October 5

I really don’t like having my picture taken.

Really I don’t.

But Superman people can just be so sneaky sometimes.


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14 thoughts on “October 5”

  1. Superman is awesome….but you knew that!

    Make friends with the camera because the camera loves you. You exude joy and the lens captures it perfectly.

    I expect great things from that book!!!!

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  2. I hate my pic being taken too. I am not photogenic at all. You take a good pic, it captures your charm and happiness.
    How is that new book? It looks dangerous!

  3. You have grown from that beautiful little girl(that I used to pretend was mine) into a beautiful young woman. I love you sooooooo much. Enjoy that book. Did mama get it for you?

  4. You are truly one of the prettiest gals I know! Nothing makes one smile more when we are captured in a good laugh. Continue laughing 😀 it makes people wonder what your up to!

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