October 10

Hi Internet.

It is Friday and I am nosy.

Autumn has really just sat down, and made itself at home here in Pothole, Ohio, and I really wish it would go away for at least another 6 weeks.   It can come back 5 days before Thanksgiving, thankyouverymuch!!!

It is around this time, that I begin to get ‘nesty’.   Cleaning out and putting away all the summer stuff, and getting out all the comfies.  Putting away all the short sleeves and getting out sweaters and fleece.  Rearranging surfaces, pitching papers, and generally doing that {ugh} fall cleaning.

So, of all the items in your line of sight right now, what should probably be put in the trash?


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  1. The stack of empty coffee cups on the left of my computerscreen…. Wait a minute: it’s time to get a fresh cup of coffee (wiener melange please…. 🙂 ), didn’t I have some leftover apple cup pies around here???

  2. I’m with Applie, half my house.

    Right now I’m looking at a pile of papers that probably need to be pitched. And a box that our printer came in could probably be tossed.

    I personally love fall. It can stay here for a long while, in fact, we can skip winter and just have fall until spring.

  3. I agree it is to early for fall. We are not going to have fall like weather here for the next 5 days. I am so happy. Its suppose to be in the upper 70’s!! Okay to answer the question…directly in my eysight are the water bottles and soda can’s my beloved children and dear husband(can you hear the sarcasm in my voice) left from last night.Other than that I think I am pretty good with stuff right now. I declutter regularly!!

  4. I’m with Annie skip winter and keep fall. But it could hold off til Thanksgiving too.

    I have a stack of papers on my desk that is scratch paper. Usually the top five or so have all been written on but I need to read over them and take off any info I need to keep. And then discard them.

    The stack of papers is over an inch thick and is mostly fax cover sheets that I find to be a waste of paper and ink!!

  5. Kids’ artwork..


    I’ll send some off to the inlaws … save some for laminating for fun placemats. But the rest MUST be pitched.

    That and magazines…

    I woke up feeling like it was a grand day for “pitchin stuff”

  6. UGH… What doesn’t need to be put in the trash? LOL
    I’ve got the red berry wreath that I bought as a christmas decoration about 3 years ago and hung it on my patio door – well… it’s still there!! Since it’s solid red I just decided that it would match the rest of my kitchen and I would leave it up. Well??? It’s time is up and it really needs to go! Not to mention that lately I’ve noticed it’s become a haven for spider webs! LOL

  7. I too love fall…it’s the winter that can stay until right before Christmas…have 5 inches of snow so we can build a snowman, have a white Christmas and New Year’s “Just like the ones we use to know ah ah ah ah…” leave after January 1st and start right in with Spring!

    Mostly within my sight I probably should toss…wait a minute…I can’t toss anything! I need everything in sight,I just need to put it in it’s place. I just can’t seem to get myself organized with all of this child-care stuff???? Really it doesn’t look baaad. It just needs done UGH!

    FYI CC & Annie…I’m feeling some better!

  8. I’m facing the desk and behind that a wall. But at least 1/2 the papers on the desk top should be thrown away or at least put away. We moved in here less than two months ago, so there are plenty of things that need arranging, putting away and sorting out.

  9. Lucky me! I’m at my mom’s house. Uhmmm, I see a big pile awaiting the shredder for starters.

    Love autumn and wish that it would stay until spring forgetting winter entirely except for Christmas Eve and Day. Happy Nesting!

  10. A couple magazines and Shurley Grammar. 🙄

    I’m with Applie…it’s not fall here either and about half my house could disappear and I wouldn’t miss it much.

    I put my fall decorations out this past week….will you be sharing your fall decorations with us this year?

  11. Trust me, you don’t really want to know.

    Fall is just about over up here. The few stubborn leaves on the trees yesterday are being put through a fierce wind storm as I type and it is doubtful that any shall remain attached when the storm is over….it will stop blowing soon? before tomorrow? by Sunday? 😕

    Hello!! Anybody out there? 😕

  12. Nothing in my line of sight right now needs to go, but the garage and our shed, where that’s another story. If we had a good 5 or so child-free hours, we could tackle them, but that’s not going to happen any time soon!

  13. I just spent over thirty minutes catching up on your blog. I think I gained 30 pounds LOL, but I did get an apple to eat. Thanks for allowing us into your home for a visit, I really enjoyed it.

  14. I have been cleaning and pitching for several weeks. Getting ready for a move. I love the fall. Right now the weather is perfect. No air conditioner or furnace needs to be on. Great for electric bills. BTW I paid $2.87 for a gal of gas today!!!!!

  15. Little slips of paper with notes written on them left by this computer of websites to check out and things to go back and order when I get the money. Maybe this computer too~~it’s soooo slow.

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