October 31

Rejoice with me Internet.

My beloved precious camera arrived yesterday, and it works.


Tomorrow I will have pictures to share.

Cousin Jerry sent me an email saying…

I have a suggestion for your “nosy Friday” post- if you haven’t done it
all ready. Ask people about the restaurants, places and other “must see”
things that they’ve encountered on their travels. We just came back from
Williamsburg and while we were there we didn’t know where to start. Now
that we’ve been there, we could offer suggestions. Just a thought.
So, today’s Nosy question comes straight from Jerry.
What are some “must see” places you have been durning your vacations or travels that if someone were to go there, you’d suggest they go?

OH, and Jerry, now is the time to tell us all about Williamsburg!

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  1. The Belle Meade plantation just outside Nashville, TN, and ride the Incline Tram in Pittsburg to the top of the hill, walk one block to the ice cream store at the top of the hill.

  2. I’m with Applie. If you’re going to Manila or Buenos Aires or Phuket, I’m your girl. It’s all on my blog. Of course, I have more domestic suggestions but I’m just not sure what people would be interested to read about!

  3. …Oh if ever in Missouri one must visit historic Hermann, Missouri. A quaint, charming, historic German town nestled in the hills of Missouri’s wine country. Not only can you visit a 19th century winery for a wine tasting or better yet, a bottle of wine, you can visit their authentic and original stone cellars. And if you’ve had a little too much wine you can stay in an antiques filled bed and breakfast set along the river’s edge and visit many restaurants and antique shops the next day… :o)


  4. There’s a lot on my blog, but I will say that if you’re ever in Charleston, go eat lunch at Poogan’s Porch. The food is excellent and your kids get to say “Poogan!” over and over again and giggle into their napkins.

    Next time I’m leaving them in the hotel room.

  5. I’m glad NIkon fixed your camera this time!

    Do you want must-sees in DC or KC, must-sees in Germany, Paris, or London? must-sees in Alaska, must-sees in Branson, must-sees in Destin? How about must-sees in Minot, North Dakota? LOL, ok there aren’t any in Minot, although we lived in a haunted A-frame house. OH, and how could I forget the must-sees in Memphis?! Oh, because Memphis stinks and you’ll need a armed guard.

  6. Well, the Farmer and I do alot of adventure travel. He thinks he’s Indiana Jones. I’ve kind of made a mental list of the top ten places to see before you die and number one is:

    the Mayan Temples at Tikal in Guatemala.

    Truly one of the seven wonders of the world, Tikal is a magical complex deep in the rainforest. If you have the nerve to climb Temple Five you are treated to the most breathtaking view. The main temples rise in the distance, soaring above the steamy jungle canopy. Howler monkeys and birds provide the appropriate sound track.

    Or how about a thatched hut casita in Belize, on an island with no roads? Heaven on earth.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  7. Where do I start. Williamsburg; One MUST should be stopping at The Chickahominy House for breakfast. You won’t eat the rest of the day. Three kinds of meat (Virginia Ham Co.), grits, eggs, meat gravies and the most unusual buttermilk bisquets I ever saw (they were flat). All prepared the old colonial way. Lots of flavor. Next, dinner at the River’s Inn (bring some money). You’ll learn what “She Crab Soup” is. Next, the Jamestown settlement. Go see the dig site. They will probably be digging. They said it is the most artifact- rich dig site in the world. Sixty miles south east is a restaurant (you can see where my heart is!) called “Docks Inn” where the seafood comes straight out of the water into the frying pan. Recommended by the locals. And, between the eating places, you might as well take in a little history while you’re there. There is a LOT of that! If you’re in Boston, there is a place called the “No Name” restaurant located right on the pier that serves seafood (no seasoning!) right off the boat. I can only speak for the fried seafood platter that I got 20 years ago, but, that was the BEST seafood I,ve EVER had in my life!! The oysters just exploded with flaver! I could’t tell you what else I was eating, but I didn’t care. People seem to either love it or hate it, nothing in between. Don’t go if your expecting ambience. It’s just a wharehouse. Best go here for lunch. Locals swear by it. You’ll see anyone from hippies to CEO’s eating lunch there. And, don’t worry about the seeming rudeness of the wait staff. The whole city of Boston is rude. I have more, but space limits.

  8. Thought of one more. In 1976, a group of 6 of us went to Yellowstone Nat. Park. About 200 miles east of there we ran across a willow lined oasis in the platto the indians named “Ten Sleep”(ten sleeps to Yellowstone). There were about 12 houses and no one in site…that is, until lunch time. The cowboys came in from every direction and filled up a little house in the middle of town(if you could call it a town) that had been converted to a small eatery. They had tables in the living room, the kitchen and, I wouldn’t have been suprised to find a table in front of the john. They served us the biggest pile of food I’ve ever seen. Those cowboys can really put it away! Then for dessert, I kid you not, they served a whole forth of a pie with icecream! The tip we left was bigger than the bill. Those cowboys had to carry us tenderfoots out to the car (I kid, but it was a tough walk)! I learned that the REAL meaning of the town’s name was that it will be Ten Sleeps before you can eat again. I would love to know if that place is still there.

