October 1

Dear Nikon,

Thank you for sending my beloved, my precious, my camera back in such a timely manner.

Great job on fixing the connector pins.  My lens fits perfectly now.  What did you do with all the flour and sugar and schmears on my lens.   It looks brand new!

There is no dust on my camera either.   Wow!

I put my memory card and freshly charged battery in.   I was so happy.

I began to take pictures of my girl when…


You broke my camera?!

Not cool, Nikon!   Not cool.


One VERY unhappy customer

PS.  I want my rubber eye piece back too.


For those who have already asked, and those that will, I called them IMMEDIATELY, and gave them some ‘kindly’ what for.   They are sending me a shipping label, and it is getting repaired….that, or they will give me a new one.   I will insist on it.

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15 thoughts on “October 1”

  1. I feel your pain. We had the same problem with our camera. Now, we don’t have one. I would send it right back.

    I really love your camera. I want a Nikon so so bad. lol

  2. I am sorry. Now go with quickness and get your pink noodle and threaten them with their lives. Ok, you don’t really have to go that far, but I do hope you get everything straightened out quickly.

  3. I’m having some issues with my Nikon right now and computer issues also. Oh the digital age…..it can be very stressful. I’m praying you’ll get this resolved. As for me, I’m calling the Geek Squad.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. Sorry to hear about this. I sure hope that they take care of this issue ASAP. That is unacceptable. If they send a new camera I hope that it will come with the full warranty.

  5. Oh my gosh. I would cry. And then I would yell. And probably use a few colorful words. And then cry some more.

    I’m so sorry for you!! I hope your camera gets fixed soon!

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