November 1

Trick or Treating (if your a girl) is about 2 things.

1. The dress

2. The candy

When I was a little girl, (1977) my most favorite Halloween costume was one that my mother made.   It was a Cinderella dress, and I felt like a million bucks.

For the girl, it was all about the dress.  The poofy skirt that swished around her legs in a princessy/girly way.

Trick or Treating (if your a guy) is all about 2 different things.

1.  Being a hero

2.  The candy

(I don’t think he got the memo)

For Superman, since he is already a hero, it was all about being a Secret Agent.

For the boy, it was all about ‘I have to dress up because Subway said I did, so I am wearing my chef’s uniform’.

For me, the chaufeur, it was all about how much chocolate I was going to get.

This year, I got it all. (Minus the one fun size Almond Joy that the Chefboy got)

Regardless of whether or not your kiddos did/do/don’t trick-or-treat, there is always tons of candy floating around this time of year.

So, do/did you steal take obscound borrow eat any of your kiddos candy when they weren’t looking?



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25 thoughts on “November 1”

  1. Ummm..Yeah! Are you kidding me? If I didn’t help them they would be eating candy until Easter. So, I think that it is my duty as their mother to help them. It is a very difficult job, but we moms sometimes have to do difficult things.

  2. You are so right about the costumes. My daughter has been a princess or a fairy every halloween she has been able to talk – before that I got to choose. lol My oldest boy like wizards and that stuff but my youngest last year was a power ranger and this year wanted to be batman. They both ended up being vampires but my oldest want to be sure it wasn’t a scarey vampire. As far as stealing their candy, their dad was shaking them down as they trick or treated. Me? I took one lonely fun size almond joy from my youngest after every one was alseep. lol

  3. My boys are too old for trick or treat, so the Great Pumpkin visits us. I always leave my bag sitting out so it will get filled. Ummmmm chocolate!!!

  4. I eat it when they ARE looking. At least half of it is mine, since I bought the costume and got them dressed and took them around the neighborhood and acted as their personal security guard. Etc. So yeah, they each end up “sharing” at least half with mommy. ; )

  5. lol….only my youngest went trick or treating, and being the youngest of 3 boys, he has hidden his candy. 😦 Not only has he hidden it, but he has “decoy” bags around his room, full of legos and socks, should someone decide to snoop.

  6. No candy here. Well, except for the yucky kind that my son is going to make and edible cell out of.

    Who is the blonde beauty in the fourth picture. She’s a looker! ROTFL

  7. Waycross is a really bad place to Trick or Treat. We got maybe 50 pieces of candy total…including two fall festivals! It’s okay…it’s not like we really NEED the candy, right?

  8. I didn’t have to steal, er I mean, um, borrow candy from my girls this year – they shared it willingly! While we trick-or-treated and the next morning as they surveyed the goods, they kept running to give me candy! Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant? 😀

  9. Cute costumes by the way….but noe, we didn’t steal their candy since they didn’t get any sort of. But Randy hit the after the holiday chocolate sale where everything is reduced at least 50%.

    I now have approximately 60 LBS of chocolate m&m’s,ghirardelli,3 LB tombstone and miniature dark chocolate candy bars sitting on my table. He is thinking that should at least get he and Colleen through to the next major chocolate holiday. (Valentine’s Day? ) I am guessing that should get them through to Mother’s Day of Next year!! I took a picture of the table. I will have to post it in the blog.

  10. We had a nice neighbor they were able to um steal borrow from….she is elderly and only bought candy to have them help her pass it out and then gave it all to them… 🙂

  11. We went to a party with a huge bag to share but the kids had already gone treating through the rooms of the lodge where the party was so our bag was a free for all!! I came home with nothing!! Am I sad, NO.

    We rarely get any trick or treaters, in 18 Halloweens in this house we have had maybe 25 kids show up total. So we always buy the BIG bags at Costco that has stuff in it that we like, that way the left overs are candy we like. This year it was all gone and we have nothing. 😀

  12. Wow! This post is replete with gender stereotypes. I’m so glad this isn’t true for all girls and boys!! There are many girls who prefer to be heroes (or “heroines” if you want to give a different word ending based on gender) or wear costumes not involving dresses and overly pinkish colors. I was an example of that. I dressed as a boy for one Halloween, as a ghost for another, and as a monster for another. Not all boys want to dress as heroes either. I wish we could stop enforcing all of these stereotypes. I know you know that all girls and boys are NOT divided like that, but could you please reflect that knowledge and awareness more in your posts? Wow. We’re in the year 2008 and still spouting out stereotypes as if they were true….just like cleaning commercials.

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