September 23

Isn’t it so ironic how miscommunication can wreak all sorts of havoc in a person’s mind?

Yesterday, being the boy’s first day of college, I had asked him what time his last class ended.


It takes about 45 minutes to get home from college, so when he wasn’t home by 3:15, I didn’t really think much about it.

3:30 came around and the niggling of “I hope he is ok” began to surface in my consciousness.  So I did what any other mother would do.

I gave him a call.

He didn’t answer.

People, let me just stop here and say that if your mom is calling you.   Answer. your. phone!

I don’t care if cell reception is spotty.  Answer. the. phone.

And when she calls at 3:35.   Don’t just let it ring and ring and ring and dump into your voice mail.

Mom’s tend to really begin to get concerned.  They begin to factor in time, slowness of traffic, the fact that you are the least irresponsible 18 year old you know, that you have to be at work at 4, and maybe the ER workers are working so furiously to save your life that they can’t stop and answer your phone and…and…and…

Where are you?!?!?!

At 3:43, I made my last call.

He answered.   He was just pulling up to the house.

Whew!  I could breathe again.

“Son, why were you so late?”

“I got behind someone sooooo slooooow.”

“Yeah, but your class ended at 2:15, where were you?”

“Mom!  My class ended at 2:50.  Didn’t you hear me tell you that?”

2:15, he had said 2:15….or at least that is what I heard.

Pausing a brief moment to say, when you are telling your parents times of events, don’t. mumble! and answer. the. phone!

None of that has anything whatsoever to do with my Dimply Apple Plum Cake, but I just had to get that out.

Today’s TWD, is Dimply Plum Cake picked out by Michelle of Bake-En.  If you’d like the recipe, check out her blog.

The boy had made this a couple months ago with peaches.   It was good, but I really am not a fruit in my cake type of person.

Fruit belongs in pies.

Fruit belongs in middle school lunch boxes, or trail mix, but not cake.

This wonderful cake calls for plums, but you can use peaches, nectarines, apricots or even cherries.  Blueberries would be great in it too.

Since it called for fruit, I thought that apple might go well with this.  I left out the cardamom and put in some apple pie spice,  and I have been thinking about caramel apples a lot lately, so maybe some caramel sauce on top to fancy it up a bit.

The texture of this brown sugar cake is different from any other cake I have had.   It is tender in the middle, the outside edges are slightly crunchy.  It is wonderful, and best eaten warm or on the first day.   The texture begins to change after that, but it is still great.

I highly suggest you try it.

Try it with apples, try it with blueberries, try it with any fruit you like, but try it.


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49 thoughts on “September 23”

  1. How did you bake that cake while you were stressed like that? My first experience with a cell phone was terrifying. My daughter had a cell phone and someone called our home phone from a cell phone. The call was garbled up so bad that it sounded like someone drowning. Being a totally non-digital person at the time, I imagined my daughter desperately trying to reach me from her car which was at the bottom of some lake in Ohio. Talk about helpless! I worked myself up into such a state of anxiety, I had to take a pill after that one! She did make it home and had no idea what I was talking about when I asked her about the phone call. Probably some salesman. He should DIE!

  2. Jerry~~I feel your pain. I needed a pill according to the girl. She doesn’t like it when I get worried. She says I get cranky.

    I made the cake on Saturday. There is no way I could have made it, in the mental state I was in.

  3. I am glad that your son is ok! It is scary and they will always be your baby (they just don’t see it that way!) Great choice with the apples and caramel your cake looks delicious!

  4. apples and caramel! that’s one i’d make right now, if i had some apples.

    i have had the same conversation with my kids. when mom calls, answer. the. phone. period.

  5. Yes! CALL YOUR MOTHER!! And even more importantly,ANSWER YOUR PHONE WHEN YOUR MOTHER CALLS YOU!! While my kids are not yet out doing things without me, I can see this as being a huge problem down the road. Cell phones offer an undeniable convenience, but when you know your loved one has one and does not answer it, it just causes more stress.

    Your cake looks wonderful. I LOVE the apple pie spice idea and I LOVE the caramel idea. I might just steal ’em, in fact!

  6. Your cake is gorgeous. I love it. I too had wanted to use apples, but went the cherry pie filling route to cut corners. Yeah, Im slack, just mailing it in so to speak.

    Love the caramel sauce on top. Thats a winner!

  7. Oh-yours looks sooo much better. I love the apple rings plus the sauce puts it over the top. Glad your boy is safe. Fifteen does sound way too much like fifty and I’d have been worried too.

  8. Glad to know that you ALL made it through his first day of college! Hope you have a less stressful Tuesday afternoon!

    Ya’ know… since my daugther started college a month ago, I’ve had to learn to let go a little at a time. It’s hard, but it’s getting easier. I realize I have to let her make some decisions on her own and whether they are good or bad, I’ve got to let her suffer whatever the consequences may be… but… UGH…. I need a pill just to get through some days and wondering what the heck she’s thinking! LOL

  9. Worrying and fretting is part and parcel of being a mom. You’re gonna really laugh when the girl is a mom herself and begins the worry routine.

