October 30

Good grief, where did October go?

Every morning, Monday through Friday, the girl and I go out for exercise.

It has been rather chilly of late, (30ΒΊ) so early in the morning. (7:30am)

I, being the Queen of DeNile, not wanting to acknowledge that winter is on its way, throw on a pair of gloves, grab my walking stick (thank you Ginger) and am on my merry way.

The girl, however, is a different story.

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21 thoughts on “October 30”

  1. it looks very cold to me πŸ™‚
    i keep telling myself to get up and go walking before work in the morning…alas it has not happened and now i too, have the cold weather to deal with. it was a mere 34 degrees this morning at 7 am.

  2. Wasn’t the Girl worried someone might think she was a terrorist bomber? She would fit right in if she were in Afganastan. (I feel your pain with the knees!)

  3. My twin! I do the very same thing. Meanwhile, my husband is saying loudly, “It’s almost seventy degrees out — you can take off the head gear.”

    No way, man.

    It’s cooooold out there.


  4. I find this year I am already dreading the cold weather. I’ve had to wear a coat three times already and I, who LOVES snow and could never wait for it to come, am thinking maybe retirement in a warm state would be good!Oh my we still have several years left before retiremnet…Guess I will just hybernate:)

  5. Good for you that you get out, come rain or come shine or come cold! Even 1/2 mile is better than nothing!
    Now, how about that “how I save on cleaning supplies” post!?!? πŸ™‚

  6. I saw on the news you were getting cold weather. We consider 50 freezing here in FL so in 30 I would look just like the girl. Except I probably would stay inside by the fire:)

  7. My silly children are the exact opposite. Yesterday my 5yr old cutie wore her flip flops out to play even though it was only in the mid 50s. Hopefully by the time she is the Girl’s age she’ll have more sense. πŸ™‚

  8. Queen of DeNile…yup I know that. I walk every day, or try too along a seaside canal with very cold breezes. The canal is 7 miles one way, I’m lucky if I can do two miles. It’s hard with the wind torture, but afterwards you really feel like a whole new person.

  9. She looks ready for the cool weather. She will have to come visit us when we get to California. In the winter, you can shovel snow in the morning and go surfing in the afternoon!!!

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