September 22

Happy first day of Autumn.

Today begins the shortest season of the year.

Autumn lasts all of 4 weeks 2 days, then the temperatures begin to drop like a rocket on steroids.   Snow begins to fall and we enter the longest season of the year.   Winter.   Frozen.

Winter Frozen lasts for 6 very long months up here in Pothole, Ohio.  6 long months of putting on coats and hats and gloves and scarves, only to arrive at your destination 15 minutes later, and  have to remove all you coats and hats and gloves and scarves.

Last year, the cold almost made me insane.   This year, I think I am moving to South America where the weather is always warm.   I’m chartering a cruise.   Anyone in???

Warning:  Rant

A friend of mine told me Saturday that she went to Lowes and saw Christmas trees already on display.

Seriously people!   It is still September.   It was 92º yesterday.

I don’t want or need to be reminded that 1. cold is coming  2. I haven’t even started shopping for that day or 3.  cold is coming.  Did I mention the cold?

Please let me enjoy the holidays as they come.   I want to wring every last minute out of Autumn.   I want to look forward to Thanksgiving.   I don’t want Christmas crammed. down. my. throat.   Having Christmas trees displayed early doesn’t make me want to shop at your store.   It makes me want to never enter it again till January 1.  But noooo.   You display so early, that I am forced to purchase things now, because if I wait like a normal person and shop you know…after Thanksgiving…nothing will be left for me to purchase.

Rant over.

Ok, I feel much better now.

Today, a new chapter in the book of the boys life starts.   It is entitled “The College Years”.   I am so proud.   So proud, I am about to explode.

So, today will find me outside, soaking up the sunshine, forgetting that December is only 4 months away and I haven’t started shopping yet, and trying very, very hard not to explode.


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37 thoughts on “September 22”

  1. CC…I understand your rant. Before I worked in retail I could never understand why they put swim suits out in the winter Coats out in July and Christmas trees up early. I still think it’s too early.

    After I started working outside the home I found that you don’t always have a lot of time to shop or decorate. I never would put my tree up until December, then I would slowly start with the decor…but…I find that if nobody comes to our home for Thanksgiving, and I happen to have that time off from work, that’s the only time I can find to decorate. Usually I’m pooped by the time I get home from work, so it’s easy to take advantage of the time off.

    Although I don’t love it, I take advantage of the time to get everything ready for December especially since we have Open House and so many festivities with the church.

    At this time I’m not working outside of the home, but if I should get a job, I will probably do the same.

    I do like to get my shopping started early if I can, that way I can spread my shopping over a time and it doesn’t seem like such a huge amount of money coming out all at one time. Although as of yet, I only have a gift for the girls in our family.

    It’s hard for Gma to realize my grandson is as old as he is. Look at his hands! They are now “man” hands. I remember kissing those little hands when I held him. I remember seeing those sweet little hands resting on his bottle when we fed him…I think I’m going to cry…

  2. That boy is beautiful!! SOmehow you managed to catch that grown man off on an adventure and still see a peek of that 1st day of school grin from yesteryear. Is the camera angle pointed UP just a tad? (like the nose of a proud Mama?)

    Rant ON!! I like to play a little mindgame with myself here on the Tundra–The shortest day of the year?? They START winter then? I start spring then-the days keep getting longer from then on and I hold every moment of extra sunshine like chocolate chic hoards extra dark gourmet bars in that pink satin purse on the top shelf of her closet!

  3. My little Chef wants to wish your Chef luck in his new venture. I really love that you captured that first day of school excitement. I can’t wait to hear about his adventures.

    As for the rant, I hear ya!

  4. I’m coming with you to South America. Up here in the far north autumn started a month ago when the leaves started changing. Today it’s raining and they keep using the s-word (as in: if it gets any colder the rain will turn to s***). Even for the far north it’s much, much too soon for that nonsense.

  5. From one new college mom to another..Many congratulations! You have done a good job.

    I could speak the same rant, so a few years ago I decided to quit Christmas. We go away now either right before or right after Christmas, and don’t do alot of gifts. Each kid gets one or two gifts and we take a nice vacation with the money I was previously spending. Double bonus, it’s usually a break from the monotony of winter, and I don’t feel so obligated to go overboard with decorations, because we are gone for a week.

    It’s been 4 years now, and we all love it.

  6. CC – later today I’m hoping to post some photos. I will try to remember to put a warning up and then a read more notice so that you’ll not have to see what will be there if you really don’t want to.

