October 17

It is Friday, and I am nosy.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you of my secret love of office supplies, paper, post-it’s and good quality ink pens.

I love stationary.

I don’t understand it, but I do.

OH, and to get a wonderful ink pen that feels good in your hand, writes smoothly, and makes your hand writing look fabulous…it is rare these days.

Right now, my pen of choice is a Pilot Precise V5, extra fine point.

So, my question today is what is your favorite office supply?


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  1. I have a huge fondness for post it notes. I cal them sticky notes.
    I totally understand your pen fetish. I have a favorite, too. Uniball Signo 207 pen in blue ink.

  2. Does computer count???? The 22″ flat screen is my office supply that is a most have. It is so nice to have two pages up side by side so I can work, work, work!

    Ok. Ok. So the truth of the matter is work, work, blog!

    I use to order cutsie notecards and all that fun stuff from Current. Does that business even exist anymore?

  3. A good pen, paperclips and stapler! Oops almost forgot highlighers, and post-its and….I guess I really don’t have a favorite but need them all!

  4. I do love my Crayola colored pencils, but do they count as an office supply? I just wish my older children would keep all the pens and pencils away from my little one. (Check out my latest blog.)

  5. I love office supplies too. I could walk through an office supply store for hours, dreaming of new ways to be organized. My favorite pen is the Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip in Black ink.

  6. Aha! You’ve hit upon a secret passion of mine. I love beautiful paper but my favorite is my Waterman pen. I carry a fountain pen with me at all times. I was writing a check in the food store and the teenage clerk was staring as if it was a priceless ancient archaeological artifact. She asked to hold it. It’s smooth, as you said, and has some weight to it. It feels important.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  7. Oooh. I do love wandering around Staples or Office Depot. Those are the stores that I honestly can’t leave without buying something. I actually haven’t been in one in years because I had to cut myself off – I was spending too much money! I love most office supplies, but the things that I really have trouble walking past (without buying), even though I already have more than one person could use in a lifetime are sticky notes (there are SO MANY varieties!!!) and stationary. But if I had to specific products that I can’t live without, they’d have to be green bic brightliner highlighers (I literally went through dozens of these in law school – they are just the right color: dark enough to write actual notes in, and light enough to read through highlighting) and Avery® 1-3/4″ Assorted Color Write-on Tabs (just flexible enough that they are easy to work with, but as flimsy as a post-it flag, so they don’t get turned down… and seriously, who can live without tabs to keep things seperate!?).

  8. Those little sticky “flags” that you can use over and over again. To a homeschool mom, this is a vital tool! Keeps track of where you are in the teacher’s manual, and you can use a different color for each kid!

  9. You know in August when school supplies go on sale? Paper pads 10 for a dollar, crayons for 25 cents, and markers for 75 cents – my hubby has to drag me through that section after my first visit or two, because I will go overboard. I L-O-V-E school supplies. Homeschooling has been a great justification for indulging my love. 😀 My favorite though? Ticonderoga pencils. You don’t know how annoying a crappy pencil is until you have to use it day in, day out, all week long. Ticonderoga pencils write smooth, hold their sharp longer and erase cleanly.

  10. I too am obsessed with office supplies and when I find a pen I like, I hoard it and keep it from the husband and kids! I LOVE the Pilot Precise V5 too. I have about 3 in my purse and another 3 or 4 in my desk area. I won’t let my kids touch them. I also love handwritten letters and keep my eyes out for cute stationery!

  11. I thought that looked familiar–I have the same pen. Love the blue and black, and it writes sooooo fine.

    Can I make a suggestion for future web posts? Since you are an expert in the this area, I think telling us how to take a good picture with a camera would be such a huge help. And lighting, I can’t for the life get this lighting stuff down. I either have too much or too little.
    Whadda think? Up for it? 🙂 Puuuulease?

