I love my little house.

I truly do.

Especially the kitchen.

I love how bright and cheery it is.   I love that I have almost as much space as I want in there.   I love that I now have an island.

I heart my kitchen.

But, can someone please tell me why anyone in their right mind would put an outlet there?



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25 thoughts on “November2”

  1. That is for when you decorate for Christmas you can plug up a little tree. 🙂 As for the rest of they year, who knows. We have a plug behind our kitchen cabinets. We found it while replacing them. I keep saying that either a blind monkey or someone really drugged up built this house.

  2. They had a big ol’ clock that plugged in?

    I think they have clear outlet cover plates you could get that would let your wallpaper show through…if seeing it up there is bugging you.

  3. Hmmmm………..maybe they had some type of collectibles that sit on top of the cabinets and used the plug-in for the lighting of them. 🙂

    No idea!

  4. FIRST:–CC gets her camera back and promises pictures and we GET THIS??!!

    I an thinking one of 2 things:-motel-style up-high TV so it’s out of the way of cooking and you can still get that sports-bar feel we all loooove in our kitchens? OR The guy installing that light by the windows needed a hole to use for pulling the wire—then he put an outlet there since the wire and hole were there already–quicker and easier than a patch-PLUS a patch would look like you made a mistake-and that would NEVER happen.

    I heart your kitchen too–I want that live-in chef (complete with uniform!)feature it has!!

  5. Yeah, that is a pretty strange place. Like the others said it must have been for some type of collectible or clock.

    I’ve got a outlet halfway up the wall in the basement. I’ve never figured out what that was for.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  6. crazy dumb knick knacks that need electricity. and then look stupid.
    I can’t wait to have my own kitchen… hunting takes forever and a weekend….

  7. You could, if you have extra wallpaper, cover the plate with wallpaper and you have the perfect cover 🙂
    But, you’ve said you have a clock over it…so guess you don’t need to cover…lol.

    Have a lovely sunday evening.

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