September 26

Hey Internet!   It is Friday, and I am nosy.

It is Fair week here in Pothole, Ohio.   So today’s question(s) will be Fair related.

  1. Do you attend your county fair?
  2. Why? or why not
  3. What is your favorite fair food?

I am fortunate enough to live in the county seat, and live 7 minutes from our Fair Grounds, so we go.   We generally just go on the days that the chips enter items in the fair.

If I were to go on another day, it would be totally for fair food alone.

Favorite fair food???   French fries, funnel cakes, Italian sausage, Stromboli, and deep fried Snickers.

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  1. 1. Yes
    2. To see the animals and crafts
    3. Elephant ears and candy apples

    We didn’t go to the local fair in big-city Florida. It was scary – more crime than I care to deal with on a family day out!

  2. Not anymore, too expensive with all the kids that we have.

    But, when I did it was to see the horses. I love the horses and the goats and the piggys.

    Favorite food is the french fries. And the greasy old hamburgers, walking tacos, and Elephant Ears.

  3. I have never attended our county’s fair. But we have attend other local fairs. I prefer the state fairs.

    Why not? Its very small and boring.

    Indian tacos. Fried oreos. Funnel cakes.

  4. We have not attended the Fair here. We love the Alaska State Fair! We attended 2 years that we were in Alaska, one year Dh was deployed and I didn’t want to brave it with the kids by myself. We would go on Free or super cheap days.
    I love to see the crafts & quilts displays.
    Fave food: anything! The kids love the smoked turkey legs.

  5. We used to go to the fair but haven’t for a long time. Daddy likes the tractor pulls…I like them too. We ususally look at the animals. Eat the food and look through the booths.

    This will tell you how long it’s been. I haven’t even heard of fried snicker, fried oreos, but I love stromboli, fries and funnel cakes. Will have to go just to try the other items.

    Hope the teens fare well in the items they entered.

  6. 1. Do you attend your county fair?
    No, not usually….we’ve only been once.
    2. Why? or why not
    It’s in the summer, just over one weekend and we are usually busy and often on vacation. We just never seem to fit it in.
    3. What is your favorite fair food?
    If I went, I would love to get mini donuts or cheese curds.

  7. 1. I haven’t attended in years
    2. My kids are just too small
    3. My favorite food is elephant ears or funnel cakes…yummmmmmmmmm

    I grew up attending the state fair and our little county fair is so pokey compared to that. We’ll probably take the kids next year. I always like seeing all the livestock.

  8. We don’t attend the fair anymore. The last time I went, I was pregnant. A fight broke out between 2 grown men. I almost walked right into the middle of it because I didn’t see what was going on. Scared me to death! An elderly lady in a wheelchair ended up getting flipped over during the fight. I was SOOOOO mad. We haven’t been back since.

    My favorite fair food is funnel cakes. Yum! Oh, and cotton candy is good too. 🙂

  9. I live in the city and we don’t have a fair. We do have the exhibition the last two weeks of August (in Toronto) but it is huge and not so much fun as when I was a kid. Even the food is getting crappy – DH goes for the foot long corn dogs which were horrible this year. Kiddo goes for the rides – I go for the nostalgia.

  10. We went last year and hubby and I bickered the whole time. *blush*

    It’s not something we do often, it is too prohibitively expensive. We only went last year because Jonathan, Jenna and I had free tickets through our 4H group.

    We went for the animals, the rides (kids)and yup, the funnel cakes.

  11. we live in our county seat as well, so avoiding the fair is impossible. we go on demo derby night…woohoo

    then stop by the deep fried anything stand, and wash it down with a candy apple

  12. 1. Yes! Ours is more of a regional fair than a county fair, so it’s pretty big.

    2. To see what we’ve won, first of all. 🙂 We all enter crafts and cooking, so we spend a lot of time in the Exhibit hall checking on our results and those of our friends who also enter. (Gotta spend some time checking out the competition, too, to know what to do for next year..heh heh..)

    We also have to see the border collie demonstrations and the racing pigs and any other animal-related showings, so my son can feel like he’s really been to the fair.

