Why Chocolatechic didn’t post this morning

It all began around 3pm yesterday afternoon.

Chocolatechic and the girl were home alone and taking advantage of Netflix’s ‘view now’ when the lights began to flicker, and the WiFi connection conked out.

That is when Chocolatechic and the girl actually noticed that the wind was blowing.


By 5ish, our electricity had flickered on and off so much that the girl and gave up I just went outside.

The  neighbors had gathered  around my next door neighbor’s house to chat about who’s house was getting torn apart faster.

‘Cause we are all about ‘loving thy neighbor’.

(not only was this picture taken with my little Nikon CoolPix, it was taken in 40 mph winds)

After we watched this poor man’s roof blow off, the girl and I went down the street to see if other neighbors needed help. <——-read, I wanted to get pictures of destruction so I could blog about it.

We watched this limb fall.

This is Cadillac Man’s yard.

He works at one of the funeral homes here in town, and he always has either a Cadillac hearse or limo parked in his drive.

Bad day to park under a tree.

Makes me almost happy I don’t have a tree in my yard.


Chocolatechic’s house remained totally unscathed.

Except for that pesky little ‘no electricity’ thing.


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13 thoughts on “Why Chocolatechic didn’t post this morning”

  1. Yep, with a name like “Ike” we all should have known that we were going to get slapped around.

    I’m still awaiting a report from my brother as to how our house in Airforce Base, Ohio faired.

  2. You know that you should be very careful about walking around during a wind storm that is strong enough to bring down trees? Glad that you all are OK and it was only the electricity that was taken from you for several hours. It would have been much worse if the room had been torn off instead. Hope your neighbors have good insurance to cover their damages.

  3. We were without power for about 25 hours 😦 Yuck! I never knew how thankful I was for electricity! Thankfully we were able to save all the food in the freezer, but the food in the fridge had to go 😦

    Glad you guys & your house are safe!

  4. I wa s laughing at the part where you ran down the street to see who needed help (camera in hand for those perfect photo ops)! That is definitely something I would have done!

  5. Your blog is so fun!

    I love that you’ve named your neighbors. We do that, too, although we’d rather know them by name. For some reason, that just doesn’t happen at condo complexes in the OC. We’ve got Miata man, and Eastern European lady, and Squeek-Squish, and 7am-on-a-Saturday Harley-Davidson man… there’s more but I won’t bore you with all their names just now.

    Thanks for the update and stay safe!
    ~ Heidi

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