September 19

Hi Internet!

It’s Friday, and I’m nosy.

I have traveled with my sister more than any other person in the world.   She loves ‘adventure’.   I call it getting freaky lost, but she has a better outlook than I do.

Ma, ya might not want to read this next part.

Once we were traveling, she driving and getting tired, so I offered to drive.   The thing is, we didn’t want to pull over.   So, we set the cruise and switched places.  On the Interstate.   Doing about 70.   We were having an adventure.

So, I ask you what is something really, really stupid you’ve done that could easily have resulted in your own death?

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  1. My friend and I hitched a ride back from the mall with 2 guys we knew for about 5 mintes. They had a van. Looking back, I can’t believe I did that.

  2. OH my! Um, there are probably so many things. But mostly, just trusting people, guys usually, that I shouldn’t have. I look back on my teens and thank God for watching out for me. I was a dolt!

  3. I already knew that CC! Your sister told me…after you were both out of the house of course!

    I remember riding home from summer school with people I really didn’t know…they drove so reckless I prayed ALL THE WAY HOME and promised to never do THAT again if God got me home safely!…Well…one day it was raining and your daddy and I were walking home from school. Your Uncle was in a car with 2 other guys (I had no idea who they were) and offered us a ride home. Feeling safe with Uncle and your Daddy I agreed. The guy driving, started going a different way than my home was. I started getting scared (privately of course)I don’t know if the two other guys were up to mischief or not, but we went around a curve too fast, we had an accident and that was the end of that joy ride!

    My dad hit the roof when he found out I was in a car with four guys. I was totally innocent…believe me and felt safe with your daddy and Uncle.

    One could only imagine what could have happened.

  4. Being in the car with 8 teens packed in – on the highway – I was on my boyfriend’s lap, in the front passenger seat.

    Taking a ride home from school (with 2 other friends)in the back/trunk of an el Cameno (pickup type car) with the trunk lid closed.

  5. This is an easy one!!! Riding in the semi with my hubs in the mountains. Freaks me out so bad. I just cant get use to it. I feel like we are just going to flip over the edge of every curve. There are just a few curves in the mountains ya know.

    While in the mountains I tell him repeatedly in a very firm voice to slow this buggy down and he finally does when we are about through the range. It takes him that long to realize I really mean it!!!!

    This summer I went with him to Utah. After we are over 800 miles from home I realized why I did not want to go along. Mountains. Beautiful in pictures but just not for this flatlander.

  6. Yes a non-conductive handle was between me and 240 volts. Thank the Lord for non-conductive handles.

    That thing you and your sister did — that must have been exciting!

  7. Where do I begin?! There was the time I had a car load of girls from Bible camp and almost put the car in the lake(showing off). Trying to squeeze thru a one-way bridge beside a dump truck(scratched the side of car). Driving straight thru to Pheonix from home(fell asleep). My last week in the Air Force, fell asleep at the wheel and hit a moving train while driving a Vega(didn’t get a scratch). The funniest thing was when my brothers and I drove to Yellowstone and got tired on the way. We stopped by the road and camped out. The next morning, we awoke to find that directly above our tent was a sign that read “NO CAMPING”. We still have a of picture that somewhere. Believe it or not, I am considered a good driver and have the highest insurance rating.

  8. Oh dear heavens! I hope that this was years and years ago.

    The stupidest thing that I ever did was sit right beside the tracks as a train roared through. Right beside=three feet away. Dumb! (I hope that my mother nor your mother reads this one either.)

  9. FYI. It’s Carmen aka God’s Army Academy. Come check me out on my new blog. I have been updating since Sept 1, and I am hiding from family who like to judge things said on blogs. HA. Update your blogroll and see what the boys are up to.

  10. As a teen we did a lot of hitchhiking and driving / racing with people who were drunk. Its amazing to me I came out unscathed. Some friends did die and it could easily have been me on several occasions, but for some last minute decisions. I know God had my back for sure.

  11. My brother has been leading me into trouble since I was a little thing and followed him and his buddy who were under the girl scout building breaking bottles while my mother was hosting a meeting in the building we were under. Bad idea – very bad idea. He was also the one who taught me the change the driver trick while barreling down the interstate between college and home – back when the speed limit was 80 mph (of course he always drove faster!) The only thing that made it semi-not-quite-as-dangerous is that he had a van and I could get into the drivers seat pretty quick.

  12. I’ve done that several times w/a variety of accomplices. I’m not even going to start listing the crazy, stupid things I’ve done in my past, but I am thankful to my God that I’m still here!!!

  13. My husband would say that anytime I get behind the wheel, I’m risking my life, but he’s a butthead.

    Once I had to be in Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding, in which I was a bridesmaid. I realized at the last second that I had accidentally scheduled a return flight on the SAME NIGHT as my arriving flight. So, I would get on the plane at 5pm on Friday and have to return at 9pm that same night.

    It was too late to change my flight, so I had to drive instead. Getting there was no problem, it was only a 6 hour drive or so… but I had to be at work on Sunday at FIVE AM so had to leave the reception to start driving home on Saturday night. Well, come 1am and I started dozing off behind the wheel. I called my husband immediately and said find me a hotel room now.

  14. The absolute dumbest thing I have EVER done was to drive home (about 4 blocks) from a party after I had been drinking. I hadn’t had much, but enough that as I was driving I knew I should have called a cab. I NEVER did that again, in fact, I volunteered to be the driver from then on. What a STUPID thing to do, but I felt invincible at the time.

  15. 1. The afore mention “adventure” with my sister,
    2.driving without my glassesn (I’m leagally blind without them)
    3.Driving while feeling like I was going to pass out (extremely low blood sugar)
    4. Trying to out-run a tornado in a car
    5. What I am and almost died from this year.

  16. Drove straight home from New Mexico to Ohio with no sleep. Uncle Jim was sick and I had to get him home to his doctor. Other than that I have lead a very hum drum life.

  17. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to remain alive this long with all the unwittingly stupid things I did as a child and teenager. Narrowing it down to one would be difficult, but I guess the dumbest thing I ever did was jump off a raft in the ocean in water way over my head and then proceed to sink like a rock. My mom deserves an Olympic medal for how quickly she got from the shore to me!

  18. When my sister and I were teenagers she would open the passenger car door and lean way out to pretend she is falling when we would pass some guys. She put her feet under the dashboard to keep from falling. Now, I realize God protected her. It was very foolish not to mention dangerous.

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