolled it out, and filled it with a mixture of ½ c. sugar, 1 tbsp. cinnamon, and 1 tbsp. cocoa.

Rolled it up, put it in my tube pan, because I do not  have a Kugelhoph pan, and set it to raise.





or “until it almost reaches the top of the pan”.

After 4 hours, it had reached the middle of the pan.

I was so done at this point, that I put it in the oven only half raised.

It smelled heavenly.

Just heavenly!

Then when I tried to remove it, it stuck to the pan.

Fixed that, soaked it in butter, and doused it in sugar as per instructions.

Then because I had worked for hours and hours and hours on this thing, I wasn’t about to wait for it to cool.

Oh, Internet, it tastes just as heavenly as it smelled.  The texture is light, and it tasted like cinnamon bread.   I am going to make French Toast out of the leftovers.

It was almost worth the effort.


I won’t be making this recipe again.   It tasted wonderful, but not so wonderful that it was worth 24 hours of babysitting the dough.

If you want to put the effort into making this fabulous cake/bread, then go for it.

Let me know how it turns out.

Maybe you’ll have a better time of it than I did.

Check out Yolanda’s blog for the recipe.


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58 thoughts on “November 11”

  1. I fear you got the “Hate dusting” from me. I HATE dusting…but i do it just the same. I dust once a week unless someone is coming or unless I see the dust and just can’t stand it. Usually it’s once a week though. I would be willing to pay someone to come and dust my house weekly. \

    Looks Good CC

    Love you

  2. We have killer dust bunnies at our house. 🙂 I use the excuse that my kidlets are little and I’m enjoying them istead of dusting. I think I’ll use the same excuse for not making the Kugelhoph. 24 hours of babysitting dough!? Nah, no matter how tempting your pictures may look, that’s not for me. 😛

  3. I know!!!! I actually had to call off work to do mine, because I was running around all weekend. Even worse. But I’m all for making French toast out of this.

    Your pictures are gorgeous. Thank you!

  4. I felt the same way about making it as you did. I did not like babysitting the dough either. As a matter of fact, I didnt even bother putting the dough in the fridge. I skipped that whole step. And guess what? It turned out just fine.
    Yours looks really good! and beautiful!

  5. Ha!Ha! I loved this post! I hate dusting too. But I hate it more (way more) than babysitting dough. I’m going to be making another kugelhopf at some point. Your cinnamon sugar idea is great. 🙂

  6. lol! This sounds like my experience. I read through it and thought, what? this will take FOREVER to make! I actually didn’t let it sit in the fridge very long, and only let it rise again while the oven was heating (shh!). But you know what? It turned out AMAZING! Yours looks good. How was it with the cocoa?

  7. Love your choice of add-in instead of the raisins. Your pictures make it look yummy! French toast sounds like a good way to use it!
    Too funny about the dusing. My mom hates dusting. She said it’s because as she grew up in foster care (with the same family of 7 kids), she always had to do the dusting and hated it. I’m just about the same. I only do it if company is coming or I just can’t stand it. I love how you refer to your readers as Internet!
    Have a good week!

  8. I was drooling looking at your cinnamon-sugar layer. Now that is something I could get behind. If I ever make this again (probably not) I will definitely try your cinnamon roll inspired kugelhopf!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  9. That looks heavenly! Dusting isn’t my favorite task either…although I slap on the ipod and do it weekly.
    Happy music makes it go faster.

  10. Well, it looked absolutely beautifully delicious. Are you sure you won’t be making that again? It was a big hit here. A very big hit. I don’t know what it is, but there is something in me that just loves the thought of dough rising in the house…seriously…it feels so homey and comforting and like I actually might know what I am doing on any given day…LOL. Loved your post…how many times have I been dragging my feet for a TWD product that involves chocolate…OMW…drag me to the kitchen, tie me to the floor, and make me “get ‘er done!” I didn’t know you were a homeschooling mom…I loved my years doing that…absolutely loved them! Great post.

