September 7

Did you know that you can make your own dulce de leche at home?

At home in your crock pot?

I didn’t either.   Then I heard that you can put your unopened cans of sweetened condensed milk in your crock pot, fill it with water, covering the cans by at least a half inch, turn it on high and leave it for 8 hours.

Come back and voila.

Dulce de leche.

Did you know that if you add some dulce de leche to your powdered sugar glaze for cinnamon rolls, it is absolutely divine?



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15 thoughts on “September 7”

  1. I have done this on the stove with water and it takes 3 hours turning the cans every 15 minutes! This sounds much easier. On the stove, the water boils away and I always was busy doing something else that needed to be done when the 15 minutes were over. Thanks for the crockpot tip!

  2. I’ve heard of “dulce de leche” but never knew what it was. Still not really sure but those cinnamon rolls look really good. I’m glad that I cannot easily get to your house as the foods you are show casing will not help me at the end of the month when I visit my doctor.

  3. My daughter was making this on the stove, went off and did something else forgetting the pan until an almighty bang – she ran into the kitchen and found toffee sauce all over the kitchen. Yes, the tin had exploded! What a mess. We use Carnation Condensed Milk for this, but they have recently brought out tins of ready toffee sauce – brilliant, though my favourist is Merchant Gourmet Dulche de Leche, heavenly!!!

  4. I stopped buying sweets. I just come here and look at your pictures. I come out and read you everyday…I just don’t always leave you a comment. Does TWD only do desserts?

    When do you get to pick a dish……:-)

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