September 9

Growing up, sweets were not prominent in our home. They were rare, and looked forward to with much anticipation.

That is why I will never forget the first time I ever tasted a chocolate malt.

When I was small, my dad let me have a sip of his, and it was the best thing I had ever tasted.

The cold, thick, chocolaty goodness with a little extra…something, it was almost to much for a 4 year old to take.

I have tried every flavor of the Malted Milk Balls: the chocolate, the strawberry, the peanut butter, and when I order a chocolate malt, I always ask for extra malt.

I heart malt.

So when I saw that  Rachel of Confessions of a Tangerine Tart picked Chocolate Malted Whopper Drops for TWD,  I was ecstatic.


Most recipes tell you to sift your dry ingredients, and I normally don’t, because I hate sifting.

But for this recipe, I sifted.

It was for a Chocolate Malted cookie, after all.

I used my best bittersweet chocolate.

I thought that the peanut butter malted milk balls would be a super addition to this recipe, because we all know that chocolate and peanut butter go hand in hand, so I lovingly chopped them in half.

I carefully stirred in the yummies.

I faithfully munched on the dough, and let me just stop and say that this dough is out. of. this. world. good.

The malt powder in the dough, and the crunchy malted milk balls.

Well, I just couldn’t stop myself.

The dough was super fudgy and soft, so I refrigerated it before scooping it out.

Even after time in the fridge, it stuck everywhere…including my fingers.

That’s ok though, I know what to do with fudgy fingers.

But Internet, after they baked, I couldn’t taste the malt in the dough, the malted milk balls turned to caramel, and I was left with a cookie that is a shell of its former self:  a nice chocolate cookie with wonderful chocolate chunks, and caramelized bits of you can’t tell what.  The malt factor was gone.

I will not despair, though.   I have a wonderful recipe, and I know how to eat dough.

If you want to try these great cookies, check out Rachel’s blog and grab the recipe there.


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52 thoughts on “September 9”

  1. i agree with you! i couldn’t taste the malt, and that’s the part i was most looking forward to. i wonder how we could punch it up. i’ve heard that malt syrup is stronger. love your photos.

  2. I was really excited about these cookies too, and although the malt wasn’t really strong as a flavour in them, I did love the chocolateness and the chewiness of the maltesers. I’d make them again! Your pictures are always so lovely. You do such a great job on them! Cheers, from a fellow finger licking dough munching gal!

  3. No sweets as a kid???? You’re making up for lost time, that’s all. This looks really wonderful, except, like you I’d be disappointed that the malt taste was missing. I love malt also. Yum, so rich.

    And let’s just set the record straight — dough ALWAYS tastes better than the finished product. ALWAYS.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. Where did you get peanut butter malteds?! I must find them! Those cookies look great, but I have to agree with everything you said!! No malted flavor, carmelized malted… ah well!

  5. I felt the same way about the malt flavor disappearing and not being able to taste the whoppers, but after 1 day of sitting, they were a completely different cookie and all the flavors came back. Much better the next day. I love your photos and dialogue!

  6. i thought the dough was super yummy too! your pictures are gorgeous – good idea to go with the peanut butter malt balls! i’ve never had a chocolate malt before but am going to order one the next time i see it avaialable somewhere!

  7. I actually found that the malt taste grew stronger the second and third day. And then they were gone, so I don’t know if it got better. Go ahead. Eat the dough. I’ll never tell.

  8. I found the Peanut Butter Malted Milk Balls at Stuffmart…they were sitting right beside the Strawberry ones. YUMMM!

    Give them a few days, huh??? Does Chocolatechic have the will power to wait a day or 2 for them to taste better???

  9. I love your cookies on the stacked wire cooling rack..what a great picture. I need to get me one of those! Im so glad your cookies turned out good.
    I love your story of your dad and his malt. Those child hood memories are the best!

  10. Teanna – CC probably found them at Wal Mart, that’s where I’ve seen them and bought them, usually right at the check stand though the candy isle probably has a larger container of them.

    Those sound good,

    Mary Ann says that they are better the next day so maybe these are cookies not meant to be eaten right out of the oven. 😦 Sad I know, we have a hard time around here not sampling cookies right after baking them. So next time enjoy the dough but put up the cookies until the next day so you can get that malted flavor you crave.

  11. I think it’s a problem with color calibration on other’s monitors… I’ve had a few ask why my chocolate cookies look red. I can assure you that in real life, they’re chocolate brown! They also think that my Jadite plates look blue. 🙂

    Your cookies look fab!!

  12. Beautiful pictures and the dough was super good! I really have to find the peanut butter whoppers, walmart by me only had chocolate. I tasted the malt in my cookies, maybe it is because I really never had it before so it stood out to me.

  13. Well, my better half was quite happy that the malt flavor wasn’t very strong after baking because, he’s just not that fond of malt. I liked these cookies a lot though, I’m gonna have fun switching things up! Your cookies look great, hope you find a good combination so you can like them better. 🙂

  14. This dough was DELICIOUS! I just couldn’t keep myself away from it. Amazing pics, by the way. Maybe you could up the malt next time around? Either way, they look fabulous.

  15. I agree, the raw dough did have a more pronounced malt falvor. Still the cookies rank as very good in my book, and hitting the crunch of a malt ball when eating a cookie is mighty good. Lovely photos.

  16. Your pictures are fantastic! Glad you liked them even though the malt flavor wasn’t very obvious. Maybe next time (and there WILL be a next time, rigt???)you’ll find a way to punch up the malt a bit. Another chocolate cookie next week — woo hoo!

  17. beautiful baking photos as always. My daughter looked at your blog the other day-i had left it up, she said, i hate her, look at that…it was something yummy and delicious looking. You kill our diets around here!!
    Lovin it too:)

  18. Your pictures are so bright. Great lighting. I am jealous. Love them all. My favorite is probably the sifting picture. I know you aren’t a sifter but I am a sifting freak! haha. Bummer you weren’t a huge fan but I agree with you. They were just ok for me.
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  19. I love the story of your first taste of a chocolate malt. I also love and am extremely envious of all of your amazing photographs. I wish I could create the look you so effortlessly achieve. Absolutely beautiful!

  20. Your pictures are lovely, especially that last one with the stacks of cooling cookies! I have to admit that ate at least a few cookies worth of cookie dough, it was so good!

  21. Your pictures are just gorgeous, as always! I have to agree with you 100%, the cookie dough was absolutely yummy! (better than the baked cookies!)

    I used a chocolate malt powder which made them super chocolately. I would probably add a bit more malt next time.

  22. My husband really loves malt. Until he saw your comment on my blog, he didn’t realize the dough tasted much more malty than the cookies themselves (he didn’t get to try the dough). =)

  23. reading your post makes me smile 🙂 i wonder if the extra whoppers i added helped them keep their shape better? try that next time maybe…test a few in the oven and if they still flatten out, well…you know what to do w/the dough 😉

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