September 17

For those of you wanting yesterday’s recipe, Claudia has it up. Her blog is in German, but she has it set up to where you can click on a link and it automatically translates into English.

For the longest time, I had been searching for something for me the  Chips to snack on that was

1. fun great tasting,

2. healthy,  and

3.  will last longer in my their stomach than 20 minutes.

To me, carrot sticks and apples while healthy, are definately not fun.

3 years ago I found it.   I can not remember where I found this sweet little snack, but it is hearty, fun, and just a wee bit healthy too.

First get yourself a tortilla.

You can use any kind.   Wheat, white, rice, whatever makes you your kiddos happy.   Spread it with about 2 tbsp. peanut butter.

Drizzle with honey.

Sprinkle with granola.

You can make home made or use the stuff off the shelf.   I prefer home made.

Roll them up, slice them and eat them give them to your kiddos.

This snack meets all my requirements.   I sometimes make this for lunch.   One tortilla lasts me them a good 4 hours.

Try it, you’ll like it.

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30 thoughts on “September 17”

  1. When I have the ingredients, I’ve been known to eat a tortilla with natural PB, honey, banana, and *maybe* just a few chocolate chips for breakfast. It is SO delicious and healthy. Your version looks yummy too!

  2. That looks good – I’m sure the kids would love it! 😀

    BTW – Claudia has an English post about the cookies and at the end – the recipe in GERMAN! Ack!

  3. Well, that looks good but the Applieseeds won’t eat it because:

    1. has peanutbutter, Matthew can’t eat that anyway.
    2. has granola.
    3. it’s food.

    Ok, ok, they would eat the plain tortilla and they would eat the honey, if it was on a bagel or toast.

  4. That does look really good. Unfortunately I know at least one of my kids wouldn’t eat it 🙄 the other one might try it and I have no idea what he would think as new things become appealing all the time.

    I’m not sure about the granola but if you sliced up apples really thin I think they would go in there very nicely. I just bought some ww tortillas and I may just have to try these. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  5. I actually have all this stuff and it looks really good and easy! Guess what my little hatchlings are going to have when they get home from school today? Great idea Claudia, and thanks for sharing, Chocolatechic!

  6. I make that with my kiddos at school sometimes. They love it. I have been off line for three days due to our mini hurricane. Nothing makes you appreciate modern conveniences till you can’t cook,wash, or even flush for twelve hours. Then we didn’t have TV, internet,or phone for three days. We are on the road to recovery. Just some minor inconveniences compared to Texas. Hope everyone is faring well in internet land.

  7. This looks yummy. I know some that would really like this one as a snack. Probably with the bananas since Charlie doesn’t do anything with nuts.

    I also noticed there is an important part missing…(cuase I looked for it…LOL)the granola recipe.

    Do you have that up on your blog? Is this day going like the rest of it and I am just not seeing it there…..Would you consider posting said granola recipe?

  8. Was it always there under “Dean’s Granola?” I hope it wasn’t so I won’t feel so stupid. In my defense…I am very sick right now…..fever, the whole nine yards…You could call me and tell I am sick….LOL… :-))

    Thank you for putting it there even though I am guessing it was probably all ready there and I am blind….It might be the blurred vision.

  9. I made these yesterday right after I commented and said I would 🙂
    They were great! I loved them and 2 out of 3 of the kids did too. (#3 doesn’t get enthusiastic about too many things). Mom, these were great and you made them so fast. Winner!

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