October 11

I love Saturday’s.

I love Saturday’s because generally I can sleep in for a good solid hour.

Unless my bladder seems to think that it has the capacity of a teaspoon, and I have to get up every hour on the hour to whip it back into submission.

So, this morning, I am sleep deprived and my brain is mushy.

Mushy like I have taken apples, cooked them for 3 hours and they turn to mush.   Wonderful tasting applesauce mush, but mush nonetheless.

I’ve got nothing for you Internet.


P.S.   Leftover Risotto is wonderful for breakfast.



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7 thoughts on “October 11”

  1. I hate it when that happens. I blame my twins. I should have kept the security deposit from their rental of my womb.

    News Flash: I finally got my blog post of the Rootbeer Float cake finished. It’s not nearly as exciting as one of your food posts, but it’s a fun recipe. Come over and take a look if you get a chance. It’s the recipe I told you about when I visited. 🙂

  2. Now you’ve got me wanting to make applesauce!! It is fall after all, mmmmmhhhhhmmmmm

    I guess I got more sleep than you did but I had wanted to sleep until 8 at least but a certain beagle, who shall remain nameless, decided that he needed to go out at 6:45. 🙄 I know that hubby let the dogs out before coming to bed and I went to bed after 11 so it had to be midnight or later that they went out.

    Anyway, have a great Saturday. 🙂

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