October 21


Every since I was little, I have always been afraid of pumpkins.   That whole cutting off the top and sticking your hand into some dark, slimy, mysterious place that your hands really shouldn’t go.


As a teen, the parents stopped doing the whole carving pumpkin thing, so I was off the hook for the longest time, but then I began to have children.

And the children began to want to carve pumpkins.

And Superman began to work 2 jobs.

And I began to have to cut tops off and stick my hands into dark, slimy, mysterious places that they didn’t belong.

Oh, the things parents do for their children.


Today’s TWD is Pumpkin Muffins, and it was Kelly from Sounding My Barbaric Gulp’s turn to pick our recipe.

I didn’t change much in this recipe.

I substituted mini chocolate chips for the raisins, because I like raisins in my baked goods about as much as I like sticking my hand in a pumpkin.

I also candied the sunflower seeds for the topping.

These muffins are hearty, moist, and good.

If you’d like to make these great muffins, you’ll find the recipe at Kelly’s blog.

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38 thoughts on “October 21”

  1. I’m the complete opposite of you! I love carving pumpkins. Love sticking my hand in all the gooey goodness a pumpkin has to offer.

    Of course I will try these muffins as I like eating pumpkin goodies too!

  2. I was sooooo sure, coming on your blog this morning… I would find chocolate chips in those pumkin muffins!
    But the best… is your protraying of the pumkin carving! LOL LOL Thank goodness for you, it’s not Halloween everyday! LOL
    Great job… especially great pics!

  3. Oh, it’s so true, the things parents do for their children… =) For me, yesterday, it was taking my 5yo shoe shopping after work so she wouldn’t spend the whole week getting more blisters on her heels from the sneakers that are getting too small, even though I totally felt like crap. (Did that make any sense? I’m still not feeling that great.) Great looking muffins–I love the sugar on top. =)

  4. OMW…candied the sunflower seeds for the top???? You are just playing on a whole other playing field…WOW. I know how to do that…I could have done that…did I even once think of anything so wonderful? No because I do not possess a creative bone in my body…which is why I can’t wait to get over here each week and see a master at work! Your photos and food are outstanding. I so wanna be you when I grow up. Extra diamonds in your tiara for carving those pumpkins with the kids!

  5. I was hoping you would include the recipe for the candied seeds on top?!! Your muffins look delish and even the plain pumpkin in the first photo looks yummy. Your photos are just that good!

  6. You know, I really hate sticking my hands in a pumpkin, too. I encourage pumpkin painting rather than carving. I probably only have a year or two before that no longer cuts it for the kiddos. Thankfully, we could use canned pumpkin for this one! Your muffins look beautiful — love the candied sunflower seeds!

  7. I’m just like you when it comes to sticking my hand in that pumpkin mess. Yuk. But I do love the finished look of a great carved jack-o-lantern! Your muffins look divine, and of course they had to have chocolate in them! You are my kind of cook. 🙂

  8. That was quite a…um, descriptive vision of carving pumpkins. That’s why canned pumpkin was invented, and plastic pumpkins that don’t require cleaning out!!

  9. It must be the princess in you who doesn’t like putting her hands in a dark and icky pumpkin. 😉 I love the candied sunflower seeds; your muffins look delicious!

  10. My internet decided to give me trouble as I was trying to reply here. 😦

    I’m not a fan of pumpkin though I have discovered that when mixed with chocolate it can be quite good. Especially when in a bread like food.

    Good for you about carving the pumpkins. I let hubby do that with the kids though now they are old enough to do them for themselves if they want to that is.

  11. Wowie!! Candied seeds. Chocolate chips. What could be better than that. Yours look fantastic. And your pics are fabulous! Thanks for visiting me.

  12. Yeah! Pumpkin. You know how much I love the stuff, how orange my skin is from it at this very moment 🙂

    Tim always carves the pumpkins with the kids, but somehow I always end up with the scooping out the goopy insides, cleaning the seeds, and then throwing them away some months later when they have been forgotten about.

    I would have kept the raisins in and still added the choco chips. Butterscotch chips would be good, also.

  13. I love to clean out the pumpkins! My husband wouldn’t know where to start! I like the idea of chocolate chips instead of raisins…that must have been very tasty. You take beautiful pictures!

  14. Halloween is not a big thing in Australia at all. I have never been trick or treating and that’s not unusual at all! I’ve been to one Halloween party but they only put one on for the sake of a party- not Halloween!

    I love the idea of candied sunflower seeds!

  15. Boooooo…..spooky places. Pumpkin muffins go to happy tummies though. haha. Great Post and you still take good photos. At least you have a camera that works. So, maybe the happy camera gooks will bring back your beloved camera really soon. Happy happy happy!

  16. Ohh, Your muffins look fabulous!!! I love the idea of a sticky nut topping! Your pictures are wonderful as always. I hope your camera will be fixed soon. I know how I’d feel if mine were broken, in the meantime the camera you are using does a fabulous job!

  17. I hate cooked raisins, too. But I’ve found a great substitute – Craisins. You can get them in big bags at Sam’s. Every time I substitute them, I get complements on my cooking. I usually chop them up some, as they’re bigger than raisins.

    Have a great day!

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