September 20

I am busily working on what was to be today’s blog, but life caught up with me fast this morning.

Tomorrow, I will have a full blown post with pictures and everything.

Today, I will be enjoying the last day of summer by hemming 2 pair of pants and cleaning.

Good times, Internet, good times.

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6 thoughts on “September 20”

  1. I guess that means that we have something to look forward to waking up to on Sunday!!

    Enjoy the last day of summer – it never arrived here so I’ll not be enjoying the final day, of course it’s been autumn here for quite a while so…..

  2. Had a lot of catching up to read. We were without power from Sunday at 7 until Friday at 3:30 yuck. My sister is STILL without power. I found it interesting that more ppl would do without electricity than water from previous blog. Having hot water but no electricity I must admit I would rather go without water. You can jump in your car and go buy some or borrow from a neighbor. However without electricity you can’t borrow from anyone! Thanks for letting me comment.

  3. Looking forward to pictures tomorrow. Ah, cleaning. I hate that word,but alas, it must be done. I spent the day washing windows,inside and out. It really was a nice day for it.Trying to get the mobile home cleaned and ready to sell when the word of apartment availability in California comes through.

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