    That cake is so perfect for fall. I’m going out to the apple orchard today to pick some beautiful, fresh apples.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  10. My first to go to college went to a school 4 hours away, so I didn’t get those calls but I knew she could take care of herself & make wise decisions which she did. Boychip is a sensible young man who is able to handle himself in stressful situations & if he were in trouble he would call you. He would not want you to panic if he’s a few hours late. Sometimes things do come up beyond our control. I understand that nagging little fear when our children are out of our sight but it’s part of parenthood. look on the bright side…you still have one at home that you know where she is at every minute……Think of the time before cell phones when your mom didn’t know where you were & thought you said 2:15 instead of 2:50 & you were an hour or 2 late & she was ready to call the state police & have the pond drained & …….
    I’m glad he got home ok. Knew he would. They do grow up……….

  11. All I can say is that I’m so glad that this point has been passed for me. I specifically tell my kids NOT to let me in on certain particulars. I don’t want to know when my daughter-in-law is in labor. I don’t want to know that they’re on a trip to Boston in rush hour traffic. I just keep them in my prayers all the time and that way, I feel they’re covered. ;D

    That cake looks very good. You know what? I feel the same way about fruit; it doesn’t belong in cakes. But that peach dump cake that Miss Mari-Nanci makes changed all that for me. Looks as if this one could, too.

  12. I’m reminded of a time when the role of worrying was reversed. After work ,one day, I stopped by a co-workers house to look at a planer he was selling. He also made violins and dulcimers, so, I got involved with that and completely lost track of time. When I got home(2 hours later than usual), my son(he was seven) came charging out the front door and gave me a good tongue lashing for worrying Mom like that(of course, he wasn’t worried!). When I got inside, I saw where he had moved the kitchen chair to the window in the living room, with a blanket for comfort, nose and hand prints all over the window, and held a vigil, worried that he would never see his Daddy again. I was so touched. I wanted to take a picture of the chair next to the window and title it “The Vigil” and keep it forever.

  13. Husbands can be that way with the phone too. I don’t care WHO you’re meeting with. answer. the damn. phone. now. or face my wrath when you finally do arrive. My husband operates on his own special clock. Whenever she says he’ll be home by X, add two to three hours.
    Apple cake with caramel looks scrupmtious and glad you survived The Waiting.

  14. Your cake looks delicious–great idea with the caramel. It reminds me of the cake I saw recently on the King Arthur blog. I used apples, too, but I should have sliced them thin like you did. Back to the drawing board…

  15. Oh my. Mother anxiety is terrible! Now I feel like I should call my mother. HAHA. Wow. Your caramel apple inspired cake looks AH-MAZING! I am craving caramel apples now. Great job!
    PS. Glad your son arrived home safely. I was getting anxiety just reading…
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  16. Been there with hubby.
    He has come up with an answer as far as the kids are concerned….write it down. So now we write on the white boards what time someone is due home so that there is less chance of a discrepancy – good handwriting is important just like good diction.

    Glad he made it in one piece and called/answered.

    As for the cake….that looks delish as usual. 😀

  17. That story had me laughing, mostly because I’ve totally done that to my parents before. Whoops 🙂 And I love the caramel apple take on this – definitely seasonally appropriate.

  18. Delicious! I also made apple and thought of caramel topping but did not have the stuff to make it with. Now that I see yours I may need to make this again! 😉

  19. I have two grown boys so I have been through those college years. You really lose some of your control with them so just stay cool. Your cake looks delicious. I wanted to do apples too, but I wondered if the apple would cook enough in 40 minutes. I’m gonna try it next time!

  20. Your cake looks so so so so so so good. Love that Longaberger dish…it is one, isn’t it? I have tons of them around here…so tell your husband, thanks for all his hard work!

  21. Aww my mum is exactly the same! She lives an hour away so when I go to visit her, if I’m running late she starts freaking out that I’ve had an accident or something!

    Your cake looks delicious. I was considering doing apples too but I can never pass up on blueberries. The sauce is such a good addition too.

  22. Oh, how I can relate. I just spent thirty minutes earlier this evening. No answer at home. No answer on his cell. I texted him to call immediately. Nothing. Finally I get a call with screaming in the background. Fortunately not screams of pain but screams a tthe girls’ volleyball game which he claims he told me about and which I, of course, had no recollection of hearing. Oh, well…

    By the way, I am blown away by your photos. I wish I could achieve that same clarity and close up intimacy. Just beautiful!

  23. Your cake looks absolutely stunning with the apples and caramel sauce! Yum- makes me want to try it again! Glad my children aren’t old enough for phones or driving yet 🙂

  24. Yum – that looks fabulous!

    And you know, it doesn’t matter how old they get, some of them. My husband – an adult according to his age, anyway, usually doesn’t even have his cell phone ON, so it’s incredibly frustrating trying to reach him if he’s not at work or at home. Grrr!!! My sympathies to you!

  25. Oh yum – I love it with apples and caramel!! I will have to try this combination as I was not all too crazy about the plums!

    And I’m so sorry you got so worried! Even my husband will sometimes not answer his phone and I’ll get huffy with him about it! 🙂

  26. That cake — and that sauce! — look marvelous. And teenage boys, who know deep down in their hearts that nothing bad can ever happen to them, are absolutely horrible about reassuring their mothers, who know deep down in their hearts that everything bad can.

  27. Now THAT looks good! I think I would have liked that a whole lot more than the original.

    Shame on that bad boy for now answering his phone. (Note to self: start lecturing the boys, ages 7 and 9, about answering the phone when mom calls.. hee, hee.)

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