October 18

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Sweetest Day is an observance celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes region and parts of the Northeast United States on the third Saturday in October.

The origin of Sweetest Day is frequently attributed to candy company employee Herbert Birch Kingston as an act of philanthropy. However, Bill Lubinger, a reporter for The Plain Dealer, contends that “Dozens of Cleveland’s top candy makers concocted the promotion 84 years ago and it stuck, although it never became as widely accepted as hoped.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s October 8, 1921 edition, which chronicles the first Sweetest Day in Cleveland, states that the first Sweetest Day was planned by a committee of 12 confectioners chaired by candymaker C. C. Hartzell.

I insist that the Chocolatechic house celebrate this ‘holiday’ every year, because it is another reason to celebrate chocolate.

So join me in the celebration.   Go surprise your sweetie and get them some chocolate, of course making sure that you get some too.


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  1. Happy Sweetest Day to the Chocolatechic household. You are all sooooooooooo sweet. Your Uncle Jim woke up with a case of cellulitis in his leg this morning, so instead of chocolates, he is going to get a new prescription, which cost a lot more than chocolate!!!!Love ,hugs, and kisses to all.

  2. Happy belated Sweetest Day! My hubby is never home for Sweetest Day. Maybe I should have texted him “Happy Sweetest Day Deary”? hmmmmm. Guess I could do a belated one. 😀

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