November 8

When I get to heaven, and after I have spent some time in conversation with God, and after he has answered all my important questions like…

Cockroaches?  Do they really have a purpose?


Mosquitoes?   Seriously!   Why?


Couldn’t you have made spiders just a bit cuter?

I am going to find Eve.

I am going to take her to a secluded little spot, plop her down on a solid gold, diamond encrusted bench and ask her about the whole naked vs. laundry thing, and what was she thinking?

I know what I’m thinking!

Wash, dry, fold, put away, people wear them, wash, dry, put away.  Over and over.


Yep, we’re going to have a conversation.



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19 thoughts on “November 8”

  1. I really don’t mind the cleaning and all of that. Sometimes I may not be in the moooood to clean, but I love that fresh clean smell when everything looks so nice. I hate unloading the dishwasher though. Now…how sad is that!Laudry? Not one of my favorites either! I will have to wait in line I suppose to talk with Eve. I have a feeling she will be bombarded!LOL She will probably have answered my questions thousands of times.

    I wonder if we will see Jesus first or our loved ones???

    If its our loved ones then I want to see my mommy:) She will be there waiting for me with everybody else who is their to welcome me home:) She will be the one with the biggest smile! Then I want to see your Gpa Teal and Gma Teal!

    Can you imagine how beautiful it will be…streets of gold, gates of pearl…

  2. There are so many questions to ask God and I do hope that I have time to do so…. 😀 …..but I won’t be surprised if I’m having too much fun just sitting in front of Jesus listening or finally being able to carry a tune well enough to sing with the heavenly choir.

    Eve….. how could you listen to a snake? 😕 Was the apple really worth it? 😕 Getting kicked out of Eden and giving all of us the “curse”?

  3. I joke with the women in my small group that I hope we have about a thousand years to just sit and drink coffee and talk without interruptions! I’m sure we’ll be so full of worship and love for Jesus that all else will fade, but it’s fun to think about it!

  4. I don’t like the whole laundry thing either, but the other option of going nude!!! I don’t think so. I wonder if there will be chocolate in heaven. Everything else we can imagine,like streets of gold, the jasper sea, and gates of pearl,why not chocolate?

  5. Yep, I know just where you’re coming from with the laundry thing. No matter how hard I work at getting it all done, it shows up dirty again the following week. Sigh.

  6. It never ends here at my house. Four kids home all day, a husband who refuses to wear anything more than once, and a college son who comes home every weekend and plops his laundry bag down in front of the washer!

    I feel your pain!

  7. Which reminds me, I do have a few loads to do. I actually enjoy it when I have the time and energy for it. I also love the smell of fresh laundry. – Freshly cleaned, not freshly thrown in the laundry room 🙂

    Aunt Cindy, I’m with you. I have already put in my request. When I get to heaven, I want my mansion to be made out of Reeces peanut butter cups. God may have to rebuild my mansion quite frequently, though.

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