September 8

Many things have been changing here at the house of Chocolate.

The boy will be starting college on the 22nd of this month.   Because he feels strongly about being debt free, he will not be taking out any loans.

Because he isn’t taking out any loans, he got a second part time job.

Because he got a second job, he is rarely at home.

So, lately it has just been the girl and I.

Because the girl has some serious food allergies, she eats differently than the rest of us(her meals are all planned out), and when it is just the girl and I, I am only cooking for one.


I hate cooking for one, and I am stuck, Internet.

Stuck. in. a. rut.

I am stuck fixing the same thing over and over again for supper, (hamburgers or I just don’t eat) and it is getting really. boring.

I know that everyone gets stuck in cooking ruts, and I thought we could  help each other out of our cooking ruts.

So, tell me…

1.  What do you fix for a fancy-schmancy meals?

2.  What do you fix for casual meals?

3.  What is your go-to meal for something quick?   Something that you fix when you don’t really have time to cook, but need to.

One thing that I make to help me get out of a cooking rut is Swissed Chicken Cutlets, but I need some new ideas.

I’ll be putting the recipe on the side bar a little later today, and I’d love to see the recipes for your ideas too.

Right now, I need to go for my morning walk.  blarg.

PS. Here is the boy’s blog.


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17 thoughts on “September 8”

  1. 1. What do you fix for a fancy-schmancy meals?

    Seared Ahi Tuna –

    2. What do you fix for casual meals?

    There is NOTHING better than roasted veggies!!! Delic! Angel Hair pasta with olive oil, parm cheese and a drizzle of italian dressing.

    3. What is your go-to meal for something quick? Something that you fix when you don’t really have time to cook, but need to.

    Pasta, previously frozen homemade spag sauce … bag of corn

    HMMM – have you read Cooking for One? Great book, got it recently at the library (I *think* that’s the name of the book?)

  2. I suggest making things like casseroles or Lasagna (even large batches of soup) that can be divided up and frozen in individual containers. I do this for my lunches in the winter. Then just grab one and reheat when needed. That way you have something tasty but not a bunch of work.

    Or a grilled chicken breast on salad always hits the spot for me. Easy to do that for one person. I guess that would be my quick fix meal.

    Fancy? Umm Roast of some type (long cooking), lasagna, meat stuffed shells.

    Casual – Baked chicken, hamburger rice, grilled sausage.

  3. Good way to use up those leftovers…

    Your son is to be commended for his choice of going to school debt free. Wishing him all the best as he gets ready to head off. Is he going to be a world-famous chef one day? I wouldn’t be surprised!

  4. I hear your pain! I usually have to cook for one too, my hubby travels and is home 3 days a week, my kids have different schedules so I end up with a lot of “on the go” meals. But here’s my answers to maybe give you ideas. I like everyone elses ideas so far!

    1. What do you fix for a fancy-schmancy meals? Grilled fish or steak, steamed veggie and mac n cheese (organic kind) and a salad.

    2. What do you fix for casual meals? Spagetti or tacos or hamburger helper (the organic kind) meals.

    3. What is your go-to meal for something quick? This one isn’t usually a meal it’s usually cereal or a pbj or frozen waffles or a quick trip to Sonic. :-/

  5. I use this recipe a lot ’cause it’s yummy and quick and easy.

    Get some chicken breast fillets and pound them kinda thin. Lay a few slices of ham on top of each, then one triangle of Laughing Cow cheese and roll up. Seal up the sides with toothpicks and roll the chicken in bread crumbs. Bake at about 375-400 for approx. 20 mins.

  6. For a fancy dinner – roasted chickens, baked or mashed potatoes (I’d do twice baked but only hubby and I will eat them so that’s very rare), side veggie and salad w/some homemade bread or biscuits. And if we’ve had too much chicken I’ll do steaks.

    For quick meals I’ll cut up an inexpensive cut of steak for a stir fry and cook rice in the juices then cook together w/some moisture, throw in some peppers (bell as I don’t do the hot kind) and serve w/salad & bread.

    I will also make a large batch of spaghetti when the family is all together. Great left overs there including pizza (use your cast iron to make individual ones) or meatball subs/sandwiches.

    Hope that helps. You taught your boy right about the not going into debt to go to school. Praying that he’ll be able to continue that path.

  7. I don’t do fancy-schmancy meals…unless you count using real plates instead of paper plates.

    Since hubby isn’t home for dinner, it is sometimes like cooking for one b/c the boys and I eat differently at times. What helps me, is to cut up individual servings of meat or fish and freeze them. It is very easy to pull one out of the freezer, thaw a couple minutes in the micro, and cook it to my heart’s desire. At the moment, I have a whole chicken stewing on the stovetop. I will debone it tonite and then have a ziploc baggie full of chicken meat for lunch tomorrow (not sure what I’ll do with it yet) and the boys and I will eat the leftover meat…sometimes straight from the bag with some raw veggies.
    My go-to food is eggs.

  8. Fancy always changes in our house.
    No-time go-to is wraps. I keep some nice tortillas in the freezer for quick access. Fillings depend on what I have on hand.
    Casual is Fridays – I make a bunch of homemade pizzas.
    I have 2 picky boys and one sensitive girl and one gourmet-I-love-everything-you-cook hubby.
    Everyone gets their faves sometimes and has to suck it up others.
    The girl gets modified versions sometimes.
    Like yours, mine are getting older and are working, etc. I am enjoying the peace!

  9. I understand what you’re going through! When I became newly single I ate pasta with sauce every night for at least a month because it was easy, cheap and I was in a serious meal rut.

    1. What do you fix for a fancy-schmancy meals?

    It really depends! I normally turn to Food Network for inspiration. I find that a failsafe is shellfish, I just can’t go wrong with it. Melt gobs of butter (can you tell I’m southern??) in a skillet and sautee onions & crushed garlic, add some white wine and littleneck clams, steam until open. Serve over angel hair pasta & sprinkle with fresh minced parsley. Crusty bread and a salad on the side and you’re good to go!

    2. What do you fix for casual meals?

    Anything under the sun! Every day meals are things like spaghetti & meat sauce, tacos, BBQ chicken legs, meatloaf, curry & rice, pot roast, roast chicken & veggies, homemade pizza, broiled salmon. DB could eat meatloaf, mashed potatoes w/gravy and corn every day for months and still not be sick of it LOL.

    3. What is your go-to meal for something quick? Something that you fix when you don’t really have time to cook, but need to.


  10. You don’t have to cook for your husband?

    Easy, go to meals: Spaghetti and meatballs, omlets, grilled cheese and tomato soup, grilled boneless chicken breasts served with crusty bread and a salad.

    Fancy: lasagna, roasted chicken with baked potatoes and green beans, pot roast with carrots

    We like to cut up boneless chicken in big chunks, throw it in the crockpot, cover it with teriyaki sauce or barbeque sauce. Cook on low and serve over a bed of rice. Super easy.

  11. Oh cooking for one – I know that is hard to do. Someone needs to write a cookbook on cooking for one! I usually throw together a hodge podge of leftovers in a soup or a stir fry or mixed up with some pasta. Generally it is very good.

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