October 19

Thanksgiving day.



Driving a Chevy Astro van, with Missouri tags.

Pulling a trailer with Oklahoma tags.

Mom, dad, and then fiancee along for the ride.

Clueless about a loaded shot gun under the back seat.

Red flashing lights in the rear view mirror.

First speeding ticket.

I’ll never forget the embarrassment of being pulled over in front of my fiancee, or the fact that I had to walk to the cruiser andΒ  I was barefoot and the ground was cold, or the fact that I oh, so snarkily told him to have a Happy Thanksgiving after he handed me my ticket, or the relief in my dad’s voice as he told me about the gun.

If you have, how old were you when you got your first one?


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22 thoughts on “October 19”

  1. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket, but I did get one for running a red light. I was 20 and I was still convinced my dad would kill me/take away my car. He just laughed at me. I bawled in front of the police officer.

  2. Gotten a speeding ticket??? HA HA HA HA HA….Remember, I’m the Farmer’s Wife, the one with a need for speed, the one that owned muscle cars including a Chevelle SS396, two Camaro’s, a Corvette and a partridge in a pear tree.

    The answer is yes. But I’m so old that I can’t even remember the first one.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  3. About 15 years ago.I would have been 46 years old. I was on my way to church with Mom. We were singing and the faster the song the faster the car went. I went to court and didn’t get a fine or anything. Boy, was I relieved. That is bad when the mom gets a ticket and her two boys have never gotten one. Maybe they learned from my mistake.

  4. Never so far for me. I’ve only been driving for 7 years, so I’m sure I’ll do something wrong someday. On the other hand… one of my great-grandmas drove for over 70 years and never had a single ticket or accident. Something to strive for. I don’t count the time I hit the family suburban with the tractor. πŸ˜€

  5. I was 16 and had only had my license for maybe a month. PLUS I was sneaking out of town to see a boy! LOL! Isnt it funny how you ALWAYS get caught!
    THat was 12 years ago and I have not had a ticket since. I learned my lesson! LOL

  6. Never a speeding ticket, however a few years ago when I was still young and stupid (oh, wait, I still am) I got a ticket for running a red light. I DO NOT MAKE A HABIT OF THIS! And thank God it was two am and there were no people around. To make matters worse, though, I had no insurance OR registration. The ticket was $1200!! which, luckily, the judge later reduced to $250. Maybe ’cause he realized just how young and stupid I was?

  7. I have never gotten a ticket for speeding, but I have been pulled over twice for speeding. One time I had on my scrubs and the officer thought I was on my way to work at the hospital (I was 17 and worked for an opthamologist) The second time, I had a repairman waiting at my home, but I had left some information he needed elsewhere, so I drove to pick it up and was in a hurry to get home since he was in my home alone. I’m hoping my kids are too young to remember that one. But I didn’t get a ticket in either case.
    What I have gotten a ticket for was running a yellow-turning red light. And that officer insulted me by commenting on my weight.

  8. Yes I have I was 19 and heading out of town. Of course I didn’t learn my lesson because I have had a total of 4. But since getting old lol I have slowed down drastically.

  9. I’ve never had one! Like Aunt Sandy up there, I am a ‘slow’ driver, preferring to stay right at or under the speed limit.

    Boring boring – that’s me! :mrgreen:

  10. I was probably about 20 or 21. I didn’t get my license until I was 20 though. It was Labor Day weekend so the “Storm Troupers” were out in force. There was a speed trap outside of Wooster and I was on my way to my cousin’s wedding. Luckily we did make it to the wedding on time.

  11. No speeding tickets, but I have been pulled over twice. Once because I swerved while I was reaching for something (guess they were hoping I was drunk!) and once for not fully stopping at a stop sign. I only got a warning for that. Although I claim to this day that I did not do the “California roll”! I have unfortunately been in 6 accidents. Two were my fault, three the other person’s, and one was a toss-up.

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