September 18

With so much devastation from Ike, even us here in the north getting some, I thought I’d do a little poll.

If you had to do without electricity or water for 48 hours, which one would you choose?

Water or Electricity


Let me know in the comments which you chose, and why.


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  1. I voted for Electricity. I’ve went without water for a few days in a row before and you just don’t realize how many times a day, you go to the sink for various things, etc… I think no electricity forces a family to use their imaginations and possibly reconnent by playing board games, talking, etc… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I could go without electricity, too. Without water and I couldn’t get a drink unless I had something else or bottle water. No flushing the toilet or washing my hands. It would be hard to cook without water to cook with or wash my hands while cooking.

  3. I voted for going w/o electricity because I’ve been without both water and electricity and going without water was harder.

    48 hours w/o electricity is not that big of a deal. We’ve done that several times when we’ve had bad ice storms. We have a propane heater, propane camp stove, gas grill, battery lanterns, oil lamps, flashlights, manual can opener…chocolate. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The hardest thing w/o electricity is staying warm if it’s really cold. (I’m talking about healthy people here…people on life-saving power equipment would have a different perspective, I’m sure!)

    But not being able to flush toilets is icky, and there are so many things you need water for. Dishes, baths, toilets, drinking, cooking…

  4. For Hurricane Charlie, we had no electric for 6 days. In Florida. In August.

    For Hurricane Jeanne, no electricity for 4 days. In Florida. In August.

    The generator brought us a little relief, but to have to survive without water would have been so hard. Someone earlier said you could always buy water. . . not when the stores are without electric, no deliveries are being made, and the shelves are empty! They had to truck some drinking water in. Radios were announcing “You can buy ice at the 7-11 on such and such street. . . hurry before it’s gone!”

    The camping stove took care of cooking, candles and lanterns helped with the night. It would have been a nightmare without water.

    I’m now wondering if I voted correctly? I think clicked on the wrong one! I would definitely lose electricity before water.

  5. I’d rather go without water because my daughter works for a bottling plant and I can get the bottled variety. I could heat the water on the stove for bathing.

    I was so surprised by the hit that Ohio took in this last storm. It’s been in the papers here every day since. Glad that your electric is back on and that things are settling down.

  6. We live in an area that loses electricity every time a dark cloud goes overhead. It’s getting better but everytime there’s a big storm we’re left without water AND electricity. We’re on a weel which means when the electricity goes out we have no water. Just think about it for a moment – – if you have no water you cannot flush a toilet. It’s horrible. About a month ago we lost electricity and could not get the generator started no matter what we did so now we’re installing a natural gas powered back up generator. When our electric goes out it automatically cuts on.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  7. I would do without electricity.

    I could cook on the woodstove and use candles for light. I could also hook the generator up to the fridge and freezer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Going without electricity would just be like being on a camping trip. In extreams of weather it would be a little harder to deal without electricity, but we would manage.

    Our family has a 72hour/3day kit in case of emergencies. It’s basic essentials to get us through until help can arrive. You might want to check out the Red Cross website.,1082,0_500_,00.html

    One of the neat things that I found at the Red Cross store is called a WaterBobโ„ข –Water Bathtub Oblong Bladder for $29.95. I’m thinking about getting one for our family. They also have ready made 72hour/3day kits.

  9. Where we live, if we don’t have electricity, we don’t have water ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So I’d for SURE pick that I’d go without water.

    Althought we did (like so many other commenters) have installed a portable generator and wired up to our house. THANK GOODNESS!

  10. Yeah, I’d rather do without electricity. There are other ways to cook, light, entertain and heat – but water is used for food, brushing, flusing and drinking. There’s no substitute for running water.

    We went through TS Francis in 2005 and had no electricity for a day or so. That motivated us to get a generator pretty quick. They are a nice thing to have.

  11. I’d do without electricity. I need to be able to bathe. We have a gas water tank so that would be fine.

    Can use propane stoves, BBQs, flashlights and candles….but can’t do without bathing or flushing the toilets for several days.

  12. I chose water, but that’s only IF I knew the outage was coming and could prepare by filling up the sinks and tubs, buying lots of bottled water, etc. We live in a storm/power-outage prone area, and I’ve been without electricity for several days at a clip, and truly I start to come unglued after a while. That said, I’ve never been without water, so maybe it would actually be worse. They are both really, really bad, and I truly feel for the people lacking either one right now!

  13. When my electricity goes out so does my supply of water, unless I have it stocked up, because I’m on well water. No electricity means no pump to get the water into the house.

    Personally I could do without either one but it is easier when I choose to do without vs having it taken away from me against my will.

  14. Okay, I totally said I’d go without water, because life without electricity would make me stark-raving mad…

    However, I was only thinking about drinking water and thought I always have plenty of bottled water on hand, so no problem there and then other people’s comments started to sink in.

    No water for dishes, toilet, or shower?! That’s horrifying. I’d like to change my vote please!

  15. Going without electricity is no big deal.. In Washington, there was a HUGE windstorm and it knocked down trees all over the state. Until workers could reach our area, we were without power. It ended up being about three weeks. I was F-I-N-E fine. Josh was deployed so it was just me. I chopped wood, boiled water, heated water for baths, cooked on the wood stove, and even fed our neighbors. I loved it.


  16. Having been without electricity for the past hmmm. 4 and 1/2 days, I vote electricity. I can get water from the fire station. Although that is probably cheating. lol. And they still don’t know how much longer we are going to be without.

  17. I need water!!! We can do without electricity( or I should say I can do without electricity). The guys would just have to surf the web by candlelight.

  18. I think I live within about 30 miles of you and we were without electricity for 68 hours. THANK GOODNESS WE HAD WATER. If I had to give up one, it would definitely be electricity.

    By the way, living without power was fun for a little while, but the fun quickly wore off after about the first 12 hours. Then it was just really annoying. And frustrating.

  19. I voted water…. I have a pool full of water for the necessities mentioned and a lake should I use the 7000 gallons in the pool……

    Personally I am rather fond of both….

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