October 13

Last Friday, the boy didn’t have to work.

Finally a Friday evening with the chips at home.    I was so happy, and I wanted to make something special for us to celebrate.

I sent the boy downstairs to see if we had any ribs left.

Score!  One rack left.

Glanced at the date, and oh…dear has it been 2 years since I purchased that???


I don’t care, we are eating them anyway!

I had thought that I might have done a tutorial on how to make the most tender, flavorful rack of ribs ever, so I searched my blog and sure enough, last year on October 17, I posted a tutorial.

My brain must think ribs around the middle of October.

I won’t bore you with the same tutorial.

What I will bore you with is how to make sweet potato chips.

First, peel your sweet potato, and beg because you don’t have the patience to cut the potato so thin tell your son he is going to cut your sweet potato up an 1/8 of an inch thin or thinner, so he can work on his knife skills.

When he leaves, I am buying a mandoline.

Set up an assembly line.

First you want to make sure your oil is at least 370º, have a paper towel lined dish, salt and cinnamon and sugar all ready to go, because it will go fast once you have started.

One of the biggest keys to making potato chips is to separate them as you are putting them in the oil.  Drop them in one at a time as fast as you can, then you must stir them constantly.  This keeps them from sticking and helps them cook faster.

Once you take them from the oil, give them a sprinkle of salt and the barest hint of cinnamon and sugar.

Barest hint.

Also, between batches, make sure that your oil comes back up to temperature.

Taste one to make sure that the seasoning is just right.

Oh, they are just so good.   Maybe another little taste.

Is that oil hot enough yet.


How about another little taste.

Oil?  hot enough?




Gotta stop, there are only 7 chips left.

It is a good thing that sweet potatoes are so good for me.

Serve them up next to a side of ribs.   Your mouth will thank you.

Oh, and Internet, I made some more Saturday for Superman.

“Superman, would you like me to make some home made potato chips?”

“Home made potato chips?!?!?  Sure!!!”


He devoured them.

Pretty soon, he will lose his street cred for only eating potatoes, corn, and the occasional green bean.

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11 thoughts on “October 13”

  1. I just got one of those mandolin-type thingies (not that exact one, but something similar) from LTD Commodities. The kids and I had fun making wavy cucumber slices. I haven’t really used it other than that yet though. It is a cool tool!

  2. I love and adores sweet potato chips. The best I ever had was at Jimmy Buffet’s restaurant in South Carolina. For some reason I’ve never made them at home but after your tutorial and fabulous photos, I’m going to give it a try.

    BTW, I’m now a not-so-lean but twice-as-mean ice cream making machine. Thanks to you. My favorite so far is strawberry sour cream ice cream using your recipe and substituting strawberries for the blueberries. ($6 for a small container of blueberries is more than my mind can bear.)

  3. Yummy! Those sweet potato chips look so good. I am drooling at the ribs too! I make my ribs the same way and I agree they are the so very tender when you finish baking them. Did you use seasoining salt or paprika on the raw ribs to get that beautiful orangey-red color? They look so good that I may have to fix some myself as soon as they go on sale again. I like to put some North Carolina BBQ sauce on them before grilling them. I really like the vinegary taste of the sauce in comparison to the sweetness of the meat.

  4. this entry and the one you linked to, should come with a warning. “do not look until you are no longer hungry” because do I need to tell you what I am now OBSESSED with having for dinner?

    mmmmmm………ribs (in my best Homer Simpson)

  5. This is the second time I’ve run across a recipe for homemade potato chips. I think the food gods are trying to tell me something. I need a mandolin…unless I can borrow your boy for a bit…

  6. The rub is just a home made rub. I have no idea what was in it.

    The sauce…it was the sauce that I won from Suzanne the Farmer’s wife.

    You can use your own rub, and your own sauce.

  7. Those ribs look tooooooo good. I love ribs. Always have. Never tried the sweet potatoe chips. Will put that on my to do list. How about Kirsten and her allergies? Anything new?

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