November 9

Now that I have my beloved precious camera back, I can show you a bit of what is going on around the ‘hood, here in Pothole, Ohio.

Remember orange porch?

Well, they haven’t done anything more with the house.   They haven’t replaced shutters on the bottom half of the house, they haven’t painted anything else. (thank goodness)

What they have done instead, is subjugated us to this lovely view.

At least it is under roof now.   It was just walls for about 2 months.

They need to take lessons from the Chocolatechic house, and only subjugate people to a filthy roof, moldy siding, and odd things on the front porch like bicycles and kerosene heaters.

So tell me, what color do you think they are going to paint/side their garage?



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10 thoughts on “November 9”

  1. I have offered power washer for your moldy siding and offered to build a storage shed for “porch decorations”,lawn mowers and such…..maybe others in the neighborhood would follow suit….colors for garage???…..scarlet and gray…go Bucks…

  2. Ohhh, sounds as if you have a great offer up there! 😀

    Gee, why wouldn’t they side it the same as the house? Hope so! It’s going to be so nice when it’s all finished…off to a good start.

  3. For the house across the road I would hope that they would side the new garage to match the house other wise it will look more awful than the orange porch.

    That is great of Gramps to offer his power washer to clean your house and roof. Here’s hoping that you’ll be able to find the funds to build that shed that you need.

  4. Well the shed is orange so maybe the color of the house with orange trim.

    Dad said PS He doesn’t keep broken things around the house…I beg to differ…he still has me:)LOL;)

    I’d never noticed the color around the top window of your house.

    Love you

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