October 22

Dear Nikon,

I want my camera back.

It is Autumn now, and the trees have almost all turned.   Most of them have lost their leaves already.   I wanted to take some pictures of pretty trees with red and orange and yellow leaves, not barren sticks.

I want my camera back.





Impatient in Pothole, Ohio


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14 thoughts on “October 22”

  1. I want you to have your camera also. I miss the pictures. I want to see your street and the orange house. What is happening with the remodeled house? Got snow yet? Where are your kids? Pictures, we want pictures!

  2. you STILL don’t have it back?

    Oh wait … this is the second go around, right?

    I sent mine off … on the 8th… am I doomed to miss Thanksgiving ? No camera on Thanksgiving? Not good.

  3. I’m not liking your experience with this camera and it’s repair issues. My Nikon D70 (now about 4 years old) is having issues with data on the memory card. ARRRGGGH. I’m relying on my old trusty steed, my Fuji Finepix which is a workhorse.

    Hope you get that camera back soon. Go rattle a cage.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. Yep…this is my second go-round.

    I wrote them a nice little letter saying that if they didn’t fix it, I wanted a new one.

    Naomi~~you should have yours back by Thanksgiving. At least I hope you will.

  5. I am so sorry that you’ve had such problems with your Nikon…I’ve had mine for over a year and (knock on wood) I haven’t had a single problem. As a matter of fact, I was just thinking that it seemed too good to be true.

    I hope you get your camera back soon! I know it must feel like an eternity. I carry my camera EVERYWHERE with me – it’s just something I don’t leave home without. Ya’ know?

  6. I’ll be praying that your letter crosses with the camera in the mail and that any day now you’ll be telling us that it has arrived home once again – only this time in perfect running order.


  7. Over heard at the camera shop where your camera is undergoing psyco-therapy;
    Doc: This is the second time I’ve seen you this year. What’s wrong?
    Nikon: Doc! You’ve gotta help me! I’m suffering a real identity Crisis! I can’t even remember if I’m a Nikon or a Yashua! Just before this latest breakdown, I got so confused. One minute they were smiling at me and the next minute they were sticking their toungue out at me! Oh Doc, I’m so confused! You don’t know what it’s like to be a modern camera! People don’t realize we cameras have FEELINGS! We have brains, now! They stand in front of us and make the silliest faces! One minute it’s strawberry shortcake, the next minute they’re pointing a crossbow at me!! I tell ya, Doc, I just can’t take it any more!! I don’t know if they love me or hate me!! Ya gotta help me, Doc!! If I don’t get back to my owner soon, SHE’LL need therapy!! Ohhhh… the PRESSURE, Doc!!
    HELP ME!!!
    Doc; I can see why you are so upset. I think we can fix you. We’ll just re-load your software and you won’t remember a thing. You’ll be as good as a new camera. And, we’ll fit you up with a rose colored lens just for good measure.
    Nikon: Oh THANKS, Doc!! I feel alot better now!
    CC, I think you’ll be getting your camera back soon.

  8. I type “choc” in my browser, and you magically appear.
    The comfort I get from these pages is palpable.
    Like a Tollhouse cookie dunked in AE milk at the kitchen table.
    I want my mom to be able to hug me again.
    I bet you’re a really great mom.
    You have no idea who I am or how you help me.
    But I wanted to say thanks.

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