September 16

First, I just can not reiterate enough just how much I appreciate electricity.   Hot shower, blow dryer, C-PAP, washing machine, internet service, etc.

Thank you Ben Franklin for discovering electricity.

Bad segue…

I will never forget my first memory of chocolate.   I was 4, I think, (ma or Aunt please correct me) and I went on vacation with my grandparents.  They had this silver bulletesque  camper, and we went to Kentucky.   I sat on my grandma’s lap and she fed me Milky Way candy bars from a bag.  I never knew that candy bars could come in a bag.   Grandma was a wonder at getting her grandchildren cookies, candy and snacks.

I have a few other vague memories of that trip, but it is the Milky Way’s and sitting on Grandma’s lap, being able to see out the front that is burned vividly into my consciousness.

When I saw that we were doing another cookie for today’s TWD, I was a bit ‘iffy’.   The last 2 were rather disappointing to me, and I just didn’t know if I wanted to… 1.  be disappointed again and 2.  use up ingredients that I could be using for something fabulous.

This recipe did not disapoint.

Internet, this recipe has six different kinds of chocolate in it.  SIX !!!  With that much chocolate, how could I be disappointed?

There was unsweetened chocolate and bittersweet in the batter.   The recipe said to melt over a double boiler.   I just can’t bring myself to do that, when I can do it just as nicely in the microwave.   Please don’t tell Jacques Torres.   I might be kicked out of the chocolate club.

Then there was powdered cocoa added to the flour.

After that, we folded in 3 different kind of chips.  Semi-sweet, milk and that other ‘stuff’ some people call white chocolate, but it really is just cocoa butter chips.   I was supposed to add raisins, but I am just not a raisin fan, so I didn’t…because I could.

As you can see there just barely enough dough to hold all the yummies together.

If you go to Claudia’s blog at Fool for Food, you will find the recipe, and can make these fabulous cookies for yourself.

When you do, you will find yourself in chocolate overload, but don’t worry.

You’ll  like it.

I promise.

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52 thoughts on “September 16”

  1. The batter looks wonderful. MOM & DAD took you to kentucky? What for? I don’t remember that & I was still at home when you were 4. Mom & dad did love feeding you anything you weren’t supposed to have. They loved spoiling you while they were together & that usually involved food.

  2. Mmmmm! Those look fabulous! I’ll bet some nuts would be good in there in lieu of raisins. Mmmmm! What a nice way to start the day, thanks!

  3. I wasn’t too thrilled about the last two TWD cookies either and was wary about making these, so I didn’t. (Like you I didn’t want to waste the chocolate :)) I may try this one at some point since yours look so yummy. Nice photos – is this the GMC Gremlin camera?

  4. Lisa~~yes, these pictures were taken with the (giggling) GMC Gremlin. it is actually a Nikon CoolPix.

    I have figured out how to take closeups and in great lighting….but bad lighting…..

    Makes me want to lash a spear to a tree and impale myself.

  5. That closeup is the best picture of a chunker I’ve seen! I’m glad you liked these. I think that I’ll make these again and again. I love your Milky Way memory!

  6. They look yummeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you know if you lick your computer screen you can see all these little round things of color?LOL! Hmmm…for some reason the chocolaty flavor just isn’t coming through for me?


  7. Great job with the point and shoot! Love the peanut photo. I was wary of wasting all that chocolate too, so I divided my batch into several variations. It was either that or cut the recipe drastically, and I have a meeting I plan to bring them to.

  8. Those look fabulous via the computer monitor so they must have been even better in real time. I wish that I could have been there during the power outage to sample them with you while we played board games….which you probably would have won but oh the fun we could have had with the cookies and some milk. 😀

  9. CC, my DS drooled when he saw your pictures. We LOVE chocolate! I clicked on the link for the recipe, but didn’t see it, or maybe I did see it, I just couldn’t read it. H.E.L.P. M.E. …..I’m having a chocolate attack, and can’t find the recipe. 😆 I NEED the recipe. 🙂 *licking lips*

    ps….what language is that site anyway? 😉

    First time posting a reply,

  10. you know your pictures are deadly. as I was scrolling I was getting heart palpitations….I’m seriously craving chocolate anything cookies now. thanks a lot! lol

  11. CC you were not quite four yet. They took you camping but it wasn’t Kentucky. They may have just taken you to a campground in Enon. I think it was just for the weekend. I remember you going. I also remember hearing about the Milky Ways.

    Dad had remodeled an IH delivery Van into a camper. It was painted green. They used to go to Enon campgrounds all the time.

    I’m glad you have that sweet memory!

  12. Great photos and great looking cookies. I love it when people add their little stories in…yours was charming with the grandmother and the milky way bars. Thanks for sharing.

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