November 7

It’s Friday, Internet, and I am nosy.

What’s something people do in public that really annoys you, even though it’s probably not a big deal?

For me, it is men …adjusting…themselves.

Find a bathroom, turn to a wall and be discreet, but please…don’t make me watch.


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  1. a wonderful topic and perfect for Friday…i’ve all this pent up energy from a week of – – – -!

    remember that commercial many years back for something i for the life of me cannot remember when people were standing and when someone else was talking to someone else and they are bent their ears to listen in….well, my pet peeve is people who stand there and do their best to listen to everything you are saying in a conversation with someone else…that is BAD.

    and right up there with that is: people on cell phones in the post office and chatting away while the desk person is trying to help them…NOW THAT IS VERY RUDE.

    have a great weekend….


  2. Having cell phone conversations when you’re doing business. It is entirely disrespectful of the person who is waiting on you.

    The other day I attended a workshop at the Apple Store. They had it set up right in the middle of the showroom which was curious, but in the middle of the class some young girls got on the computer behind us and began a tremendous silly, loud and disruptive conversation. They were totally oblivious to the class. Be observant, be respectful of others.

    …… and finally to the rude public….. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

    Phew, I feel better now.

    – Suzanne

  3. People talking on cell phones in public so that everyone can hear everything and also when you are at a check out in a store. Very rude.

    Also the uh umm adjusting problem men seem to have. bwallalala Yuck

  4. Smushing one side of your nose so you can blow the other side of your nose on the ground or sidwalk! That is just horrid!! Another one would be people in grocery stores that wipe their nose with their hands then pick things up and set them back on the shelf again! Disgusting!!


  5. This is more a restaurant thing – people talking with food in their mouths or chewing with their mouths open. I absolutely *hate* the sounds of people chewing (and thus hate a number of commercials where that’s all you hear – especially those with cereal or crunchy things). I had to indoctrinate the boyfriend into this eccentricity so I wouldn’t throttle him at the dinner table 🙂

  6. *People talking loudly on their cell phones.
    *People who take up the entire aisle at the grocery.
    *People who walk so close behind me that they run into me if I stop to put something in my cart.
    *People who drive ACROSS the parking lot instead of down the aisles. I almost got hit twice at Walmart as I was trying to walk in the parking lot! Grr!

  7. People who let their children scream in restaurants and stores. I used to take my children outside until they calmed down so as not to ruin others meals and shopping.

  8. Some of the things mentioned here are irritants for me as well.

    One thing not mentioned thus far is over-the-top public displays of affection.

    Holding hands, quick hugs, pecks on cheek or lips are cool. The rest should be kept in private.

  9. “*People who take up the entire aisle at the grocery.”

    GOOD one, jodysgirl94!! Can they not see that they are not the only ones shopping that day? grrrr


  10. I have to agree with all that was said. I will add one more and that is littering. It really bugs me. I also have a problem not getting down an isle at the store because people are talking and blocking the entire isle. I also hate going to stores that have electric wheelchairs and they don’t work.

  11. Hello! 🙂 You pictures of the delicious goodies you made have created quite the mouthwatering affect. 🙂 as far as to answer to what “really annoys you, even though it’s probably not a big deal?” I guess… talking on their blue tooth as they approach while looking directly at you so it appears that they are talking directly to you. 🙂

    As a chocolate chic I thought you might like to know that November 7th is officially Bittersweet Chocolate and Almonds day. 🙂 Have a great one and be blessed! 🙂

    As a former teacher (soon to go back God willing)…I really enjoyed your homeschool site as well. 🙂 have a fantastic Friday! 🙂

  12. Amen to the adjusting! I HATE when people are loud on the cellphones or are using those bluetooth things and look like they’re talking to themselves. I know cell phones are a necessary evil, but do you have to talk on them in restaurants, in the bank, in line at the store, etc? Have some manners and at least look your cashier in the eye!

  13. I agree with all of the above and would add people who smoke and blow it in your direction. Cough,cough. Tanya, thank you for the lovely teacup. Our trip is still on hold,but I want you to know that I will cherish your gift forever. Uncle Jim made it home from the hospital today. Quite a nasty looking wound on the foot. Doctor says now it may finally start to heal properly. I hope so. It has been soooooooooooo long.

  14. I am currently mellow and medicated, so I really can’t think of anything. But the good news is, I can’t think of anything!

    I’ve given you an award. Check it out at my sight.

    Fun topic.

  15. I agree with all the above as well as people who go out in public with the “unmentionables” showing and their pants hanging to just above the knees – the waddle walk is fine for penguins but not for humans (well unless you are pregnant anyway)

  16. I am with you on the adjusting thing. Eeeww. Eeeww.

    Another is these extra strong sickening smelling gums they have today. And then the users chomp on it with their mouths open. Gag. Eeewww.

  17. I become very annoyed when I’m having a conversation with someone, when someone else comes up and just starts talking right over our conversation. So rude!
    Or worse, they walk up and whisper into the person’s ear that you are having a conversation with.

  18. When I’m in a mall and the people that work those little kiosks in the middle of the walk way yell out to me to get my attention to come try their latest and greatest. I ***HATE**** that!!!!! And then if I have to backtrack for something and only five minutes has passed and they yell out at me AGAIN. Gahhh!!! Oh, it makes me craaazzzzeeee!!!!

    One time I was exiting a store and a lady at the nearest kiosk walks over to me and hollers – give me your hand! Um, excuse me? Again she goes with the – give me your hand!! Oh my that was so rude! She had some kind of fake nails. I guess she wanted to slap one on me.

    I hate being yelled at when I shop.

    Yep, that’s my pet peeve.

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