October 7

It was at Kroger’s, in the Park Shopping Center in Springfield, Ohio, when I had my very first one.

They don’t make them anymore, but I will never forget my first Marathon candy bar.  I remember standing there in the check out lane with all those candy bar choices in front of me, and I picked the Marathon.   Why did I choose the Marathon over every other one?

Besides the fact that I couldn’t read the wrappers, and had no clue which one to choose…it was the longest one.

When I opened it,and I saw the braided ribbons of caramel, covered in chocolate.   I knew I had made the right choice.

After chocolate, caramel and peanuts run a second close favorite.  And when you add them all together like say, in a Reese Peanut Butter Cup or a Snickers candy bar, well it is almost more than a Chocolatechic can bear.

This TWD dessert, Caramel Peanut Topped Brownie Cake, that Tammy from wee treats picked for us, combines my absolute love of chocolate, caramel, and peanuts together in a perfectly sophisticated union.

Rich chocolate brownie, topped with home made caramel (that tastes like a Sugar Daddy) and peanuts.

Superb.  Classy.   Delicious!

The only problem that I had with this recipe is that the caramel hardened way to hard.   Not crunchy hard, but to hard to cut through, and to hard to scrape off the plate.

When you can’t scrape home made caramel off you plate, it isn’t good news.

Nor is it good news when there is only 1 spoonful of caramel left and you try to lick it off the spoon and you can’t, and you have to take a knife and pry it off the spoon, and then pry it off the knife and it gets all sticky all over your fingers and little gossamer ribbons of caramel drip down your chin, and Superman comes in and catches you in mid-caramel crisis.

Nope…not good news at all.


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48 thoughts on “October 7”

  1. Drippy caramel… Mmmmmm! I think I’m going to go nuts today looking at all those caramel pics floating around the TWD world! I love your idea with the ramequins, lovely!

  2. Cadbury makes a candy bar just like the old Marathon Bar – it’s called Curly Wurly. Anywho, your pictures are fantastic! I wish I could reach in and grab a bite!

  3. You just keep on lickin’, eventually you’ll wear down that caramel.

    That looks absolutely delicious. Your larder must be well stocked because you always seem to have ingredients on hand. Either that or you’re constantly running to the store.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. That is the hard part about making candy. I have the same trouble when I make Almond Roca candy. I actually boil it in water to get it off. What a pain. Your dessert looks yummy, though.

  5. Love your mini version. Good idea to turn it upside down to avoid the crater. I should have done that! Mine sank… alot. Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  6. If mine looked like yours did, I would have loved it too. I had caramel issues as well, but my issues rendered it not edible. Yours looks delicious, even if you had to work a bit for it at times!

  7. Beautiful cakes!! I like how you turned them over before topping them.
    As for your caramel, next time try adding a little more cream than the recipe suggests. Also, don’t cook it after you’ve added the cream and butter- it will quickly go from a luscious sauce consistency to hard ball or soft crack.

  8. I know this has absolutly NOTHING to do with caramel covered brownies, but, we just got back from Colonial Williamsburg and have some suggestions for restaurants to visit. Don’t miss “The Chickahominy House” for breakfast(southern style Virginia ham, bacon, sauage, potatoes, and eggs with grits and southern style buttermilk biscuits). And that was just my plate. You won’t eat the rest of the day. Then, there’s “Berret’s” seafood restaurant(Bring a lot of money!). You’ll learn what “She Crab Soup” is. And, I’m positive that somewhere around there you can find caramel coated brownies. It was positively sinfull how we ate in Williamsburg.

  9. Oh good lord. Is it bad if I want to have a serious relationship with your brownies? I mean, I want to introduce them to my mother and give them a drawer in my dresser. LOVE THEM. And go Krogers. We don’t have them on the East Coast, and are so unfortunate.

  10. Weird – my caramel didn’t really firm up, it just got really chewy. Although in order to slice it, I did microwave the cake for 20 seconds, which might have helped. The mini cake looks fantastic and delicious.

  11. haha, you made me laugh with your last bit. My husband has caught me in some pretty incriminating positions with food as well, ie my hand’s been caught in the cookie jar more than once, and unfortunately it shows!! Your cake looks fabulous! You take the most delicious looking photographs!!! I am wishing I had a piece of it now!

  12. I TOTALLY could have written this post. The Marathon Bar!!! Why, oh why is the Marathon Bar history?? Perfection in a wrapper, me thinks! I’m the girl who only eats the caramels in the box of candies…anything else is a second choice. Anyway, your cake looks FAB!!

  13. Your pictures are just over the top wonderful! Really-just absolutely professional. I loved your last paragraph. It was hysterical. I was expecting saucy caramel-not candy bar caramel. I want to try it for making turtles soon.

  14. Oh my goodness!!!! That is absolutely the most gorgeous looking dessert I have ever seen. Caramel is the hardest thing for me to make.

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