12 thoughts on “October 26”

  1. Any other Saturday I would have been watching my youngest play, but we had a bye this weekend. I’m one of those moms who have no life during football season. I have two boys playing (at different times with different practice schedules) and I am honestly counting down the days until we can be a “real” family again and actually have time at home after school instead of rushing to practice or a game. On the plus side, I am finally learning what football is all about.

  2. How could I be watching football when I was baking that apple cake. I overbaked it that is; therefore, it tastes much better today than it did yesterday. I don’t know how yours lasted three days (four?) as ours won’t be her tomorrow.

  3. I used to watch football when I was much younger, dating a football player and avid fan, but I just don’t have the desire anymore.
    I did, however, take my kids to the homecoming football game a few weeks ago. My son loved the game, my daughter thought the cheerleaders/dancers were fun to watch. I just wanted to go home and get in nice warm jammies.

  4. Yes I watched football for a while. When Ohio State plays yes you watch football. Also having been in band for 5 years you learn to either like football or be bored out of your mind. So I chose to like football. Then again what else is there??? lol O H I O we love our bucks!

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