  9. Here in Alaska I would say that you must see one of our many glaciers – they can run from the price of gas to drive to them and possibly hike a mile or two all the way to $100+ to take a ferry or plane to one.

    Mt. McKinnley, again it can be seen up close for the price of gas to get there, hundreds of $$ to fly there or just time it right with the weather and you can see it from Anchorage.

    As for restaurants – Guidos Pizzas and subs, Gwennies in Spenard, and the Road Runner – in Anchorage. In the Valley we have high end like Alpine Garden and Grill and low end with Mat-Su Family or the Noisy Goose.

    Hatcher Pass in the Valley is a beautiful place and has Independence Mine.

  10. Almost forgot! In toledo there is a place made famous by the character “Klinger” on the TV show “M.A.S.H.”. The restaurant is called Tony Packo’s. They specialize in polish sausages, sourkrout, etc. The food is ok, but the most fascinating thing to see is the number of autographed hot dog buns(real buns!) mounted on the wall. The shear number of them is staggering. It would be easier to name the famous people who AREN’T represented by signed hot dog buns. To appreciate the history surrounding Tony Packo’s, it’s better to see the original place on the far east side.

  11. I just returned from OKC with my class. You must, of course, go to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. It is truly a wonderful memorial to those who lost their lives that terrible April day. We also went to the Kirkpatrick Center (science exploration museum), great for young and old. My students loved it and so did I. We also went to the zoo.
    A place I have also taken classes is the OKC Art Museum which is a very nice museum and the Cowboy Hall of Fame. Bricktown is a cook place and they have trolleys, etc down there to ride.
    OKC is a great place if you want a reasonably priced vacation.

  12. You like to eat don’t you Jerry. If you are in Springfield and can’t make it to my house for lunch, try Colliers Family Restaurant on the hill above the mall. Great food, nice atmosphere, and nice people. Glad your baby made it back home, Tanya.

  13. Sisterfriend, lemme tell ya, you ever get to Portland, MA, you HAVE TO GO TO Walter’s Cafe. They have the most creative, yet down to earth chefs. Awesome awesome food!

    You make it to Noank, CT, must go to Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough. Lobster dinner, on the water, at a picnic table. It’s an experience.

    Morton’s Steakhouse, in any city, also not to be missed.

    Plataforma Churrascurria in NYC – meat meat and more meat. Great stuff.

    Carmine’s. New York. Family style Italian. Need I say more?

  14. Ask people about the restaurants, places and other “must see” things that they’ve encountered on their travels. We just came back from Williamsburg and while we were there we didn’t know where to start.

  15. We have eaten at Lambert’s Cafe in Missouri twice. It is the “Home of Throwed Rolls”. You know, that restaurant where you have to wait an hour or more to be seated and then they throw the rolls at you when you want one! When we were there in October, my sister got one right smack in the side of her face! (It was great) I mean awful as it was hot and buttery (hee hee hee) There’s enough food for an army and they also bring around buckets of fried okra, fried potatoes and onions (and there was something else that day but I can’t remember what) If you leave there hungry it is your own fault. What a fun experience. Our cute teenage waiter kept saying, “Anyone want to feel my buns??” before he’d throw a roll. I thought it was funny; but my dh failed to see the humor in that. Ah well…a dining experience that everyone going through Missouri should schedule into their trip.

  16. Oh man. What my mom said up there is about what I would say. Perks of the military is seeing some pretty amazing things.
    Alaska- was landing on a glacier. Although I was so sick and barely made it up there.
    North Dakota- took a trip to the Peace Gardens
    Wyoming- the good lookin cowboys….Uh, I mean our weekend ski trips to Snowy Range! 🙂
    London- What’s not to love about that city? Mind the Gap Please…
    Germany- The small shack looking food vendors. They do serve the best Doner Kebabs ever! Feel free to go google that anyone.
    Poland- Why any store selling pottery of course.
    We also traveled to Switzerland and the beauty there is just…well there are just no words for it.
    San Antonio- The Riverwalk. It’s pretty, it’s lively and it’s fun.
    And here in boring Kansas, I haven;t done much traveling with three small boys. We made it to the Omaha Zoo which got two thumbs up from the family. Only one from me because I have been to some pretty amazing zoos.
    Oh yeah, Florida… Disney World! Or the area we lived in of the Gulf Coast. Very pretty.

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