October 24

Yesterday, my kid sister and I were chatting on the phone, and she was telling me how her husband “rigged” their rotting bathroom floor with…license plates.

Yes, internet, license plates.

I can not really say much because one of the arms on my umbrella style clothes line is “rigged” with a ½ ” metal pole and duct tape.   It has been like that all summer.

My laundry sorter is “fixed” with the same duct tape.


It is Friday, and I am nosy.

Is there anything “rigged” at your house?  and who “rigged” it?


What is the most ridiculous “rigging” you have every seen or done?


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  1. Our dog doesn’t like the lawnmower so he chewed the bag that goes on it, my husband has put duct tape on the hole until we can buy a new one.

  2. When Madison was a baby, I bought a used baby bed. When we lived in Northern Indiana, she was taking a nap and one end of the bed just FELL and she came sliding out on it mattress and all…guess what? She stayed asleep. LOL Anyway, I duct taped her baby bed together. It never fell again. 🙂

  3. Where shall I begin? In my old apartment, the floor of the bedroom was 1 1/2 inches higher than the floor in the bathroom. Obviously someone didn’t plan ahead. Then the bathroom door didn’t open all the way because the sink was in the way. Didn’t plan that very well either.
    I used to call them Filipino Fixes when I lived in Manila. Sounds like they’re all over the world, we just call them by different names!

  4. Our lawn mower had to be rigged to start it. The guys here do all the mowing-gets them out of pulling weeds in the garden. So I had no clue how they were starting it til this summer when I watched the 20 yrs old do the thing. Oh my goodness did I have a fit. Our lawn did not get mowed for about 3 weeks til the mower was fixed properly.

  5. You should see one of my husband’s old farm trucks. The door handle broke on the inside broke. He used some kind of wrench or something and rigged it in there so he can open the door. LOL!

    That entire truck is rigged! LOL! I won’t even ride in it! LOL!

  6. Speaking of words like “fixed” and “rigged”, I once made the mistake of looking my name up in the Webster’s Dictionary. And, it said; “Hastily made and of bad material; as in ‘jerry built'”. That explains a lot. The most rediculous “jerrying” I’ve done is using a C-clamp to hold a broken tie-rod on my truck together until I could get home. I could be on the “Red Green” show.

  7. I love all of your food photography…

    I’m married to an engineer…he fixes things…you can read about him on my blog…

    His latest repair is to my oven door…he drilled new holes for the handle…put some big bolts in…covered the old holes with white duct tape…caulked around the handle…on my oven door…!

  8. My broom is rigged with duct tape. It’s quite the look and does not inspire me to use it any more than I must. I’d be interested to know in exactly what capacity the license plates were used. It might give me some ideas.

  9. My son-in-law used a staple gun to tack the headliner back up to the ceiling in his car. It had fallen down on him while driving.

  10. I recently used Gorilla tape to patch a mesh laundry basket. My hubby and I are both types that will use dowels, tape, glue, staples, etc to “fix” things. The worst one I’ve seen? Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I don’t know, but last night my brother showed me how he “fixed” his glasses with a staple and pliers. 😀

  11. HA HA HA HA HA HA …..my entire house is a construction zone. The Other Mother (MIL) takes the cake for rigging things. She continues to believe that you can glue metal together. I’m thinking it takes a welder but she continues to apply glue to the handle of a fireplace tool. She then wrapped it in masking tape which promptly glued itself to the metal. It’s an ugly mess I tell you.

    OK, license plates on the floor would be an improvement in my master bath, otherwise known and the “ghetto spa”.

    – Suzanne

  12. One good thing about getting older and not remembering a lot of things would fit here. I really can’t remember things being rigged, but I know that they have been and probably with duct tape.

    Your dad ususally does fix things but I know things have been rigged first. I JUST CAN’T REMEMBER HOW!!!!!!

    Maybe he can reply and let you know.

    I guess it means the Roberts has the license to fix the floor now!LOL

  13. I just thought of one that takes the cake. When my brother was ready to take his driver’s license test, he needed a car to drive. Mine was the only one available that day, but I was right in the middle of replacing the floor and rocker panel on the drivers side. So, we placed a carpet over the hole and went for the test. The police officer went to get in the car (see it coming?) and promptly stepped right thru the floor on to the ground. His face did one of those slow burns to beet red and he gave us one of the WORST chewing outs I ever heard! He said, “Git that thing off the road right now before I throw you BOTH in jail!!!”. My Dad said,”What were you THINKING!!!”. I guess we were hoping he would miss the hole and not notice.

  14. My FIL is the king of “rigging”

    He tied fishing line to the button over his shirt pocket and then to his pen so it wouldn’t keep falling out when he bent over.

    He wore out the soles of some really ugly really old knit slippers – so he cut carpet under pad to fit and glued that to the bottom!

    We built him an in-law apt in our basement last year – when he moved in he wanted to attach a garbage bag holder to the inside of the kitchen cabinet – my DH told he couldn’t screw into the brand spanking new oak cabinet doors….so what did he do? He glued a pc of 2X4 to the inside and then screwed into that!

  15. With a husband like I have, that kind of stuff goes on all the time. It is a normal thing around here. I’ll have to think about it. He would work on equipment at his job and got them to work. After awhile signs showed up saying “This equipment was Goodrigged.” LOL

    Now, he would not put license plates down on a rotten floor. LOL

  16. I’m married to a mechanic who used to do construction work. Therefore there is a lot of “rigging”, “fixing” going on around here. He told me the other night how he had to use chains to hold an axle together on a truck/rig up north so that it could be driven back to the shop from a drill site for repair. He couldn’t do the work there due to the need to weld and it being an oil drill site – dangerous situation to be sure.

    Being that I live in the Duct Tape Usage Capital of the World we use it for everything. Bibles are repaired with it, rust holes on vehicles and the list goes on….

    When a leg on our couch broke hubby got some 2×4 pieces and screwed them into the frame – this is a 1970s couch 😛

    Like Cousin Jerry, hubby’s Mustang has rusting floorboards but since he was having to commute with it at the time he just welded sheet metal on and put the mats back in place. The sheet metal is at least 1/8″ thicker than the rest of the floorboard.

  17. Our friend, Mike, had a hole in his gas tank. We all know how dangerous and time-consuming it is to weld a gas tank, so he rigged it.

    With bubble-gum.

    It lasted 3 years.

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  19. Everything at my house is rigged. I could own the duct tape company by now. I have recently rigged my water pipes under the mobile home with said tape. It is working.

  20. My dear H is many wonderful things, but not very handy. The oil burner restart button kept clicking and clicking so he rigged a broom to keep it pressed in by wedging it. When I had the oil burner man come in he took pictures just so he could take it home to his Father and they could laugh about it.

  21. You should see my new coffee grinder. I have rigged it so that I do not have to hold the button down to grind coffee, the rig holds the button down. That was necessary too because the nutty designer put a pointy knot on the button and it hurts the finger to hold it down. @@

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