    3. Funnel cakes!! And last year we had some great battered and fried vegetables, of all things.

  13. I love the fair! Ours was here in July and the Husband and I went several times. We, too, are lucky to live just a couple blocks away, so we get to ride our bikes and not worry about traffic and parking.

    I love funnel cakes, fried avocado, grilled corn on the cob, corn dogs, and the list goes on…

    This year they had a cupcake booth. OMG, these cupcakes were amazing! I got a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and m&ms on top. I know. I’m strange. They wre large and delicious and I felt guilty for a week after I ate the entire thing by myself.

  14. The fair here is too far out of town for me to walk to so I miss it every year. I keep hoping to get a ride because I’d love to seethe rodeo, but no one I know goes

    When we lived in Vancouver we went to the PNE every year. I miss going to see the animals and the horse shows, the demolition derby and the rides.

    Food would be the mini donuts, cotton candy and the bbq ribs. Also all the samples the food building had to offer.

    DH has never been there – his family could never afford it so it is on our list of vacation places 🙂

  15. I love working at the Fair and do it for a few reasons:
    1. I help with the intake of the Needlework (embroidery, cross stitch, crochet, knit & ???) which provides me with a couple of free ticket to the fair which we usually use when we go as a family to the fair.

    2. I help to organize our teen group’s biggest fund raiser of working one of the entry gates.

    Our fair lasts about 11-12 days at the end of August with the last day being Labor Day. By the time the fair is over I’m sick of the fair. 😛

    As for your nosy questions 😉 :
    1. Do you attend your county fair? Yes. it’s not really a county fair though and people can enter from all over the state.

    2. Why? or why not – I already covered that above.

    3. What is your favorite fair food? Oh, this is a good question. I’ve not had the fried Snickers or Milky Ways or Twinkies for that matter. I do love the cheese cake in a cone though. YUM!! The mini doughnuts are a must for all of us. I wish I could have one of corn on a sticks, they look so good every time someone walked out the gate with one, but it does a number on my system. I’ve never had the funnel cakes….please don’t stone me…. or the elephant ears. Unfortunately I tend to lean toward the less expensive food 🙄

  16. 1. Yes my daughter and I usually go to our County Show, about 25 miles from home.
    2. We love the whole atmosphere, the crafts, the flowers, the animals etc. etc.
    3. Favourite Show Food – it MUST be the strawberries and marshmallows dipped in the chocolate fountain, oh yummy yum!

    PLEASE tell me what funnel cakes and elephant ears are, I’ve never heard of them in England.

  17. Okay, CC, I totally blame you for eating cheese curds today! The boys and I went to our Renaissance Festival and when I saw them, I just had to have them since you put them on my mind this morning. Since we did not attend the fair this year, I figured it was my only chance to get them this year. It’s all your fault that I ate them (but I won’t blame you for the biscuit and gravy, cream puff, onion rings, or cheese fries).

  18. I find most of the questions irrelevent…thoughts of fair food have blanked my mind to them

    cheese curds
    turkey legs
    funnell cakes
    indian tacos–on real fry bread droooool
    lemonaide from those guys with the squeezy thinger that gives you an entire fresh lemon on the spot
    tom thumb donuts
    big ol’cotton candy to keep kids busy and out of MY food!

  19. We have not been to a fair in eons. Uncle Jim threw up on one of the rides and I figured it just wasn’t worth the effort. My favorite food is the pork tenderloin sandwiches and french fries.Good luck to the chippies.

  20. Do you go to your county fair? Yes, usually, but we missed this year. We love to wander around and see the various animals on exhibit. And watch whatever exhibitions or competitions are going on. Seems like we’re usually there during various horse-riding events. If I ever get organized enough I’d like see the sheep-shearing.

    We skip the rides and the music at night.

    Favorite foods: big, delicious cream puffs from the Stoughton Boosters booth (Stoughton is a town in our county), and wonderful pork sandwiches from the Pork Producer’s Council booth.

    I’ve been to the State Fair a few times — much bigger and more interesting stuff, but most years we skip it because it is far away and parking is a nightmare.

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