September 12

Hi Internet.

It is Friday and I am nosy.

First, for those of you that asked, the girl is not taking ballet.   Most likely she never will again, but she gets in her shoes quite often, just to keep it in her head, to keep muscle tone, and to dance for herself.

Now…for my nosy question!

Since it is September, and the new fall line up is going to start in a couple of weeks, what television show are you willing to stay up late to watch?  and why do you like that show so much?

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  1. CSI, all of them, and N3MBERS.

    I just like the whole investigation involved in all of them. I have no idea really. I just can’t wait until the new episodes. I have to find out if Horatio is really dead, and if they find out who killed Warwick, and If Mac will be rescued. lol That was only the 3 CSI’s.

    N3MBERS, I just like it because of all the twists and turns and the way a math whiz solves everything.

    I am really too excited. Sorry. lol.

  2. The only tv shows that I watch are all on Thursday night: CSI (original only), ER and The Office. I have watched CSI and ER from the beginning and am hooked. The Office is my release and my time for a good laugh…that Michael is hysterical!

  3. I wish I had an answer for you. I forgot tv people did fall lineups and new shows. I saw a funny show for the first time the other day, Malcolm in the Middle. I have no idea when to see it again if I had time to watch it.

  4. I doni’t watch much TV. If the Farmer is traveling the TV never turns on. I do like the Science channel, NASA TV, Deadliest Catch, the adventure show about the people who climb Everest and Project Runway.

    Wow, that’s a wierd mix.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  5. I am also a reality tv junkie.

    Biggest Loser-cuz I really need to join them
    Survivor-my favorite-I could never do it
    Amazing Race-2nd fave-the travels is awesome
    Big Brother-not sure why I got hooked into that one

  6. I never stay up – I always record. That being said, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I guess Dr. Who is about the only thing effected by the seasonal flux.

  7. IF the show is “Mystery” on PBS, and IF that show is “Poirot”, then I’ll stay up. Otherwise, I’m goin’ to bed! (I think I’m becoming like your Dad)

  8. “Staying up late” doesn’t apply because I’m always up much later than the programming. 😳 But I’m eagerly awaiting Heroes (I’m a geek 😛 ); I catch CSI as often as possible (all three, but Miami is my least favorite); and the family watches The Biggest Loser together.

  9. Nothing here. I’d rather read a book.

    By the way, I loved the pics of your girl doing dishes in her pointe shoes! Anemone just got fitted for hers yesterday, and she’s so excited that I don’t know what to do with her. I wish I could share in her enthusiasm, but all I can think about right now is the price tag!

  10. We aren’t tv watchers here. I got hooked on Army Wives, but I watch it on the ‘net whenever I get around to it. We also got hooked on Heroes, but we watched season 1 and 2 on NetFlix so we will probably wait for season 3 also.

  11. Yeah…that price tag is a killer…especially when you just pay for a pair of brand new shoes, and watch the teacher show the students the proper place to break the sole against the corner of the wall.

  12. CSI – original and NY if I can find it again. I haven’t checked out the new shows lined up but I hate getting hooked on something and then they cancel after one season. We don’t watch TV except for news and our fav shows.

  13. I don’t stay up late for hardly any shows, just not worth losing sleep over. That said the shows begin here at 7pm.

    I like watching:
    Dancing With the Stars
    Biggest Loser
    CSI: Miami & NY (I don’t like the original any more as it got too dark)
    NCIS – but rarely get to see this

    The family is eagerly awaiting the return of both Heroes and Chuck – I don’t watch either. Now they want to get Heroes 2 on dvs as they’ve just finished watching season 1.

  14. I love TV. I’ll be staying up for House, America’s Next Top Model (I said I love bad TV, right?), Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, Heroes, The Office, Entourage… I know I’m forgetting some! There’s just too much great TV this fall!

  15. Eureka, Super Natural, Biggest Loser, Hells Kitchen, Lost are the ones The Man Beast and I watch. We don’t have cable currently, so we only watch what we can catch online.

  16. Well, I may be admitting I am a porn lover here, but I love Nip/Tuck. Love Christian. Can’t help it.
    I will have to DVR it though. I rarely if ever even have the TV on since Seven arrived.
    Oh, I like Big Love, too, though I have no idea if and when that will return. Lipstick Jungle will also be DVRed. Now I am gonna have to go Google them.

  17. I forgot to tell you why. I like all the investigating stuff and some of the things I remember from my days employed at the hospital.

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