November 6

I have had a picture in my inbox for a couple of days now.

I have hesitated to post it for a couple of reasons.

  1. It is poor photography
  2. It is scary.   Truly.   You might want to turn away.




Last chance…

I took this picture Monday, from my front porch.

It is the very first picture I have ever tried to take in the dark.

It is awful, I was fumbling in the dark trying to fiddle with my settings in pitch blackness.  The tripod should have been used.

But what I most wanted to say was, seriously Internet, I don’t care when you put up your Christmas lights.

Put them up in July for all I care, but please…please…please don’t turn them on till at least Thanksgiving.

Please don’t make me endure 2 whole months of Christmas lights.

Please don’t desensitize me to the wonderment of the Christmas season.

And stores…your killing me already with the music.   I just can not get Jingle Bell Rock out of my head now.

That is all.

PS.  I’d love some tips on how to take better night shots.

Dancin’ and prancin’ in jingle bell square…

In the frosty air…


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31 thoughts on “November 6”

  1. Daddy said the house down the alley past Terri’s has their tree & lights up. I agree with you…put them up when you have the time, but please wait until after Thanksgiving to light them…I,too, want to enjoy the wonderful Thanksgiving season. We need to take more time to be thankful for the wonderful blessings God has granted us…(whether we like or dislike the outcome of the election)we have so much to be thankful for! Not just Thanksgiving Day but everyday!

    Happy Thanksgiving Month! Enjoy those pilgrim, American Indian, cornicopia’s, flowers and turkey decortations:)!

  2. UGH…are they serious. Do you know these people? Are they eccentric? Will they have more lights up between now and Christmas? My sympathy to you ….

  3. Amen and amen. I totally agree with your Mom. Thanksgiving is so important and we (as a nation) tend to gloss over giving thanks for anything.

    On the way to early for Christmas front, as we were driving home from church on Sunday I saw a house were they had their Christmas tree up with the lights on. Are you kiding me? November 2nd and your Christmas tree is up with the lights on? Yikes!

  4. Sneak over in the night and cut the electricity to their lights. It is simply TOO EARLY to be having them lit.

    BTW- you inspired me to start my own blog. I don’t do pictures though, so mine isn’t as fun as yours.

  5. I love christmas, the lights, the music, the everything. But not in November.

    I would leave the shutter open for as long as you can. But I don’t know what kind of camera you have? Best of luck!

  6. We have a house in our neighborhood with Christmas lights up and on as well. The first night I saw it, I kinda blinked, looked again and tried to remember if they had been there before. I mean, no one in their right mind lights up their house yet, right? Sigh, I’m sad to see it’s not just this one person.

  7. I noticed Saturday while in Walmart that the christmas music was playing already. I’m all for celebrating a Holy holiday but thats not the reason for the music.$$$

    We seen a tree up and lit already too. I looked twice to make sure I was not just seeing things. But it was! Decorated with red, white,and blue!!!!

    Its truly sad how Thanksgiving is just brushed off.

  8. Thank God I live in a Mennonite community! People put up Christmas lights early because they’re interested in the commercial materialism. They have lost sight of the true meaning of the season. Christ’s birth has almost no meaning to many Americans today.

  9. I feel so sorry for people who work at Michaels and Walgreen this time of year. All the noisemakers. And that’s just the customers. 😉

    OK, night photos. The exposure is several seconds instead of a fraction of a second, so you definitely want a tripod. Put your camera on its night setting. And no flash.

  10. Oh sweet Lord! I HATE it when people start celebrating Christmas before we’ve done Thanksgiving. For pete’s sake! We put our decorations up after T-giving and although I’m already making some of my Christmas gifts, I just can’t get into it until I’ve eaten my turkey!

  11. I agree. But I come from a family where the tree went up on Christmas Evev & came down New Years Day.Personally I think the day after Thanksgiving is too soon to put up the tree but the stores had Christmas trees & decor out before Trick or Treat stuff.
    we have a lot of blow up snowmen & santas down here on our green grass. They no sooner take down the blow up halloween stuff before they put up the tacky Christmas inflatables a total waste of money in my opinion. They start at $50-90 just for the plain ones.
    It’s not that the photography was bad, it was the subject.

  12. Ugh! 🙄

    Bring on the lights if you must, just please, please, please don’t play Jingle Bell Rock….anything but that!

    You need a tripod or a monopod (a stick, broom handle, fence post, or whatever will work in a pinch). Can’t help you with your camera settings.

  13. Nothing goes up in our house until the town’s annual Christmas parade is held, near the end of November. The commercials and decorations starting pre-Halloween / Rememberance Day leave me nauseous.

  14. I love Christmas and the whole lead up to it. Hubby is going to try and put up our lights, white icicles, this weekend before he leaves on Tues. I will begin turning them on as soon as they are up. Since they are all white the brighten up the darkness that plagues Alaska.

    This is the data for us right now:

    Sunrise 8:43am

    Sunset 4:39pm

    We have around 8 hours of daylight and by the time Christmas hits we’ll be at about 5 hours. This can be very depressing for some people. Many cities have begun their light displays to help dispel the darkness.

    My tree does not go up until the day after Thanksgiving at the earliest and that is when I put the colored lights up in the house windows. The will also be when I switch from my fall decor to Christmas/winter decor.

    Now I just have to have the family dig out my Christmas movies. I’ve already begun wearing the winter clothes (sweaters w/winter – not Christmas – scenes and jewelry.

  15. Yes, definitely a tripod.

    Then, I’d try a long exposure with (I think) a very small aperture. The small aperture should make those Christmas lights twinkle and the slow exposure would brighten them. Again, this is just an idea. Not sure it would actually work.

    Heck, just get out there and try a bunch of different settings and see what you like!

  16. I took a night photo class about 10 years ago and the key is 1 – use a tripod and 2 – play around a lot with the settings. Another good tip is to use a remote shutter release or if you don’t have one use the delay setting in your camera. Even when you use a tripod it will shake the camera when you hit the shutter release. Ten years ago we were using film so playing around was a lot more expensive – now it is easy. The other nice thing to try with lights is different filters – you can get starlight filters and stuff to make it look cool.

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