    That said…. The Boy certain has grown up in the years that I’ve been seeing his pictures. Seems kinda strange to be calling him the Boy when he looks more like The Man – You’ll need another name for him here soon.

    Take care.

  7. It’s obvious from the sparkle in his eyes, that he is so excited to be starting this new phase in his life!

    Congratulations to both of you! I know he will bake a fabulous chef!

  8. It’s amazing how one person can wish so hard for snow and another can wish so hard for the exact opposite.

    I would love to have a white Christmas… or just any season other than HOT.

    Care to switch places?

  9. Oh the whole retail schedule drives me insane. Michael’s has had Halloween stuff in the stores since July! I’m like you, I want to soak up every bit of autumn (my favorite season) and I want to slow down and take it all in without feeling the stress of Christmas shopping. Plus, when my kids need new bathing suits in August, it would be nice if they were in the stores instead of fall clothing…sheesh!

  10. I really don’t mind winter.

    I enjoy sitting by the woodstove, cup of coffee in hand, reading a book, and watching it snow. 🙂

  11. Wow! Dean just looks so “right” in a chef’s uniform.

    Ditto on the rant.
    I heard we are suppose to get a lot of the “s” word here in Missouri. UGHH!

    I do sometimes like to see the Christmas decor up. It takes me a while to get into the shopping mood, so any help is good for me, but I do hate the fact that most retailers overlook Thanksgiving – one of my favorite holidays.

  12. I’d like to think that Christmas is on the shelves so early because, like me, everyone else LOVES the holiday and wants to prolong it.

    But I’m not naive. I know it’s about the moneeeeey.

  13. I understand your Christmas rant, as for the cold I do not. I am in Texas we don’t really get winter, kinda cheated out of it. Our coldest is usually mid to upper 40’s!

  14. How come I didn’t understand that he was going into culinary school? Oh my, I must not have been paying attention. No…..that blueberry ice cream made me lose concentration. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I wish him all good things in college. WOO HOO.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  15. WOW. He certainly is handsome. Tanya ,you can always come out to California for a couple weeks and visit us in the frozen time.

  16. We were in Sam’s Club Saturday and I saw POINSETTIAS high up on a shelf, where they keep things they don’t want to put out yet. They were all wrapped in plastic and I just shook my head. It’s SEPTEMBER and we’re talking POINSETTIAS!

  17. Sorry – I couldn’t read past your comment about Lowe’s having Christmas trees before responding. I live in beautiful Orange County, CA where the temps were in the 90s last week. I had to make a Lowe’s run and was so distracted by the lit Christmas trees on display (while suffering with sweat running down my back from the heat) that I literally walked into an area I wasn’t supposed to go. I would never go somewhere that said DO NOT ENTER when sane and not distracted by Christmas trees. CRAZY! And I love Christmas… (sigh)

  18. I love cold weather…. I can safety say such things from my Florida living room…. how I miss snow…snow men…snow angels..snow covered trees…. sledding…watching your friend barrel down the hill and land with one leg on each side of a tree…. me being the sympathetic and devoted friend that I am ran down to assist…. telling her wait, wait, I am coming,….. let me take a picture before you get up….. such memories…. that only happen in the wonderful season of winter….

    I am envious truly…. as I saw the geese this week… in sunny and…. did I mention…. very warm Florida…. I thought of how the Canadian geese harolded the arrival of spring in Alaska…. here they mean nothing except a warning to watch where you walk.

    I truly love winter and do miss snow. You lucky duck….

    The Boy looks fantastic too. I love the coat, but I do hope those pants were issued…. We need a side by side of his first day of kindergarten and his first day of college…. can you believe it…. WOW

  19. I am in complete agreement with your rant. Even the KIDS are in agreement and you know how the under 10 set LOVES Christmas. The boy looks so handsome and so proud. Watch out for exploding chocolatechics and boys.

  20. Hey there! I love your blog, especially the pictures of food. I am a sucker for any kind of eats and treats, so I love the pics, but they always make me hungry.

    The REAL reason I’m writing, is because I now live in South America, and I promise you it’s not always warm. We actually just had the first day of spring on Sunday (coincidentally the same day you had the first day of autumn!) so it’s finally looking like it might warm up. But I left my family in Chicago in the middle of a beautiful warm July day to arrive here in Buenos Aires in the middle of a chilly breezy blustery winter day! So come visit! But if you do, come Oct-March because otherwise you’re enjoying winter with the rest of us!

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