  12. Oh my. oh my oh my. I LOVE office supplies! My latest favorite is my new three-hole punch that I bought for homeschool. But I also desperately love our printer because it’s also a COPIER!!! And I get to make copies! We have a dry erase board for school (hand-me-down), so of course I had to have markers and an eraser. I have an obsession with notepads, particularly magnetic ones for the fridge; yes Kath “Current” is still in business (I probably keep them that way); and I love a medium ballpoint clicky pen. Blue or black ink, but usually black. I should stop now, but I do want to say that I’m actually a little relieved to see that other people love office supplies like I do! I’ve been alone in my obsession for a long time…LOL

  13. I love office supply stores. I love the smell of office supply stores. I love excuses to buy office supplies. When I bought a laptop bag it had all sorts of little pockets for supplies and I had fun filling them! My favourite are pens. I like all pens: ballpoint, gel (especially coloured glitter gel; they’re just fun to write with) and my beautiful fountain pen. And notebooks. I sometimes think I went back to school just so I had an excuse to buy more pens and notebooks.

  14. the only pen for me is a papermate medium point BLUE ink stic pen. MUST BE BLUE…i can’t explain it. ALl the pens I’ve tried and I gravitate back to the cheapest.

    I love office/school supplies too, and was given boys, who could care less. Figures.

  15. Office supplies…..you just had to go there didn’t you? I’m trying to stay away now that I’ve bought my mini calendar for my purse and here you go trying to get me back down those isles.

    Both the girl and I are attracted to fun and good pens as well as notebooks…I have more control with this than she does though.

  16. Oooh! Such fun! I once wrote a tongue-in-cheek article about a 12 Step Program for the Paper Addict – perhaps I should revise it and we could begin our therapy together? I love, love, love all kinds of pens, paper, and office supplies – and I am so relieved today to know I am not alone…

  17. I feel like I’ve found long lost relatives (sniffle). No one here understands my passion for office supplies. Yesterday I wandered around Office Max for about an hour, comparing trapper keepers and monthly calendars in great detail, cruising by the pencils and organizing accessories. I don’t just buy things to buy them, they need to be *special*.
    As for my favorite things? I love highlighters, fine line pens that glide over the paper, (but not so glide-y that it makes a mess, a little bit of friction is not a bad thing) and paper. Loads and loads of paper: stationary, sticky notes, tablets, notebooks…
    I think I have a problem. Is there an OSA (Office Supplies Anonymous)anywhere?

  18. We must have been separated at birth. I love stationary!

    I remember getting school supplies and practically drooling. I love the look of a brand spanking new notebook or journal – blank pages just waiting to be written on. A nice heavy pen in my hand – I adore writing by hand.

    Notebooks/journals are my fav.

  19. You actually think I can narrow it down to one? LOL!

    My favorite pen is a UniBall Gel, medium point, neon pink gel ink.

    I have sticky notes & calendars everywhere….even sticky note widgets & calendar widgets.

    Then there are always Ticonderoga pencils.

    ohohoh and notebooks….don’t get me started on notebooks.

  20. I had no idea that there were such rampant fetishes for office supplies! Well, so long as we’re revealing our secret passions for ink pens, I have to admit I have one vise. I have this thing for a pen that actually WORKS!

  21. Nothing like a good paper clip. I too like the large coated ones. I use a lot of them on my job. I love gel pens and the always needed White Out!!! And by the way, Willie I really like butterscotch pie.

  22. LOL, office supply fetishes! I can’t go into Office Depot and come out empty-handed. I’m currently fascinated with my Dymo labeler.

    I also love stationary stores. Have you ever been into a Papyrus? Heaven!

  23. A pen and a journal whose pages lay flat and whose paper is just the right texture to let the ink flow over it smoothly. I was taught in the days when penmanship was considered important, something that now, as a teacher, I lament is being lost in our schools.

  24. Based on my high usage of them, the composition books that are sewn. I buy 10-20 of them every year. They lay flat, the pages are secure, and during late summer, they are 2 for a dollar at some stores.

  25. Oohhh, I love office supplies!
    I couldn’t pick just one, but my favorite pen is Pentel R.S.V.P. medium point. I love them in all different colors, but my favorite is purple.

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