  11. When someone comes up with a way to eliminate dust, I will be their number one fan and will spend endless amounts of money on the product they develop 🙂 I love your idea of putting cinnamon in the dough and rolling it up. I was trying to think of a creative way to make this, and you might just have spraked my imagination!

  12. WOW…..something worse for you than dusting 😕
    That must have been tedious.

    I don’t think that I could have gone through with it, you did much better than I would have.

  13. haha, i know exactly how you feel about the cake, I didn’t feel like making it too! I really like your idea of rolling it with cinnamon sugar, I bet it must’ve tasted better than my plain old kugelhopf with raisins. And yes, I don’t think I’ll ever make it again too. 🙂

  14. Happy Veterans Day! I had the day off due to the holiday, so I just got back from a program at my older daughter’s school. Gotta love a bunch of kindergarten, first and second grade students singing patriotic songs. =) I love the way you flavored your cake. I think when I make this again I’m going to double the recipe and freeze half after the first rise so I can get more for my time.

  15. Oh you just made my day reading your post! Lovely kugelhopf! I’m with you though, too much babysitting that dough for the end result. Maybe I am just getting older and impatient. I want instant gratification! Thanks for stopping by my post too. And thanks for reminding me that today is a special day to thank the Veterans!

  16. I have a recipe for baba au rum that you would like a lot. It’s an old fashioned yeast cake that has TONS of flavor and is always a show-stopper.

    Dusting… ugh. That’s why I keep the lights turned down low and tend to light candles a lot — then no one will see the dust!!!


    P.S. We are soul sisters — the generationally displaced.

  17. Looks amazing…as it should be after 24 hours. I skipped the overnight rise and while maybe mine would have been better with it, it was still pretty good without…I just don’t have the patience, although my house could certainly use some dusting.

  18. Rather dust than bake. 8-( Boy, you are in trouble!! But it looks delicious. And putting the ‘sprinkle’ in the cake/bread – genius. It looks wonderful.

  19. I love that you put cinnamon in the middle and rolled it up! Yum!!! 🙂 If I ever make this again I will have to try rolling it out like that. All the new things I am learning!!

  20. Wow! That has got to be the best Kugelhopf I’ve seen. You were so creative to turn it into a cinnamon bread. That rise is amazing and you refridgerated your dough.

  21. Oh my, that looks delicious! I wish I had thought to fill it with cinnamon and sugar. I need to try that but I think I’ll skip the overnight rest. 😉

  22. Nice–I love that you filled the dough with cinnamon and rolled it. How swirly and delicious! I, too, hate to dust. And I’m allergic to dust. I bet I’d feel better if I dusted more often…sigh.

  23. Here is a suggestion,Tanya. Put out a few get well cards and people will think that you have been too ill to dust. That’s what I do and it works everytime. Gets you some offers of help too!!! Tell Kirs I found her blog. Made a comment on “Aunt Lucy”

  24. Amazing photos! I love how you rolled with the cinnamon sugar, sounds and looks just perfect! This was one of those recipes for me that did say “make me” (why? I’m not too sure) but anyway I am now determined to find the perfect kugelhopf recipe.

  25. LOL — I know what you mean; my house is never as clean as it is when I have something Really Important that I should be doing instead! Yours really looks great — your idea of rolling it with cinnamon sugar was brilliant (and it really did need a little something extra, IMO). We liked this, but it’s unlikely I’ll make it again. Too much work for what you end up with.

  26. You are a nut! I really hate dusting too… but my hate for all things disgusting is even stronger. I usually ignore it until the niggling in my brain tells me that some crazy amount (like 90%) of dust is (ugh) dead skin! Then I go on a rampage and dust everything in sight.

  27. MMMMmmmmmm Cinnamon Roll Kugelhopf. That would redeem the efforts for me. I love cinnamon rolls. I think if you are really really a dizzy duster and busy busy. You wouldn’t even notice that you were babysitting some silly dough or something. Good work though and the bonus is that you got some yummy treat and a dusted house.

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