October 4

Show of hands…

Have you ever said to your children, “make sure you empty your pockets before you throw your clothes in the wash”?

This is what happens when they don’t listen.



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  1. ONLY in YOUR house would it be a cooking thermometer!! we keep it down to bushels of little toys and buckets of COOL rocks-and the occasional woolybear caterpillar to spice things up!

    I say Mom gets dibs on ALL homework from culinary school for the trauma inflicted by seeing the guts of a thermometer-I bet you even had to TOUCH it!–oh yeah-he OWES you big! LOL

  2. All the time. I also keep any money as a finders fee. For a while Jeremy dipped behind my back. Yuck, gross, disgusting, I know, I know…..The first time I washed a can. I had no idea what it was having never seen the stuffr before in, my life. I yelled for Jerry asking him what those awful bugs or seeds or whatever was is my washer were? Jeremy was not allowed to use tobacco in the house & any time after that if I found a can it went straight to the trash & was followed by a lecture on Sin & Gum Cancer. Once in a while , one slipped through my6 inspection of prewash Every time I got really mad & he’d swear he was no longer dipping. “It was his Friend’s & he was “keeping” it for him. Fortunately, he is now 32 & has a wife3 to do his laundry. I hate when a kleenex or crayon or pen slips by me though.

  3. Usually from time to time it will be a pen, but rarely does your dad leave anything in his pockets!

    While Mom was living we would always find tissues she had put in her pocket while sitting in her chair. She would always forget she had them in her pocket. Daddy and I would just chuckle. Small price to pay when you have your precious mother living with you and knowing she may not be around for long. Some things just turn out not to be a big deal. Lots of lint though:)

  4. I have the boys in the laundry room with me, as I’m throwing their stuff in the washer, go through their pockets. I’m hoping someday it will sink in.

    Peppermints are the thing I find most often. We have a sweet older gentleman in church that gives out peppermints to the kids every Sunday. This said gentleman goes through about 3 peppermints every service…we can hear him unwrapping them. Gotta love this man!

  5. I’ve found all sorts of stuff in my washer from people who’ve forgotten to check their pockets. :roll;

    The money that I find becomes the property of God via the Alabaster box. The other items get differing degrees so lectures from me. I really get upset when they leave something that can damage the other clothes or my machines.

    That does look like a costly mistake on the young Chef’s part. :ouch:

  6. Ouch! He had that in his pocket?

    I have found:
    Once full bottle of insect repellant (large bottle)
    Sun Block
    pedometer and it still works!
    and many other things I can’t remember.

  7. Well, my kid’s pockets are too small to hold anything – but I’ve told my husband a million times. And I’ve washed pens – and EXPENSIVE professional digital photo cards and mini light bulbs and all nails and all sorts of other things 😦
    I’ve learned to check more carefully, but stuff still gets past me!

    Hope you had a great b-day yesterday!

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