September 29

A very long time ago, when my sister and I were teenagers, the youth group we were in was so large that we went on Choir Tours.

We’d practice for months before hand, the youth leader’s wife would schedule church’s for us to sing in, we’d load up in an old school bus and for a week or so, we’d be away singing praises, and having tons of fun.

(Can you find me?)

At one point, we had stopped at a restaurant.   One of the boys (the one in the white tie) had a piece of parsley on his plate.   He picked it up, held it in front of his face and said “hey!  Camouflage”.   Of course, at 16, we all thought it was a riot!

Later that year, right before school started, my parents took us to Elephant Rock, a state park in Missouri.  We, still being the goofy teens that we were, ran ahead of the parents, found us some branches, crouched in the pathway with those branches in front of us as our “camouflage”.

Kind of like this….I wonder if he realizes what he started.


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13 thoughts on “September 29”

  1. I found you both right off! Of course since I’m the mom I just automatically knew you.

    That seems like ages ago doesn’t it? Was that the Army of Lord tour?

    Do you ever wonder what’s happened to them?

  2. Mama,
    It was the Army of the Lord tour.
    I actually know what happened to many of them, well maybe not many but several (besides Tanya and me).

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